Tile Million Dollar Prediction

Here is a prediction that will need 1 itLie introduction tu many who read this book. It has been used by many top-flight professionals, as well as a host of talented amateurs. As it happens, the only talent required to present this effect is a talent for spotting a good tiling. The method and presentation that follows is that devised and used by Koran.

This is strictly a long-term prediction, it cannot be presented like, for example, Hie Astral Word. Information is contained in an envelope, and the information for maximum effect, is a prediction of a political election result, the winner of a horse-race or any tiling of similar magnitude. Primarily, AJ designed the effect as u sensational publicity stunt, and although by adaption it can be used in cabaret, it still lends itself best to the publicity treatment. We shall deal first with the preparation of the envelopes.

It is best to use envelopes of the self-sealing variety, the flaps of which arc straight edged, nol triangular as in the more conventional type. Now look at FIGURE 9. The illustration shows a self-seal envelope with the flap open. Notice that a triangular piece has been removed from the vertical folded piece which shows at the right, just above the lower flap. The envelope thus prepared is in fact intended to contain another, slightly smaller envelope. In practice, i) is best to make these smaller envelopes oneself; this is simply done by dismantling (he envelope and re-glueing it, making the side and bottom Haps larger. In other words, by making new creases, the envelope is made smaller, and il only remains to trim the gummed (laps at each side to suit the new dimensions, h is as well to make several oT these envelopes at a time, then the prediction "sealed sets' can be prepared in batches.

Now tr> the milking of a scaled set. Inside one of I lie small envelopes, put a folded piece of paper, of a different colour lo that which will eventually bear the prediction. The paper should be 'bank' type, and measure, when opened out, about four inches by three inches. Upon this you should have written,"The accompanying sheet of paper bears my prediction made on (dak i'. Tliis small envelope is now, still open, placed within ยก1 large envelope with the piece cut away as in the illustration. Raise the lower adhesive flap of the inner envelope; now bring down tire upper major flap to meet it. However, be stire that the tutw-mobile fold al the right of the large envelope is inserted between the upper and lower flaps of the small envelope before it is finally scaled. When the inner envelope Is scaled, seal the outer one in tiie standard fashion. The sealed set is now ready for action.

Next comes the 'introduction' device. When the sealed pair of envelopes is in the possession of the committee, the Mayor, or whoever lias agreed to referee the prediction, it is necessary, at (he crunch, to introduce Ihe actual 'prediction' into the inner envelope, immediately prior to the envelope being opened. The obvious way, if anything in magic is obvious to the reader, is to use u -laics' Billet Knife. When this effect was marketed, a billet knife was supplied, plus a 'blank', ungimmicked knife. It may come as a surprise to some to learn that, much of the time, A1 Kuran did not use .1 prepared knife ai all. A knife was used, but it was a double-edged stiletto type. The prediction was attached to one flat side of the blade with a dab of beeswax. Sec FIGURE 10 for an illustration of the arrangement. The sealing

of the envelopes is such that, if a knife blade is inserted at the right side of the rear flap, the point of the blade will enter not cnly the outer envelope, but the inner one as well. The reader will appreciate rh.it by simply inserting the knife as fur as is necessary to trap the prediction paper within lite inner envelope, the deed is done quickly and efficiently. The blade goes in, the left thumb feels and witholds the prediction through the side of the envelope (by pressing on the outside), the blade is drawn back until its tip is just within the flap and is then re-inserted, this time going straight down Llie right side oi the outer envelope, slitting it open. Now the package c-an be handed to some spectator, and he can withdraw a sealed envelope from within the larger one; this envelope lie opens-by himself, li is a beautiful conception,


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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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