Blind chance

An inexplicable miracle for four. Four cards are chosen and remembered by different spectators. The magician turns half the deck face up and half face down and shuffles them together. He spreads the cards on the table and asks the first spectator if he sees his card among those which are face up. When he replies negatively. the magician tries pushes a face-down card out of the spread and announces that it is the first spectator's card. This is repeated with the other three spectators, turning the deck over each time. When the four cards are ultimately turned over, they ore the selections!

At first thought, you would assume this has to be a full-deck setup along the lines of "Magic Box" and "Four-Pocket Mirror." It is not. There is no setup. Except for a Faro Shuffle, there are no sleights, either.

You need two key cards. Providing that you can remember them, the two cards randomly lying on top of the deck may be used. Bro. Hamman takes no chances, however, and arranges to have the lack of Diamonds and the Queen of Clubs on top of the deck (Jack uppermost).

To perform, shuffle the deck without disturbing the two key cards on top. The four cards are not really chosen by the spectators. A version of Bro. Hamman s Rolling Control is performed, where.n the deck us constantly mixed and four cards are shown to the spectators. Sounds bad. looks good.

Begin with the deck in left-hand dealing position. Move your left thumb to the center of the left long side of the deck and shove over about a dozen cards (fig. 1). Extend your left thumb onto the tor»card¡and likea % Cut. pull it to the left (fiq.2). Your right hand flips all the pushed-over cards tace up onto the deck Jhere will now be a small group of face-up cards, at the bottom of which is the^Queen of Clubs. Direct,> ^neath the Queen, face down, is the Jack of Diamonds, followed by the balance ot the deck.

is directly beneath it.

Your ie(i r „ xzsssxz srix sr^j beneath, onto rhe bottom

card on the bottom to the first spectator and ask him to remember it.

After a moment, lower your right hand and drop its cards on top of those in your left hand. Rememb-that you have forced/controlled the first selection beneath the Jack of Diamonds.

Your left thumb pushes over about two-thirds of the deck, spreading into the center of the face-down lower half, and your right hand takes these and flips them over back onto the cards in your left hard Force/control the second selection exactly as you did the first, though here you look for the Queen of Clubs when you spread. It will be the lowermost face-up card. Spread two more cards into your right hand, then raise the packet to show the second spectator the bottom card.

After a moment, lower your right hand and drop the packet back onto the deck. Flip over the upper t\\,>-thirds of the deck and begin spreading the cards into your right hand. Pass the Jack of Diamonds then shove over four face-down cards. Your right hand takes them onto the bottom of its packet, which is then raised and shown to the third spectator.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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