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11' you decide to use a billet kml'e, good and well. bur as the strength of this particular trick lies in the fact that someone else actually optns the Inner sealed envelope. it would be as well to have a dupiienLe knife. loo. in performance, you would put in the gimmick knife, deposit rhe prediction, withdraw the knife a little and slit open the outer envelope. f|$ knife would then be pocketed while the spectator was handed the lorn e live tope and asked to withdraw the eomeiits. When lie lias taken out the second sealed envelope, he is handed the duplicate knife with which to open it gjsingthe unf'aked knife, the procedure is exactly the same, with the slight edge of being able to leave I he knife in view throughout. Perhaps another advantage of (his mi'lhod ii that you can have a genuine-looking knife. There are l ew Jaks1 knives which took ¿11 together knife-like.

And what aboul that piece of coloured paper in the inner envelope?- Well, it is there as a red herring. While the sealed envelopes ;ire m the possession of the referee, it is not inconceivable that curiosity will overcome him. and he may just hold the envelopes to a light 10 gel a peek inside, if he does, be will see something, which is better, from Jus poinl of view, than finding nothing at all. Remember, the envelopes could be in the bands of the referees for a week or even a month, so it would be disastrous if, during Thai time natural curiosity on their part led (hern 10 believe that they were holding a pair of empty envelopes.

When the envelope is opened, tell the spectator to read the coloured slip first. It simply says thai I he accompanying siip bears a prediction made by you on e eerlanulate (the date you hand over the envelopes for safe keeping). Now that is not a logical Ihing, to have the data spread over two sheets but (to not be scared by it, the inconsistency is never noticed. The prediction paper, b) the way, is the same siae as the coloured piece, nnd folded to a width about he If that of the knife blade. Il is Written out on the day of the predicted lvcitL when the


results are known, of course.

¡»rev. coverage is essentia! for the full success of this kind of stunt. Presentation is secondary, in a sense, because the public know well in advance what il is you intend to do, I he accuracy of the prediction is all important, so ihe widest publicity is what you must strive towards. As publicity stunts go, I Ins is one of the very best ever devised.

Insight Spectacular


This is the prediction which earned Ai Koran the kind of headlines lhat would be envied by any celebrity, in 1967 he successfully predicted the winning number in the Bankok National Lottery. The Lottery draw is one of the most important events in that country and the winner becomes a rich man overnight. To heighten the impact of his prediction, Ai introduced the routine and method which follows. The conditions under which the prediction was made were, to say the least, spectacular. AI wrote his prediction before a large audience, and a committee member actually witnessed what was written. The slip of paper was then sealed into an envelope and stored in a vault until the great day. Dn the day the number was announced, Al's prediction was opened: AI did not, at any time that day. touch the slip of paper. The envelope was opened by a government official, and the prediction was found to be one hundred percent correct!

There were repercussions. If the number could be known in advance, it was argued, then there was nothing random in its selection; the story that a computer selected the number was placed in doubt. Kival factions widiin the government had a heyday. It look some further demonstrations of AI Koran's 'unusual1 powers of foresight to convince everyone that he was not a man like other men he was gifted beyond the normal. The publicity was fantastic. Koran emerged from his hotel


bedroom one evening to find a trio of Burmese priests praying outside his door. He was persuaded to lecUtrc at a Buddhist monastery, and his advice was sought by hundreds of people who were, m nti doubt thai he was a mystic. The Koran talent for l"o llnwing-through stood liim in good Stead during this lime and I here can be no doubl that his prediction started a myth in Bankok that is still growing, fhe method, as might be expected, was simple. It involved some work from the point of view of preparation, but I lit jcliiitl execution of the stunt was simplicity, ail showmanship. Just imagine how pulling the advertising would be if this trick wen: offered for sale: 'You write your prediction IN FULL VIEW of an audience ... and it is WITNESSED". That part alone would fool most magicians, But it Is true, a spueiator really does witness what is written, Lei's go into the mechanics oil he trick..

The prediction slip can be witnessed because it does not bear the actual name, number or whatever is being predicted. It contains a code iuttuber. Fur example, the paper might say, "My prediction, made this tenth day of October. Code No»S2.

B D A G F A spectator can look a I that without being any wiser. Furthermore, what makes this triefc such a beauty is that ilie code number, when de-coded, will always be correct! All you need to be eareful about is thai " you gel the number of digits correct. That is wily it is best to predict only numbers by this method, since the length Is likely (o be absolutely fixed.

Su, von go along to die theatre or wherever yon wUJ write the prediction, write out a row of letters (making sure von know what you have written ... if you forget, then you will need genuine powers of foresiglu iu get yon out of a hole); haw someOne witness die prediction (the mayor or a senior police officer will be ideal, .. if you go down, they go with you}. Have the prediction sealed with great ceremony and locked away in vtune civje vault or strongbox.


"Vlie work haw not yet started, of course. Prior 10 making any kind of offer in the direction inst outlined, yon must. make a code book for yourself. There are various ways to do this, but we shall follow the Al Koran model here. Obtain a large, imposing-looking photograph album of the kind with removable leaves; further, the leaves arc covered with an acetate sheet which adheres automatically tp the page. Look at FIGURE 1 I.

The approximate layout of the book is shown here. At the foot of each page, under the plastic, is a label bearing the words

'Codes I to 9'____"Codes 10 to IB' and so on, throughout the book. For maximum effect, you will need at least ninety codes.

If llial sounds dauntbig, don'r shut the book just yet. The codes are bogus, they need not conform to any great cryptographic scheme. For example, here are just a few for starters:

Code I:

Code 2:

Code 3:





Code 5:

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