rhed "9" should be in the outer

J» "old the prepared deck face up in left-hand dealing P^^J^Se them with your nght hand^As 2 Cor"er. Spread off the first four cards, the Nines, in a sm^ fan and ^ double.ended Queen, and 7 ^ds are lifted away your left hand turns palm down to avoid c. P . ,ne deck is tabled to the left.

„ . ... which appeared in the seventh folio of is a slightly different handling of Ace-bat.onal. ^' vv publ.shed in Tarbell eview in 1972. It is based on Chick Schokes H.pp.O

2) Say "Is the hand quicker than the eye. or the eye quicker than the hand?" Spread the Nines talfle fn a horizontal row" from left to right: Spades. Hearts. Clubs, and Diamonds.

on the

3) Your right hand lifts the Nine of Spades in Biddle Grip and drops it onto your palm-up left hand Pjclt up the Nine of Hearts and use it to lever the Nine of Spades face down. Immediately lower the Heart ont the Spade as it turns over so the Queen on the back isn't exposed. Table the pair. Heart side up. 0

4) Repeat step 5 with the Club and Diamond. Pick up the Club, put it in your left hand, then use th Diamond to flip it over. Momentarily grasp this back-to-back pair. Diamond side up. with your left hand so your right hand can regrip.

5) Turn your right hand palm up and move it beneath the pair. Extend your second finger onto the 1 long side and your thumb onto the right long side. The cards rest in the outermost joint, away from h" fingertips. Once your right hand has a secure grip on its pair, your left hand moves away. It picks un th! Spade/Heart pair and grips it in an identical manner (fig.4). Note that both hands grip the pairs near h centers of the long sides. Your left thumb and second finger are a bit inward of the center, and your b thumb and second finger are a bit outward of it. '

6) Move your hands together, almost kissing the faces of the Heart and Diamond (fig.5). The pairs ar held about a half inch apart from one another. Your thumbs and second fingers are in perfect position t* simultaneously grasp both pairs by pressing lightly inward. Point out to the audience that the red pair is o the ins.de and that the black pair is on the outside (indicate by tapping with your first fingers) Your rinhr thumb and second finger rest directly above your left thumb and second finger

Raise your hands to your mouth and blow on the pairs (fig.6). By pressing your thumb and fingertips toward each other, you'll find that your right hand can easily grip the Heart/Spade pair that's on the left, while your left hand can grip the Diamond/Club pair on the right. Begin to lower your hands, your left hand moving more quickly than your right (fig.7). As soon as the pairs clear one another, move your hands about three inches apart and tilt the faces of the now inner black pair slightly upward so the audience can see them. It appears as if the black and red pairs have magically changed places since the larger motion of your hands descending conceals the smaller movement of the left hand.

7) Repeat step 6 again, this time causing the red pair to magically jump back inside.

8) Put the red cards face to face, letting the pairs fall flush against one another. Change your grip so that your right thumb and second finger grasp the outer end of the packet, and your left thumb and second finger grasp the inner end (fig.8). Raise your hands to your mouth and blow. As you lower your hands, your left hand pulls downward and automatically strips out the Spade and Diamond cards (tig.9). Once the cards clear those remaining in your right hand, turn both hands palm up and spread all tour cards to reveal the Queens (fig. 10).

9) Act surprised, glance around, and say. "Whered those Nines go?" Table the Queens in a horizontal row. from left to right: Spade. Diamond. Club. Heart.

TWO. This u,ili.es Bro. lohn's routine Fantabuious." Say. Since you did so we,, am me Nines, let s fry a little something with the Queens."

!0) Your left hand turns palm down and picks up the deck. It turns; palmiup but ¡^^^ inner deck '«ted toward you so the audience cannot see it. The Club index of the gimmj : ^ ^^ i( The Cnd oi ^e deck. Spread off the five face cards - the double-ended Queen ^ Biddle Grip in your

^ must be kept fairly close together while this is done. Take tne ^ places the deck on the

"ft hand, keeping the faces tilted toward you. Your left hand turn* palm down table to the left.

. , rhnnr(? ,n see if the hand is really quicker than the eye. See if you <•,,„ ,2, say. i n give you ono<he<£™^ « « / .. you need enough space to" ^

remember.the Queen o furn^ W Qucens Use ,he right.hand packet to tap the table lus second row of cards inw^d of the face p ^^ ^ ^ ^ d inward of the Queen of Diamonds in tnc ouici

Benin to turn your left hand toward you so the face of the packet is no longer visible to the audience then remove you? right thumb from the Club index. Turn your left hand palm down to Ghde position. Thls sle i qh t is autom alic - your right second finger simply pulls the second card out by reaching through the window cut in the Queen (fig. 12). Your right hand tables the supposed Queen of D.amonds. face down, inward of the first Queen of Diamonds already on the table.

13) Turn your right hand palm down and grasp what is presently the inner right corner of the packet between thumb and first finger (fig. 13). This is Bro. John s sneaky way of turning the double-ended card around. Just lift the packet out of your left hand and turn your right hand palm up. It will now appear as if you 're holding the Queen of Clubs.

14) Say. "The Queen of Clubs goes with the Queen of Clubs." Repeat step 12. tapping the table just inward of the Queen of Clubs in the outer row. Do the Glide as described and place the face-down card just inward of the Queen of Clubs.

15) Repeat step 15 to secretly turn the packet end for end. When your right hand turns palm up. the Queen of Hearts will appear to be on the face. The audience sees the large Heart pip (from the Nine beneath) show through the window — they ignore the little Diamond pip beneath the "Q." They just don't see it.

16) Repeat step 12. first tapping the table inward of the Queen of Hearts, then gliding out the face-down card and tabling it. Say. "The Queen of Hearts goes with the Queen of Hearts."

17) Repeat step 15. secretly turning the remaining double card end for end so that, as your right hand turns palm up. the audience sees the Queen of Spades on the face. As with the Heart, they focus on the large spade which shows through the window from the Nine beneath. The small Club pip goes unnoticed.

!?biC iUSiimVard °f thC Queen 0f Spades' Say' "And rhe of Spades...Ill tell you what - lets put it over here. Theas ,ust to confuse you." Place the double card into face-up dealing position in your left

Heo^ ReZi oen 71 Pa,m d°Wn and PlaCe b0,h cards on t0P oi tht' deck. Say. "Where's the Quee, of Hearts. Regardless ot the answer, reply. "/ think you re a little confused. Let* put this back over he re."

puck the top card off of the deck and table it just inward nW of face-down cards.

of the face-up Queen of es. completing the

IS) Say. "While you weren t looking, the Nines came back / tn , four face-down cards to reveal a Nine of marching suit beneath eac^ oZ "T S°mep/ace Turn over the cutout windows, lies innocently on top of the deck. wueen. The gimmicked Queen, with its part Three. "Wild Card" begins.

I9i Saw "111 give you another chance. Watch the Queens, particularly the Queen of Hearts Your right hand lifts the Nine of Clubs and slips it beneath the Queen of Clubs Do the Wild-Card Move described m The Homing Card." Both cards are turned over and the uppermost, a face-down card, is lucked away witn your second finger. Your right hand drags the face-up Nine of Clubs it holds inward a few inches and leaves ¡t on the table.

Repeat the Wild-Card Move with the other three Nines and Queens You ^^^^ ^ Queen face down in the outer row. and replaced all the face-up Nines m the switched the cards, so the face-up Nines are really the double-faced cards, and the foce-dowm cards a.e

21. Ask. "Where's the Queen of Hearts?" Regardless of the answer say. "/ y-re stff « *< fused " Turn over all the face-down cards to reveal a second set of Nine*.

pan Four. You 11 now switch the eight cards on the table for the "Wild Card set on the i*e of the ec

. 22,y°ur right hand lifts the Nine of Diamonds in the mner row fiddle Gr* ^^^nng the card ^ond beneath it Pick up all the Nines beneath the pack.* ^ ^ gome to g<ve ^

Z«* 'nner row first. Place the packet face up (Diamond). ^¡Zve uo^ever played po^er r>efor^ The ^/«orechance. Lets tru something a Hale bit different Turn your left hand palm do, makes the spectators think for a moment and they deck and unmed^ely rum you.

2 the cards it holds on top of the deck, m the same monon^ ' ^ Palm up again This is illogical. but goes nght by the >harpe> . ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

'Say. Do you knou- uhat a wild card is" Lets put to and includmg a

^ w toward you. spread off and remove the first nine 227

rards as close together as possible while you count and spread off pair of Kings of Diamonds Keep tne c< ^ ^ ^ au(Uence Your right hand takes ^ >

the undersides ofthe doubfe*ce<1 cW ^ ^ yQur Ieft hand turns palm doWn and tables the deck tj cards in a squared pacM.i, the left.

L * inrn vnur left hand in Glide position. Begin the standard laydown procedure for JS ££ tdetSd by Frank G^ (it bears no resemblence to what Peter Kane did in "Watch t vTe ? D^splay^he Nine of Diamonds on the face of the packet. Your left hand turns paltn down and Glides back the tSnom c^ Your right hand takes the card second from bottom and tables it to the left, in what ™Hnd of an outer row. Your left hand turns palm up to display supposedly a second Nine of Diamond^ Peel tht card off the face of the packet and table it inward of the face-down card.

25) Repeat step 24 three more times, first with the Club pair, then the Hearts, and finally the Spades Each time the cards are tabled just to the right of those before them. Afterward, the King of Diamonds will remain in your left hand.

26) Say. "This is the wild card. It's contagious, and every time it touches a Nine it changes into a King of Diamonds." Work from left to right. Use the King to scoop up the face-down card in front of the Nine of Diamonds. Rub the cards together for a moment, then turn over the face-down card to reveal a second King of Diamonds.

27) Your left hand takes one King, while your right hand holds the other. Both are face up. Use the King held in your right hand to execute the Wild-Card Move with the face-down card just inward of the first "transformed" King. While your left first finger is used to steady the face-down card, the King scoops it up (fig. 14). The right hand turns over and the face-down upper card is kicked away by the second finger so it goes into the outer row. The face-up King of Diamonds in the right hand is left in the inner row.

28) Use the King in your left hand to scoop up the face-down card in front of the Nine of Clubs, and repeat everything described in steps 26 and 27.

29) Repeats steps 26 and 27 with the next two cards, the supposed Nines of Hearts. 50) Repeat steps 26 and 27 with the supposed Nines of Spades.

von! hZtT5 t the/ace"down cards in outer row with the face-up King of Diamonds which remains in hand and turn them over 10 now nine Kings of Diamonds on the table.

one £2 ¡¡£ aFback ^'^Stom^DronT^ ^ ^ ^ ** int0 a ^ « Ti hand over and place the nl wi °P the SqUared Packet face UP into your left hand. Turn your left up. Now Ute -Fi'" begins " ' ^ the moti™ '*ing deck and turning it face meant he ^nordoina "h^ Tak^ nit»1"* d<?Ck int0 Kings of diamonds at the end of the routine. Tins eighteen cards for this routine and Iok m The deck' which switched in. consisted entirely of the

Diamonds in your hand over the deck t^ °f DiamondS- At the end of the trick, wave the King ot spread ,op uroUp «,hc ,,„es rrom ZZt T^ZT ^ ^ "" '

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