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How To Make Friends

Don't waste time contacting them or getting together either. Call them up the next day for a meet. Chat with them on the phone for a bit. Meet for dinner a few times. Friendships can develop really quickly, you don't need to wait three days or something like that waiting for them to form. Literally, some friendships take a matter of seconds to form a bond. Don't put off calling someone because you want to give it time.

Ack nowlecluemenls tju J il lank ijui

This book is dedicated lo Conrad Weber, owner of Callin's Mouse of Magic. His friendship, generosity, and willingness lo order all the stuff we wanted has meant a lot over the years. Working behind the scenes, he has helped the authors and dozens of others in the magic fraternity. You have our respect, Conrad.

The Magic of Language

To disagree, the patient decides to lend a hand. He becomes drawn into the project, establishing new friendships with other patients and workers who are participating in the construction. The young man begins to develop normal social relations and is eventually able to leave the hospital and find a stable job.

Your Magic On The Radio

If the interview is agreed, the key to success is in the preparation. You might want to arrange to meet the presenter or producer prior to the broadcast to run over the details and get acquainted. Make friends with them, be polite and professional. You will assist both yourself and the presenter by drawing up a list of questions and points you would like to discuss so that the presenter can 'feed' you the appropriate issues to talk about.

See Other Magicians At Work

If some magician comes to your town and you want to meet him, you can manage to introduce yourself to him. He will be glad to meet you as you have a great common interest. However, do not be too insistent. Remember that he is a busy man, and you must be considerate if you desire to win his regard. Do not just loiter around and waste his time. Use good judgment. You may invite him to your home, perhaps for luncheon or dinner. You may have a little effect which you can show him, and he in turn will, no doubt, reciprocate. In this way you establish a basis of friendship which may mean a great deal to you.

Sxiiuiaa a Woman in Statues

It would now appear that the Press and Public will not be satisfied until illusionists saw a woman in half lengthwise. I understand that efforts are being made to seek a solution to this new way. If your knowledge is the same as mine, you will probably be under the impression that this really is a new departure for this illusion. I have corresponded on the matter with my very good friend, Stewart James, of Ontario, Canada. Stewart, whose knowledge on matters magical is

The Cigarette and Dollar Bill Again

Now is the subtle move which I thank my good friend John Sardo of Elmira, N. Y., for. Nine times out of ten the audience will begin to applaud when you unroll the bill and you bow and ask them if it is not a very nice experiment, at same time pocketing bill and starting towards stage. This gets a good laugh and of course you act surprised, and then remember about the borrowed bill, going back into audience and returning it, and having the gentlemen identify it, but of course when you put bill in left trouser pocket and then withdraw it you exchanged it for We original and there you are

The Zone of Discomfort

Billy and Pamela have a really outstanding relationship. They share a deep, genuine affection for one another that is the envy of many other friendships. They always have a great time together and have gathered lots of terrific memories of the fun times they have spent. Their relationship is marked by the pleasant trademark of being almost entirely conflict-free. Oh sure there's the occasional disagreement or hurt feeling from a mispoken word or thoughtless act, but nothing compared to most other couples they know. When Billy does something wrong he Answer Because Billy and Pamela are not having sex. They are platonic best friends.

Requirements Preparation

By using a fine point felt tipped pen, number the bills in sequence from I to 49 with numbers as small as you possibly can write them, within the numeral 1 in the lower right hand corner of the bill. One bill is left unmarked. (Author's note many years after Mentalism for Magicians was published, Germany's fine mentalist and my good friend, Ted Lesley created the first significant improvement in marked cards using transfer lettering. Obviously, the same material could be used to mark the bills used in Bucking the Odds)

Urgent Information For School Headmaster Headmistress Regarding Assembly Programmes

My discussions with teachers from various schools resulted in me creating a custom range of special assembly programmes that are not only fun to watch, but highly educational, featuring themes such as 'Say no to drugs', 'Make Friends and Keep Friends', and 'Preserve the Planet'. As a professional in performing arts, these presentations are exciting to watch, and feature magic, story telling, and much more in a thoroughly absorbing presentation, whilst never losing sight of the integral educational message. 'MAKE FRIENDS AND KEEP FRIENDS'

The Future Through Listening

So, our wise psychic friend said in response, I see you getting back together with an old friend, but not in a romantic sense. You will be able to have a new kind of relationship with this person - a good friend that you can hang out with at times, go places with, that kind of thing. But as far as ROMANCE goes, this is probably not the person. I see someone new in the picture with whom you may have a true romance

Advertisement Background

Over a year ago, I received a call from good friend, Roy Roth, in England. Roy said that he was going to resurrect the Ghost Tray that he and I had marketed several years ago, but constructed large enough to accommodate a prediction chest. Further, he would build the secret compartment in the tray of a size to hold an audio cassette. Roy's idea sounded great.

Trick Courtesy of Elmsleyaolcom

Best Friends Variation Set-up Put deck in Best Friends order. See below. Best Friends Order The deck is simply set up in pairs by value and color. Put the two red kings together, the two black twos, the two red jacks, etc. You can cut this deck all you want. The Best Friends effect wont be affected if a pair is separated, one on top and one on bottom. With another cut the order will right itself.

C 1003Thirty Fivb Tii11

One of the finest examples of the instant stooge concept can be found in my good friend Kenton Knepper's fantastic effect, Southwest Miracle , which is described in great detail on Kenton's priceless Wonder Words audio tapes, and can be seen in action on the Desert Brainstorm, Volume One video.

The Belief Change Cycle

All one needs to do is to reflect upon the cycles of change that one has gone through since childhood, adolescence, and the stages of adulthood, to find many examples of this cycle. As we enter and pass through relationships, jobs, friendships, partnerships, etc., we develop beliefs and values which serve us, and let them go again as we transition to a new part of our life's path.

Utilizing The Principles Of Similarity Cooperation And Praise

We can harness the power of our knowledge of similarity, cooperation, and praise to magnify our connections to others. People can easily cooperate by being agreeable to another person and working together in win win situations. In the same way, people can praise one another to create a strong foundation for friendship. We will focus on increasing our perceived similarity to someone else in this section. For example, when people are in a state of deep rapport, when they see eye-to-eye, when they speak the same language, and when you feel they are on the same wavelength, they do certain things. One thing they do is match one another both verbally and nonverbally. By doing what people who are in rapport do, we can duplicate the state of incredible rapport with whomever we're communicating with. It makes no difference whether two people consciously or accidentally match one another verbally and nonverbally because the results are the same.

Pain chirurgbry vtobph hfries m d

This trick was of a kind to attract my medical curiosity, and my good friend, Ottokar,gave me the explanation. I since have discovered that the chicane is not new, but I have worked it out so that it can be performed easily and effectively with dramatic comment always forthcoming from table and intimate parlor audiences.

The Next Ellyn Update

She called to try one last time to talk me into seeing her, which I have decided not to do after consulting with a few friends of mine. She was trying every trick in the book, from telling me she bought me a Christmas preasent, to pulling the You're such a good friend. You're my only good friend I don't like anyone else You're the only one who's ever been there for me crap. She even went so far as to try and make me jealous about her still being in love with her ex-fiance, who put her in the hospital twice after beating her. Oh, its so funny, its almost sad. I had forgotten about all the head games this girl used to play after I decided never to contact her again. It's just so eye opening now that I know exactly what she's doing.

The Basics Of Being Social

It's easier to say I'm an introvert or I'm shy than do the work to meet other people. But as long as you're somewhat friendly and not too uptight, you can befriend other people quite easily. They may not be the type of people you'll be best friends with until the day you die, but they will enable you to meet others and give you the opportunity to make good friends with people you never even dreamed of meeting.

Making The Box Office

George Rockwell of Quack I Quack Rockwell has rocked audiences with laughter time and time again. He is one of the greatest comedians in America. As I write this, he is the leading comedian of the Greenwich Village Follies, with a salary of more than 2000 per week. Before he joined the Follies he was a headliner on the Keith-Orpheum circuit. To have Dr. Rockwell billed meant to have a good sized audience to greet him.

Confidence And The Willingness To Work

The fact is you don't need to be incredibly skilled in social interactions to make friends in this world. But the better your social skills are to begin with, the easier this will all be. More people will like you and they'll be much more likely to want to hang out with you. Just making an effort to be friendly will usually be enough. Tip 2 Don't be clingy - Part of having a good social life is having options. Don't smother someone with your friendship. Sometimes you have to take breaks from people in order to keep a friendship going. Part of having lots of friends is that you aren't desperate for companionship. People like other people who don't really need them, because it offers a sense of freedom and casualness in every interaction. Tip 3 Keep in touch - It's foolish to wait around for other people to call you. If you want to keep friendships alive and healthy, communication is vital Call people up, email them, send them letters, do whatever it takes to keep lines of communication...

Advertising And Publicity

A press agent must have a good sense of advertising and news value. He should be able to sense a good story at a glance. He should have newspaper experience or at least the newspaper instinct. He must know when to lay low and when to concentrate on a bombardment of heavy artillery. He should have the ability to make friends and to get full value for every dollar spent. Anyone can spend money, but it requires brains to spend money and make more money at the same time. It isn't what you spend for advertising but what you get out of it. A small amount of publicity rightly placed has more power than a large amount of the wrong kind of material.

The Social Circle of Life

Though the average Pick-Up Artist (PUA) is not looking to make friends with the girls he approaches, odds are if they like you enough to fuck you, you will become friends. And even if they don't want to fuck you, the least they are willing to become is a friend because they enjoy your company enough. The best way I know how to expand your social circle is to befriend other GUYS who are good with women. Not the type of guys who use women and throw them away, but the type of guys who are fun and always surrounded by girls. You befriend this guy, and he will introduce you to the girls who surround them. You can meet these guys anywhere, and it's much easier to approach and make friends with men because there is no sexual tension there. You guys can connect on basic male subjects such as sports, women, business, etc. If nothing else, you may make a new valuable male friend out of the deal. The next step will take a bit of willpower on your part, but...

Hello I Must be Going

But the past year was a learning experience, and one thing I learned is that some readers may have a misunderstanding concerning our job as reviewers. We review product we do not review people. In the course of doing this, Mac and I have also tried to be honest, even when that honesty put friendships in jeopardy. The reviewer's job here at MAGIC is to provide you with an informed opinion so you can spend your money intelligently. Other than the fact that I will be going it alone, none of this will change.

The Picture Post Challenge

David Berglas

After the stunt was over David rushed over to I larrv Stanley's Unique Magicians Club in Wardour Street where he hoped to find Ken Brooke. When he saw Ken he told him that the stunt had gone very well but asked what happened to him, he was supposed to be at the park. Ken was furious. I Ie couldn't believe that David had not seen him and thought that he was being denied a part in the stunt's success. It led to a falling out and Ken decided that their friendship was at an end. David always regretted this and knew that it was not a price worth paying for any amount of publicity. It was two years before they talked to each other again but eventually they put the incident behind them and remained friends for many years. Ken can be seen in one of the photographs published in Picture Post, a small figure in the distance, standing behind David. Jean and her umbrella, on the other hand, are embarrassingly prominent in the photographs.

He Asked if I Liked Card Tricks

As I was finishing up this column I learned of the death of Paul Swinford. Most of the younger readers of this magazine will probably be unfamiliar with his name, but Paul was very visible on the magic scene during the 1970's and 80's. He wrote two interesting books on the faro shuffle, and served as Parade Editor for the Linking Ring for several years. Most important to me, thirty years ago he showed great kindness and generosity to a young, knowledge-hungry magician from Indiana. Paul Swinford was a funny, creative man, an excellent magician, and a good friend. The world is poorer for his passing.

Reflections In A Bloodshot

While in Hollywood I stayed with a very good friend of mine, Mrs Nancy Caldwell, with whom I am secretly in love. Nancy has a husband, one Mike Caldwell, who doesn't do close up, because he has never been able to get close up to anyone. Mike suggested we take a trip to Las Vegas for a couple of days, which proves he'll do anything to get me away from Nancy. Las Vegas, it's all you have read about it, and more. We saw several shows with magicians, but as this is Pabular, we'll stick to the close up men. I saw two. Daniele, a barman in the Desert Inn. French, tall, handsome, charming, impeccably dressed, in fact, the guy looks like a film star. He did two tricks for me, a Jack Avis dice routine called (I think) POKER POT, and a version of Kaps' Floating Cork using a seahorse and actually has it dance on the spectator's hand.

AjpproachxnQ oJFie oab[e

Some of the better thoughts on this have come from Eugene Burger, Jim Sisti and Kirk Charles among others. You can, without too much work, adapt these to the mental close-up worker. The ideal situation is for the organizers to announce (or just make known) the fact that a strolling mindreader will be circulating and to be sure to see them. This certainly makes life easier. I find that this is not always possible, though, so I have frequently had to resort to a cold approach. Those cited above have some very good lines that work out fairly well for mentalism. My personal favorite, though, actually comes from my good friend Richard Webster. It is included here with his very kind permission. He will approach a stranger (preferably a woman) and ask, Excuse me, but have you Gene Urban is fast becoming one of the top trade show performers in this country. He is highly skilled and a top-notch performer. He is also a very good friend. He and I have collaborated on a number of projects and he...

[1be1thirtt Fivii 11311

One of the more popular bits in current vogue is the act of remote touch (a.k.a. Banachek's PK Touches). I'll even admit that it is one of my favorite routines to play with and some of the enhancements that have come along are down right ingenious. Then too, with young minds such as my good friend Luke Jermay, introducing us to new ways of exploiting the basic concept, I think the world of psychic entertainment is embarking on an entirely new region ol

Life on the Wrong Side of the Brain

Side Secret Pocket

I first began publishing my magic and mental effects in the late fifties. Most efforts appeared in Genii magazine as a series entitled, Annemental. I had just obtained a complete file of Annemann's Jinx, and was well on my way to becoming a lifelong admirer of Ted's philosophy and clever thinking. It wasn't until 1977 that I finally decided to take the plunge and publish some of my best creative efforts. The book was called, Larry Becker's World of Super Mentalism. To be perfectly honest, it didn't exactly set the world on fire. Sales were agonizingly slow and I was beginning to wonder how I was going to get rid of the several hundred copies sitting in my closet. One day, I got a call from Scotty York, the well known close-up magician. Apparently, Scotty had obtained a copy of the book from my good friend, Al Cohen, of Al's Magic Shop in Washington, D.C. Scotty said the book was terrific. He suggested that I send copies to some of the big guns in magic with a letter asking them to...

Answer To Question No

Is that correct Naturally we are all a bit suspicious or worry over whether any of our friends are sincere or not. But I am more than pleased to say that yau have nothing to worry over. You have no enemies that can do you any harm. I'ne sign that you were born under shows you have a group of most loyal friends, which is greater than all the riches one may be able to acquire by taking advantage of his brother men. Does that answer your question

International Brotherhood Of Magicians

This was their night and from the outset it was evident that no ceremony would stand in the way of their having a really good time. The fact that most of them know each other and have done for many years, was evidenced by the loud cries of greeting as wandering groups revived anew, old friendships. Eddie Dexter and Helen Andrews renew old friendship at the Cocktail Bar. Eddie Dexter and Helen Andrews renew old friendship at the Cocktail Bar.

The phase of physical contact

- An approach not leading to sex in a period between one-three meetings is almost probably something leading to friendship or to a neurotic relationship with a woman. If she does not agree to make love with you between the first and third meeting, dump her. Yes women will say a lot of bullshit about the importance of friendship , about opening up , about talking about everything BUT at the end of the day if you don't take her sexually, the primitive part of her classifies you as beta.

Northern Magic Circle

Someone (again, I think it was me ) managed to tell the audience most of what it was all about, that we were the guests of the President Elect of the Northern Magic Circle, that we were trying to follow out the motto of the Circle, Friendship through the Art of Magic , that there was a show to follow, but before that came along, there were some raffle tickets to be had, all organised to swell the funds of the Northern Magic Circle. The main purpose of the funds so gained

Publicity Plots And Ideas

About two months ago I was working on a series of B.B.C. Radio Programmes with my good friend David Berglas. Halfway through the series of thirteen programmes we decided that a Publicity Stunt would do everybody a bit of good The occasion will serve as a good example of how a plot is thought out and then exploited. Raymond Hafler of California, U.S.A., is a good friend and fellow Mentalist and his status in Mentalism we would call semi-professional. That means he does not do it for a living (although he is more than capable if it were necessary). Most of his time nowadays is taken up with professional work at the Municipal Courts of Long Beach. This means that he doesn't have to have good persona) publicity but Ray, a Mentalist of many years experience knows the value of a job well done, and I asked him to allow me to reprint here samples of visiting cards and leaflet handouts. The card, you see, is direct, simple and sophisticated. The leaflet has been carefully worded and is given...

On Magic Competition

Here I am with Finn Jon at my lecture in Oslo, Norway. His friendship has always charmed me and his magic has always inspired me. Although I didn't notice it at the time, a magnifying glass review of this photo reveals that he had already hooked up four invisible threads to my body. I didn't feel a thing

Hypnotism Book By P C Sorcar

The original draft of this work was written in Calcutta, India in collaboration with Sadhu Parimal Bandhu. Those who are familiar With my book, The Secret World of Witchcraft, and the book, Religious Mysteries of the Orient, coauthored with my partner, Ron Ormond, will recognize the name of Parimal Bandu. Parimal Bandu is a Hindu Sage of magnificent knowledge. I am certain that it was because of his warm friendship for Ron and his appreciation of my professional interest in magic, as an American magician and hypnotist, that he so generously revealed these secrets of Yoga magical teachings. Also, the Sadhu was a man of high intuitive powers, so it is entirely possible that he sensed the time as being right for opening to western people this phase of the esoteric wisdom of the Orient.

Awful Art And Breathless Brainwaves Hubert Leslie

From these our good friends we have received many lists which include some attractive items. There's a Demon ultra clip board which sounds a must for any mentalist at a modest price of 10 -, whilst Dr. Jak's Multiball ' and Four Blacks effects are throwaways at 5 - each. Amsterdam until the time we are writing this, there has been a steady run of worthwhile events pr meetings that have engaged our attention. Amsterdam proved more than magically interesting for our chief part of the visit it showed us how a magical lecture should be presented. Our good friend Henk Vermeyden, whose hospitality we feel we can never repay made certain that not only should we have the best conditions for giving our lecture but also that it should be properly staged. It is a lesson that we shall take to heart, for at Brighton, in September, we are in charge of the lectures, in which J. F. Orrin and Gus Southall will take part. Coming back to Amsterdam, the visit gave us the opportunity of seeing...

Advanced Techniques to Induce Liking and Attraction

Establishing Contact, Building Friendship and Creating Intimacy Fortunately, techniques to combat shyness do exist. With constant practice, anyone can learn to break the ice , establish rapport, and make new friends. Once you have won trust, you can persuade much more easily. Notice how salesmen always attempt friendship before selling.

Steve Hamilton Feb 2004

The following superb routine was sent to me in February 2004 by my good friend Steve Hamilton. It was to be a part of a joint web-project that, sadly, was never to be because Steve took ill and passed away later that year. I have left the text entirely in Steve's words, the content of which is both humorous, and educational. Having run the routine past a few close friends all of whom enthused over the clever method and the stunning effect, I ran one final check with my good friend Peter Duffie.

Genuine East Indian Magic

My good friend Parimal Bandu in India explained this to me. A crowd of natives around an oriental magician soon respond to thought contagion and become submerged in the average mental atmosphere. This condition of psychic receptivity is greatly conducive to the success of the wonder worker.

Thanks and acknowledgements

James Randi wrote several books which changed my life, and has proved a good friend over many years. Martin Gardner wrote the 'Mathematical Games' columns that opened the doors to many lasting treasures. Martin Taylor has been both a great friend and a constructive critic for many years. David Britland was an endless source of early advice and inspiration, and is a peerless source of magical knowledge. Derren Brown is another good friend who has shared wisdom, insight and a deranged sense of fun on many occasions. Michael Vincent never ceases to impress me with his breathtaking skill, ever-helpful outlook and immense charm. Anthony Owen and Marc Paul live, breathe, eat and sleep magic, and are often kind enough to share their expertise with me. Thanks also to the tireless Duncan Trillo for organising 'Mind Magic', running 'Magic Week', and various kinds of help both magical and technical. Jamy Ian Swiss is not only a walking encyclopedia of magical information, but has also proved...

An Interview with Swinggcat Part II

Seduction Theory For Women

About a month later, a man by the name of IN10SE arranged a meeting between Ross and I at the 3rd street promenade. And the guys that were present were IN10SE, my good friend Merovingian, and Ross. And we met up, and I sort of remember when I met up I showed up late, because that's my trademark, I'm notoriously late. And I showed up about an hour late at

Formula For Cold Readings

Such a formula will touch upon the basic problems of every individual, and create a very intriguing reading. There is an exploratory opening, followed by a thumb-nail character analysis. Then the reading swings into high speed, as it passes to the main subject of interest. Briefly, love and friendships (and enemies) money and gain obstacles in the path Health and loss, travel, news, dangers and desires. A dash of mystery dealing with future events, a solemn warning and some good advice. The reading is closed with the client still in awe and suspense - which may result in another visit. 4. Best friends - obstacles in pathway

Deconstructing Swinggcat

Okay, its no big secret me and Swinggcat know each other. In fact, we're pretty good friends. So good, that he has granted me permission to repost his newsletter on my blog. Of course, I never thought I'd see the day when he got off his lazy ass to actually WRITE the newsletter, but just as another sign of the coming appocalypse, it has finally arrived.

Docc Hilfords For One To

Docc is also a true and steadfast friend, a friend for life - in all the meanings that this might entail. He is surely no stranger to all of you. Of course he has been known to be rather WEERD. Since Docc changed the spelling of weird to weerd as a label for what he does, you will see that I spell it this way In all my work. It's my little way of tipping the hat to his talents and friendship. Now you know.

The important meaning of qualification

Now, as we saw in other chapters, women love and feel erotic desire towards those men who are in control of a situation (Alpha) AND they may have feelings of friendship but very hardly sensual or erotic feelings towards those men who let women dominate or control themselves (beta.)

PO Box 6023 Carefree AZ 853776023 480 4880980

In early May 1992, I received a fax from my good friend in Berlin, professional magician mentalist, Ted Lesley. Stating that he planned to market an effect created by a well known German mentalist, Ted asked for my input. Since I had previously helped Ted Americanize the instructions for a card effect by the same individual, I was more than happy to give further assistance.

Pushing Pulling the art of sending mixed signals

I will imply to a woman that we should get together. If she bites the bait, so to speak, and suggests that her and l should get together, I might say something such as 'I hope you don't think there is anything between us. I wouldn't want it to hurt our friendship.' or 'slow down there turbo, we just met and you are already trying to ask me out, that's a little creepy'.

Unfair Seductions In An Unfair World

While we are here I better make something else clear. I do NOT believe that sex is the be all and end all of relating to women. Nor do I believe that it is always necessary or even DESIRABLE to use the tactics outlined in this book, (whether fair or unfair) to get a woman to sleep with you. It is certainly possible that the particular woman you fancy may be smart enough and have enough good sense to want you just as you are, without any games or bullshit on her part. She may also be sane and psychologically healthy enough to express that desire naturally, without any hang-ups or guilt games. You might even find -gasp - that the friendship and intimacy you share with a lady are more important to you than sex. When you find a lady like this, cherish her as the rare treasure she is. Hang on tight, and don't let go

The phases of a seduction

As a rule I do everything I can to bring to bed a woman between the first and the third encounter. If I do not succeed in the course of 3 encounters - it rarely happens with me - I end the interaction with her. Any other interaction would bring me more and more into the beta friendship frame and only reduce the possibilities of having sex. Exceptions to this rule are environments where you can meet her for other reasons, for example, the workplace. 2. You will approach, but will go fast into the friendship frame or into the role of her therapist. This is also a huge mistake because being her friend before you bring her to bed will kill the sexual tension. In that way it is like saying to her I am a beta male.

Night Writer Wayne Kyzer

A good friend of mine once performed a trick for me which had no less than 29 sleights, including three different variations of both the Elmsley Count and the OLRAM Subtlety. I proceeded to show him an identical routine which utilized four sleights. One wonders how the 29 sleight version made it into print in the last five years when the 4 sleight version had been around for almost three decades. But, since it was in print by a reputable author, my friend assumed it was a good trick. The reputation of the author was his criterion for selecting a good trick. Authors such as these makes one want to paraphrase the old academic standard, Publish, The Perish.

The Magic Of Larry Jennings

For some time Larry Jennings been closely associated w i th Dai Vernon, which has resulted in a very firm friendship. Both magicians perform regularly at Hollywood's Magic Castle and the several effects recorded on tape and described here are those which are being performed at this centre of magic.

Development Exercises

Notes of the musical scale will illustrate the principle thoroughly. When two persons are in rapport with each other, there is a mental and psychic harmony between them, which is productive of the best possible mental cooperative work. You often get this kind of rapport naturally with those in love or those who are working on a common problem or best friends. Hence the necessity of good rapport conditions in Mind Reading.

Buying From Your Local Magic Store

There are few things more irritating than someone who is full of themselves, talking non stop about nothing else but how good they are at something. Get to know the demonstrator. Take a personal interest, and ask their name straight away. That's basic etiquette, yet surprisingly few people remember this courtesy. You should plan to build a long-term friendship with these people as they can help you immeasurably. This point brings to mind an occasion where Paul was doing a TV appearance. A prop he was using broke just an hour or so before the show was due to go live. Fortunately his long-term friendship with a local magic dealer in the same city saved the day. Within minutes of making a phone call to the dealer, a replacement prop was sent over, and the performance went ahead as planned. Now there is a lesson in cultivating friendships You just never know when your magic dealer might 'save the day' for you too

The Subtle Art of Manipulation

In fact, I cherish my friends. If you're my friend, I will bend over backwards to help you, because in my view, you've earned the right to recieve my help. Being my friend also means you've earned the right to recieve my trust. And being my friend means that no matter what happens, in the end, I'll always be on your side. Its very hard to find good friends in life. The type of friends you'd entrust your life to. One quality about friendship I admire is that true friends never really NEED anything from each other. Its just enough to be together, to enjoy each other's company, to share time with someone without any expectation whatsoever. Our friends help define our lives. embody the values and traits you look for in friends, yet are not your friend -- and therefor not responsible to you in anyway. This can lead to great friendships, or terrible disasters. I bring this up because I recently had something similar happen to me. There's a man who I greatly...

An Interview with Swinggcat Part IV

Now, at first I would do stuff like tell a girl I hated her, and they would try and make friends with me, but I wouldn't make friends with them. And usually they'd get pretty angry, and, you know, that'd kind-of be the end. And so then basically I'd beat them at the game, and then I'd say You know what I like you now then give them a hug. And so that would bring resolution to what I said before, and because I was pushing them away, and the human kind-of instinct is to make friends, that would actually bring them very close to me, because I would bring resolution to the tension.

The Howard Hughes Headline Prediction

Good friend Lee Earle phoned and asked if I wanted to keep him company on a weekend lecture trip to San Diego. Lee was scheduled to lecture at Brad Burt's Magic Shop and conduct one of his dynamite seminars on making more money with mentalism. Lee Earle is one of my favorite people and an outstanding psychic entertainer. His contributions to the art of mentalism have already found their way into many performer's repertoires and his computer graphics expertise is the reason this book is as attractive as it is. Naturally, I eagerly accepted the invitation.

The Top 10 PickUp Artists

Sickboy Sickboy is a protogee of Tyler and Papa. He's a New Yorker and is best known for his appearance in the movie Zoolander as one of the male models in the movie. Yes, that's right, the guy looks like a male model. But despite this, he is incredibly down to earth and has absolutely no ego about himself. He's a very easy guy to talk to and a good friend. His game is also quite solid, though I do think it's helped greatly by his looks. I think his frames aren't as strong as they could be, but he definitely has the subtleties of PUA down pat. He recently spoke to the NYC lair and that's a great read if you can find the transcripts somewhere. He's a guy to look out for.

Women And Social Circles

Though the average guy is not looking to make friends with the girls he approaches, odds are if they like you enough to sleep with you, you will eventually end up becoming friends. And even if they don't want to sleep with you, the least they are willing to become is a friend because they enjoy your company enough. You can meet these guys anywhere, and it's much easier to approach and make friends with men because there is no sexual tension there. You guys can connect on basic male subjects such as sports, women, business, etc. If nothing else, you may make a new valuable male friend out of the deal. The next step will take a bit of willpower on your part, but you want to actually BEFRIEND the girl with the knowledge that you are not going to sleep with her. No matter how hot she is, you must take her out of the I wanna BONE category. This is crucial because if you go after her for the full monty (sex), you could screw up the friendship.

The Ultimate Secret to Getting Good With Women

One of the problems I experience is that my outer self is not really congruent with who I am on the inside. One of my good friends, Roadking, pointed out to me that what I say presents such a different person than how I look. I look like a pretty mild-mannered AFC-ish guy when you meet me, but when I start gaming, I come off as a lovable, cocky funny sshole. This prompted me to do some research and change how I looked on the outside. One good resource for this is an eBook called Fashion For Fat Guys ( I learned how to dress for my body type, but not only that, developed my own sense of style that's more congruent with who I am on the inside, so that incongruency between how I talk and how I present myself isn't such a big one.

Carbon Copies and Mirror Images

This unconscious mimicry is quite interesting to observe. Take for example, the two men standing at the hotel bar in Figure 134. They have mirrored each other's gestures and it is reasonable to assume that they are discussing a topic upon which they have the same thoughts and feelings. If one man uncrosses his arms and legs or stands on the other foot, the other will follow. If one puts his hand in his pocket, the other will copy and this mimicry will continue for as long as the two men are in agreement. This copying also occurs among good friends or people at the same status level and it is common to see married couples walk, stand, sit and move in identical ways. Scheflen found that people who are strangers studiously avoid holding mutual positions. The significance of carbon copying can be one of the most important non-verbal lessons we can learn, for this is one way that others tell us that they agree with us or like us. It is also a way for us to tell others that we like them, by...

Without Embarrassment

And if you're already in 'buddy jail' with some girls that you know, it would probably be better to just forget about them for now and move on to finding some fresh meat. Only this time you have to be sure to establish some sexual tension with them right off the bat, okay Then you won't have to wrack your brain trying to figure out how to turn another friend into a lover (an impossible task). Listen to me, no great love affair starts out as a friendship, it's always the other way around You must get at least a little spark of passion crackling in her brain at the earliest possible moment or you'll lose your romantic chances with her forever, and the best way to do that is by not being afraid to touch her. Love affairs begin with a bang of chemistry, not a polite exchange of pleasantries, and the sexually-charged touch sets the test tubes to boiling

To Grandmothers House We Go

I'm beginning to feel a little bit like Frodo with his ring, trudging towards Mordor. The weight of family and all the AFC anchors associated to it is starting to become too great. I got an email from my good friend up north, Brother Kermit, reminding me that family breaks state, and he couldn't be more right. I can almost feel my pick-up skills atrophing as I type.

Kinesthetics aka kino have kino with your female friendsacquaintances

ASF It's quite simple - hug them, touch their hand sporadically and in A NON THREATENING WAY, that is, not like the desperate pervert we all are ) So the idea is, you hide completely the interest you might have AND at the same time you act really touchy huggish. The problem is - you have to start this early in the friend relationship, it has to seem natural, or otherwise she'll wonder what the fuck is he doing lately ) Once you've developed that kind of flirtatious friendship, it's easy to spawn other such 'friendships' with other women they will see you being close to another woman, and I think the key

December 27 2001 BETA

On december 22nd, in a brief but rich session, a serious, young card-worker, Rick Franceschini, showed me his handling of a well-explored plot, the card sandwich. To this plot, by virtue of method, he had added some interesting elements not otherwise possible with the same directness. I considered Rick's treatment immediately interesting, as I informed him, but somewhat flawed by his less than optimal exploitation of the features he had made possible. Thereafter, despite the season's festivities, I found my thoughts returning to these matters, which by now I saw as a challenge. The day after Christmas, I showed a number of solutions I'd developed to my good friend Eliezer Rodriguez. Guided by his feedback, I recombined the best of my ideas into one sequence. While this new construct depends heavily on presentation for its logic and power, it does so in a novel way. Thus, I will include significant portions of my presentation along with the handling, though some of the presentation...

Merry Christmas Happy Hunakkuh Awesome Kwanzaa

I've loved Christmas ever since I was a kid. It's not just about the preasents for me. I love the snow, the tree, the decorations, the green and red color coordinating, Santa Clause, fires in the fireplace, stockings, candy, friendship, family I love everything it stands for. The coming of Christ into the world, and with him, the hope for every man, woman, and child living or yet to live to enjoy peace and happiness forever. Whatever your beliefs may be, you have to admit, that's a good thing to strive for.

Navelgazing Cold Reading

Yes I can see it clearly, there are two people around you, it may be family but I'm more inclined to say its on a friendship level. And both of these two people have been asking for your advice - yes that's it you don't want to take sides with either of them as you value the friendship of them both. You do value your close friendships don't you (Again Yes will be the answer)

SJhaa CLnnenum SlaU Hund

If one can believe the spoken and printed word, the late Theo. Annemann was the richest man in magic. The noun is used as it applies to friendships, not material wealth. Wherever magicians congregate, at conventions, society meetings or in the back rooms of the magic shops, the conversation bears testimony to Annemann's talent. Magic magazines periodically publish special Annemann sections, Annemann anecdotes and reprints and variations of Annemann effects. Weird Wire, Jr., is nothing more than the latter, a variation of an effect entitled Annemann's Weird Wire which appeared in Jinx No. 89 some eight years back.


To my beautiful wife, April, my everlasting appreciation for her love and understanding during the turbulent days of writing and publishing this book. A special thanks to my friend, Lee Earle, the master mentalist and master of the Macintosh. Without his help, this book would have never seen the light of day. Thanks also to my daughter Gayle for wanting to apply her editing skills to hide her father's ignorance to daughters Carol and Terry, for not giving up on me to my brother, Gordon, for bankrolling my first magic apparatus when times were a lot tougher, but sweeter to Mom and Dad for putting up with my foolishness during their lifetimes to Robert Bluemle for his valuable and scholarly input to Dr. Gabby Ruffino for his friendship, wisdom and encouragement to Dawn, Warren and Alexis Earle for all their love and hospitality while I occupied their version of the Charlie Miller Suite to Craig Nichols, a man with more patience than a friend deserves to my son Dini for all his love and...

About Herb Dewey

I thought I was a fairly accomplished reader and then I experienced Herb Dewey. I immediately realized that his awesome command of the art far surpassed anything I had previously witnessed. I sought him out. Our rapport was immediate. I have enjoyed and grown immensely within our friendship.

Becoming Dominant

Kaii goes onto relate the story as to how this happened. It boils down to her going to this J guy's hometown to meet some of his good friends. They all meet up at her hotel room and get high, and Kaii ends up getting jealous about J 's relationship with his best friend, and freaks out on him.


John Calvert informs us that he will be appearing at the Collegiate Theatre, Jan 7th to 11th. This is the week following the Magic Circle Christmas show at the same theatre. John has been a good friend to magicians during his stay here and the many who have enjoyed his hospitality on 'The Magic Castle' can return the compliment by taking their friends to see his excellent show.

Tickets Veease

My good friend Dick Simonds who died recently used to pull a very funny stunt some years ago when travelling on the buses in Liverpool. Here it is. Every time Dick bought a ticket he would roll it into a little ball and clip it between his fingers and there it would remain until he reached journeys end, when he would drop it in his overcoat pocket.


But there is one condition, said Leslie. You're very friendly with Dickie Valentine aren't you Dickie Valentine was Britain's first major pop star and also represented by the Grades. David had worked with him in Variety and on radio. They were very good friends, often socialising and holidaying together. For the Grades, Dickie Valentine, idol of teenage girls all over the country, was very good news. But there was a problem. He was about to get


A special thanks also to Scott Wells for all of his help, friendship and encouragement and to our lovely wives Kathy Wells and Heidemarie Shaw whose perseverance and support have provided us with both emotional and physical sustenance that allowed us to complete this book.

Rowt und to Qood Uffe

This is not, as you may suspect, an attempt to have the last word. It is submitted for your Magic Mail column, providing you think it warrants publication on its own merit, not because of personal friendship. For instance, I recently submitted a series of articles to four magician friends with a request for constructive criticism. Three replies ecstatically proclaimed my effusions as the greatest thing since the King James translation of the Bible. Baioney Fred Braue, Hugard columnist-collaborator, was the sole exception. Prefacing his remarks with a qualifying evasion, Braue said, in effect, Sell your typewriter. We continue lo be good friends.


Because you realize (maybe only instinctively if you haven't experienced it for yourself yet) that you will have to subject yourself to this unpleasant ordeal, you have chosen instead to steer all your relationships with women away from the Zone and towards the more easy to navigate territory of friendship. Friends can relate in a more tolerant, less emotionally exhausting manner right from the get-go. You can effectively short circuit all the difficult stuff and move straight along to the comfortable part of the relationship. Guys get themselves into all sorts of trouble thinking that they can sneak in the back door on a relationship by establishing a nice little comfortable friendship with a

Frank Travers

I could have rested, calm and silent - and wiser - about the past injustices. But no I After having kept your faith in me while most others were swaying, and just when my goal was reached - overreached -and all were ready to kneel to the wisdom of your discriminating friendship, when I smiled cheerfully at the constancy and firmness of. your amity, you allow yourself to become instrumental in what is probably a plot to reap part of the legitimate praise that may come my way.


He has however a premonition that the card will be the very one to be later chosen by a member of the audience, so he will now try to have someone remove it from another pack, thus doing away with any suspicion that the audience might have that he has a good friend amongst them.

How To Get Bookings

Some Magicians prefer to hire an advance man to book for them. You may have a good friend who would like to get dates for you on a percentage. Commissions vary all the way from 5 to 33 1 3 . The advance man's commission is figured from the amount that you net from a performance. If playing clubs, schools, churches, and other such single dates, the percentage is higher than if you play vaudeville where bookings are made in lumps. In the case of single dates, the advance man has expenses and he must work on each date individually. Commissions of 20 and 25 are permissible for this work.

Card Trick

In his performances Agostin did a card stunt using any deck, calling it a sort of super-normal, and super-memory demonstration. Carl Brema was a good friend of Agostin*s. The friendship, however, didn't reach the point where the professor explained the one trick wherein Brema was being fooled over and again. It might be accounted for because of the reason that both were true professional mystifiers. It's only among the magic where Individual accomplishments and secrets are swapped around indiscriminately. The more one works at magic as a vocation, the more he respects the tricks' of his friends in the same game, and expects to be treated likewise. You never will hear the professional ask outright how a trick is done after he has seen it. It's up to him to figure it out, or buy the information for what it is worth to him and his show.

Peter Warlocks

Last year when I was in America with the Flying Sorcerers, I had the pleasure of meeting 71 any of the top flight magicians specialising in close-up magic. Among them was my good friend Milton Kort, who not only does some outstanding work, but also, as most readers of the Pentagram will know, was responsible for a very big slice of the material in Bobo's recent work on coins. This effect, Kortially Yours he showed Stewart James and myself whilst we were at his house. I found it most attractive, and it is with Milton Kort's permission that 1 have written it up for Peter Warlock so that it may appear in the Pentagram.

The New York Puzzler

This principle was shown to me by my good friend, Tom Ogden, a clever magician who has already placed his stamp on the annals of Magic. We both agree that this is one of the finest effects that one can do at close quarters, and as an attention getter, it's hard to beat. In due time, several dealers ripped it off and placed it on the market as their own and with phony bills. The true and real beauty of it is to make it or have it made up with real money.

Above All Else

The biggest tip in this field in order to be successful is to show a genuine interest in people. It is not always necessary to walk up to a table and start performing like a robot every time. Find out about the guests, make friends with them. Get them to smile and like you. Pay sincere compliments where you can. Let them show you a trick if they want to. Remember, people love to talk about themselves more than anything else in the world Especially should you become a friend of regular customers, and try to remember their names. If you have ever read Dale Carnegies 'How to win friends and influence people' you'll know exactly how important it is to be sincere and make friends. It's so simple, but very few people do it consistently. A few points applied from that book can do more good for your reputation than anything else I can think of.


Not seeing the broad picture, this may bother some of you. It shouldn't. You aren't supposed to be looking at pictures of broads in the first place. Regardless, being forever in tune with my subscribers, I have come to the realization that I should be more friendly, less commercial. Toward this end, I have drafted a personal invitation for you to renew your subscription. Working together, I think you and I can deepen our relationship while at the same time getting me the cash needed to maintain this blossoming friendship.

Practice Riddle

The Playfair cipher requires more work than Porta's cipher, to encode and decode, but it uses a much simpler matrix. It is named for Baron Lyon Playfair, a nineteenth-century Englishman, but actually was devised by the Baron's good friend Charles Wheatstone. A British scientist, Wheatstone became best known as a maker of musical instruments and for inventing a telegraphic system, even before it was independently invented by the American Samuel Morse. Telegraphic codes, such as the familiar Morse code, may be regarded as nonsecret ciphers in which patterns of dots and dashes are substituted for letters. Wheatstone devised his famous cipher for sending secret messages by standard telegraphic codes.

Dangerous Opener

Now I want you to imagine a blackboard in front of you. In fact imagine you are back at school. You are standing with your two best friends. What are their names OK, so you 're at school in front of a black board with your two best friends, Ford and Chan OK now we are going to try something that I think you will be very good at. It's all a game of imagination. I want you to imagine that you are at school. In fact imagine you are in a class room standing with your best friends. Look at them, look them up and down.

Vary MartlNz N Pjj

Seventeen-Year-Old Paul Harris. A Honolulu convention marked the beginning of a friendship that has seen some ups and a fair share of downs. While he never did exactly move in, he has frequently cast his lot with us. Also, there have been times when a sudden brainstorm has caused Paul to appear at our door at some unlikely hour and I have surrendered my bed to spend the rest of the night tucked down on the living room couch. I've never complained (much) because I always know that something interesting is brewing and I can never wait to find out what it is.


Handing the subject eight coins, the mystic turns his back and continues. Please MONEY put four of the coins aside. Shake the remaining four coins in your cupped hands, FRIENDSHIP then toss them onto the table. Assemble those coins into a row. Obviously, the HEALTH pattern of heads and tails has been determined by chance. ADVENTURE

The Cold Reading

There is another person - fairer, and with light hair that presents a most favorable influence and friendship. This person should be cultivated, as they can mean much to you in the future. There are many people around you who are jealous of you and your success. While they are not in position to cause serious trouble, they certainly bear watching. As this cycle of life proceeds, your judgment will become more sound and dependable. You will then make decisions without being plagued with confusion of mind - not knowing which way to turn.

In Her Promptly

Timing is everything when it comes to seduction. Too much too soon is no good -- still there exists a window of opportunity during which time you must act and show some sort of romantic desire or you will either be dumped or given the 'just friends' treatment. Trust me, being dumped is better. The buddy fate is just a pointless prolongation of the inevitable that will tease you with the idea that you can somehow turn your friendship into a love affair but it will never come to pass.

Supplemental Patter

You are not quite sure of him. Right You wonder if you will ever be man and wife. And if so, live happily. It is apparent that you think more of him than he does of you. I doubt very much if this affair will turn into anything serious. Regard him as a good friend. Very shortly, I see another man coming into your life, tall, handsome. He will make a violent impression on you - and in

The Charmer Method

This last technique, unlike the previous methods, does not rely on sleight of tongue or verbal acrobatics. It works because you openly offer concessions, manifest a willingness to listen, and validate your prospect's beliefs. Your prospect has a free choice to decide. You do not cloud his mind with verbal mists. Of all the techniques discussed, it is the most ethical. Additionally, it takes the longest to carry out, but it can produce lasting relationships. Like the previous systems, this method is also devastatingly effective. Mastery of this method can lead to satisfying friendships as well as giving you what you want.


The spell affects the same emotions (despair, fear, friendship, hate, hope, and rage), but the bonuses and penalties are + -1 instead of + - 2. In addition, for those emotions that do not have bonuses or penalties tied to them (friendship and hate), the effects are similar to emotion but should be role-played to a lesser degree.

Interpersonal Skills

Stop for just a moment and think about your best friend. Perhaps you can even picture that person clearly in your mind. As you keep that person's image in your mind, I want you to notice what specifically it is you like about them. Chances are, what you like about them are because of the following three universal characteristics that make people like one another. The basis of your friendship with your best friend and all friendships are


The next ingredient to making someone like someone else is cooperation. It is an absolute necessity. Without cooperation, there can be no basis for friendship. People who cooperate with you, participate in activities with you, and who generally agree with you are undoubtedly more likable to you than people who do not. If someone you consider your friend decides one day to stop returning your phone calls, canceling appointments on you, and generally being uncooperative with you, it would obviously be difficult to maintain the friendship no matter how similar you are to the person.


Praise is the final ingredient to making one person like another. The importance of praise is intuitively obvious. People like to be praised. We like to be complimented and recognized for our achievements. Often times at work, employees become disgruntled not because they are not compensated well monetarily but instead because their hard work goes unrewarded with recognition. Just as praise unites people in harmony, put-downs and insults divide people. It is much harder to like someone who puts you down than someone who consistently praises you. If your best friend only insulted you and put you down, you would quickly dissolve that friendship.

The Art Of Flirting

For instance, you ever meet a girl who was cute, fun, bubbly, and seemed to really enjoy your company She'd laugh at your jokes, smile at you all the time, and do all sorts of activities with you Like any guy, you'd think to yourself Wow This girl really likes me She's totally into me But then when you go to kiss her or express your interest, she acts surprised that you mistook your friendship with her as signs she was interested with you.


MAGIC magazine is a trade publication for a small group of people who share a common interest. Within that group is a tiny subset of creators who produce the books, tricks and videos the others purchase. Because I am a member of that subset, I know many of magic's creators. Most of those creators are my friends. I'm happy to say that quite a few are very good friends. Be aware that at least 75 of the time I am reviewing the product of someone with whom I am personally acquainted. This situation produces the most difficult part of being a reviewer I have to critique the work of my friends. And I must bear the consequences of what this criticism may do to our friendship. In a few cases it has ended friendships. So, if the elimination of the words my friend will increase the perceived objectivity of this column I am willing to do so. However, the omission does not change the actual situation. And in spite of the situation (and the consequences) I will continue to give you my honest...

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