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GoalsOnTrack.com is one of its kind goal-oriented web based application. The software has been designed to assist people in setting, tracking, and reaching personal and professional goals. This web based application keeps track of your progress towards the goal. The primary objective of this web application as it annunciates is getting things done. GoalsOnTrack has a very basic sign-up all you need is a valid email address. A speedy confirmation is sent to your inbox with details on how to log-in. Once you log-in you have a nicely design dashboard where you can begin recording your goals. After your goals for the week, month, or even year has been entered the task editor will quickly organize the objectives in order of importance. Everyday a checklist of the things you need to do appears under each specific goal. As you complete them percentage of progress status is highlighted. The journal operates as a blog or notepad. Past entries are automatically archived. Read more here...

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Highly Recommended

The interface is user friendly with its intuitive layout. Also, the addition of the prompt, with expert advice sets it apart from all the other similar programs. The Goalsontrack Smart Goal Setting Software installation process is clean and without any unpleasant surprises like hidden toolbars, adds or anything like that. However, the installation process takes a bit longer than expected and you actually have to go through ten steps before the installation is complete, but that can hardly be considered a downside though.

I personally recommend to buy this software. The quality is excellent and for this low price and 100% Money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

Those who set goals and work towards them will succeed

The statement you just read in the box above applies to every single person reading this. No one is immune from the need to set goals, whether you want to simply perform magic to entertain some friends, or you want to have a profitable magic business. Yes, whatever you want to do, in order to be successful and stay successful you have to have something to aim for.

The Right Way to Set Goals

Express your goals positively 'I want to practice and perform magic well ' expresses a goal much better than 'I must not make mistakes when performing magic.' Be precise Include dates, times and amounts in your goals. For example, 'by the 1st July 2005, I am earning 60,000 a year from my magic career.' Prioritise Most people have more than one goal, so give priority to the one that is most important to you. Then, gradually work through your goals methodically.

How To Easily Motivate Yourself

Let's talk about how to use language to motivate yourself to do what you want. You can take any task or action that you don't particularly care about, and crank up your motivation so that you just have to do it. Conversely if there is something you are already motivated to do, but you realize that it would be This goes back to our use of language and how it shapes our model of the world. With this technique, we will focus in on an aspect of language called modal operators. When you listen to someone's language, and especially their use of modal operators, you'll hear so much about how they move through the world, how they motivate themselves. So how do we use the knowledge of these things called modal operators to crank up your motivation We do this by chaining them together and I want you to follow along in this example. Next, say, I need to take the day off tomorrow. I need to. Taking a day off has gone from being a requirement to a need. A fundamental need. I have to take the day...

Gracing Us With The Cover

PETER EGGINK is an up-and-coming magician, lecturer, and creator of some fantastic effects such as The Melt Change and Exit that are sweeping the magic community. Born and raised in Holland, Peter has been involved in magic his entire life and is just the kind of person we want to share with you in Street Magic Magazine. In his interview he shares the ups-and-downs of pursing your goals in magic, what it's like to travel around and lecture to magicians, and how he creates new products. Peter is a normal dude just like the rest of us who loves the art and has had the tenacity and temerity to go his own road. REED McCLINTOCK really needs little introduction these days. A man with an interesting past, ninja moves, and an outlook on life that will inspire and motivate. You can check him out on page 86. And next month, Reed teaches us a fantastic coin effect. So, get the next issue

Getting The Most Out Of This Book By Setting Some Goals

A Harvard Study on goal setting took place in the 1950s with a follow-up study in the 1980s. The study in the 1950's showed that only 3 of the respondents had set goals at the time of their graduation, and yet in the 1980's, this 3 was financially worth more than the remaining 97 combined. These people had focus, direction, and this was displayed by the setting of their goals. To gain the maximum benefit from this book, we will begin by setting your goals for this journey we are taking together. What's important to you about achieving your goals

Page 13Profiles in Coinage

As your left hand comes forward to pick up the coin, your coat will open slightly (photo 29). Simultaneously move the right hand back out of the way, stopping dead at the edge of your coat, and allowing inertia to propel the shaker out of the napkin and into your topit (photo 30). (Of course, all your focus should be on the coin in the left hand.) The napkin has become a shell, basically retaining

What to Expect From Me

You can expect from me all that I have and all that I can give in helping you achieve your goals. This book contains a plethora of information in the appendices that will insure your success. Once you send me your registration form located in the appendix of this book, you will receive additional help from my Internet site, Hypnotism Education Website located at

Your 3 Step Magic Marketing Plan

The marketing plan, unlike the business plan we have been discussing, focuses on the customers. Your marketing plan will include specific numbers of potential clients, facts about your shows, and among other things, objectives based on your goals. It is both numerical and strategic. It is your plan of action what you will sell, to whom you will sell it and how often, at what price, and how you will get your shows and products to the buyer. Here are the three steps to a simple yet effective plan you can create.

Mi cn rzDizzi i i ii

You'll hear many other excuses We've never done anything like that. 1 knew somebody who tried that and it didn't work. Doesn't that get in the way of the stall Figure out what your goal is on this phone call (Hint It's to get a face-lo-face interview) and keep pushing toward that one goal. Again, any salesman will tell you that nothing succeeds better than a one-on-one meeting.

Fundamental Law of Attraction

Think about eating your favorite food. Picture in your mind how wonderful it looks. Picture in your mind the color and texture of the food. Think about how it feels as you chew it. Think about how your favorite food tastes and smells. Feel it in your mouth. Notice how your mouth starts to fill with saliva as you think these thoughts. This is the law of attraction at work. You are holding the thoughts of your favorite food in your mind. As you think about it in great detail your body tends to move toward it by allowing the saliva to flow as if you are digesting the food in real life. Do you begin to salivate when walking by a bakery or in a movie theater when you smell the popcorn popping Notice how your body seems to be goal oriented. We will capitalize on that goal orientation of the body and the law of attraction as we progress through the hypnosis exercises.

Step 3 Create a communication strategy

To help you devise your own business and marketing plan, here is the table of contents taken from a complete plan I recently put together for a consulting client. So, take the information I have provided regarding Idea Mapping, Goal Setting, Business Plans, USPs and Marketing Plans and do some work in planning your future. The investment of time will pay off. It is much harder to think about it than to actually just start writing. 2. Goal Setting Chart 15 minutes

Confidence As Our Natural State Of Being

When you were a baby, did you immediately pop out of the womb and stand up and start walking around just like you it was completely normal to you Obviously you did not. Neither did I. No one did. In learning how to walk, children take the attitude, Hey, I'm going to do this walking thing. I see others around me doing it and I know I can do it too. I'm going to persevere. It doesn't matter how many times I fall down. It only matters that I keep getting up. If you get the chance, watch kids as they begin to walk. They crawl around, stand up, wobble around, fall down and then do it all over again. Kids continue doing this until they learn how to consistently walk. Nothing will stop them from learning how to walk. When you have this same attitude in going after your goals, nothing will stop you from achieving them.

Party Supply Connection

First and foremost Always pay the staff person for getting you a show. Every time you put money in their hands, you'll triple their enthusiasm about promoting you. Even if you just get some calls and no solid bookings, reward them. Second, your goal is not put up a flyer, or to have your business cards put on the counter. You want real people talking about you to real customers. Don't even ask the storeowner if it's okay first. Go directly to the people working in the store. They're free citizens living in a free country who'd love to make some free money.

Focus on the Journey not the Destination

Just as I adapted my focus when travelling, enjoying the journey rather than focusing solely on the destination, you should adapt your focus so as not to neglect the 'journey' of each magic effect, that is the build up before the moment the magic' happens, which we might say is the 'destination'.

Dont have conflicting goals

Work at your goal one step at a time. There is no need to be overwhelmed - it is possible to eat an entire elephant if you did it one piece at a time Remember, your goals may seem daunting, but when managed one step at a time, you CAN achieve them all. Remember the elephant

In Order to Get Something You Have to Pretend You Dont Want It

If you can place most of your focus on the act of flirting and little on the potential results - then you will find yourself in a position to look at the world in an entirely different light. Everywhere you turn flirtable women will be available for you to play with. I know that your relationship with the fear of rejection is very troublesome for you, but this new kind of attitude is a fantastic way to short-circuit away much of its power. When you flirt with a woman, you're just tickling around the edges of her psyche to determine if she has even the slightest amount of interest in you. If after a moment or two there doesn't seem to be any, then you simply move on no harm, no foul.

What Will You Learn To Do

You will learn how to present yourself with words and ideas. You will surround these words and ideas with your complete attention. Then you learn how to word suggestions in a way to give you the best opportunity to affect your subconscious mind. Then I teach you to create hypnotic prescriptions that are personal to you and specific to overcome your challenges and achieve your goals. You will then give yourself these suggestions or ideas many, many times before you finish the book. The good news is that repetition of these positive thoughts and ideas will eventually create your goal achievement.

Confidence And Goal Orientation

The natural complement to unstoppable confidence is being goal oriented. Goal orientation and confidence make for a combination that will make all of your dreams come true. Have the long-term vision of what you want your life to become. Set up your long-term goals so that, when fully realized, you will find yourself living your dream lifestyle.

The Value Of Momentum

Stop for a moment and take a survey of how much momentum you have in your life. Are you in motion Are you out there making it happen Or are you going a little slower Only you can honestly judge this for yourself. Do you need to crank it up a notch No matter where you are at, you can increase your momentum. The best way to do this is by starting small. As you continue to do small things each and every day, you step closer and closer to your goals. The small things add up and pretty soon you will be leading the life of your dreams. After you're at the top of your mountain, having fulfilled all of your goals, you can look back at what you've done and marvel at how you took all those small actions each and every day and they added up to your massive success. These small actions to thrust you toward your goals can be any number of things. Some examples include checking a tape set from the library, purchasing some books on a relevant topic, or attending a seminar where you will learn what...

Location oj the Qribaifowabfe space

My main suggestion here would be to build situations into your presentations which allow for the use of the appropriate crib, based on your needs. If you need a lot of information, allow for a fairly large crib in your routining. Make sure your motivation and context give you ample opportunity to access a surface of decent size that will hold the volume of info you need. Either that or use a modular crib. Don't hide it Work your routine in such a way that when you have to access your crib, you're openly involved in reading something on stage. I'll give you a couple of techniques that work like a charm for this later on, but I'm sure you can imagine a scenario where this would be possible. Routine your performance so that you literally read something from a book or magazine out loud while also accessing your crib from that same source. This way, the actions that you have to take to read are motivated and make sense.

The Power Of Commitment

Commitment is very powerful in enabling you to get your dreams. Many people say, Don't burn your bridges. I'm just the opposite. I say, Learn to burn and burn very well Find out what you want to do, commit yourself to it one hundred percent, and then burn away any options for failure. Ask yourself about all the excuses that might prevent you from accomplishing your goal. After you do that, go through and torch each bridge so that the only option is success because you've committed yourself to that result.

Method and Handling

Pick up the deck and spread the cards between your hands as you remind the audience that the four selected cards are lost within it. This spreading gesture, which accompanies your comments, is your motivation for picking up the deck. In reality, you need to have the deck in your hands for the next move. motivates the necessary actions, is that you absentmindedly reach into your inner left jacket pocket for the card. Realizing your error, you then reach into your right jacket pocket and remove the card.

Mxscellaneoxj false deals

Most of the False Deals under discussion are in the veritable infancy of their technical development. Many have no more than two or three entries in the extensive literature of card technique. Perhaps the only False Deal within the scope of this document that can be said to have progressed beyond the infant stage is the Center Deal, and the Center is no more than a toddler. A look at some of the more important, though scant, variations amply endorse this opinion. Still, no aspirations to comprehensiveness are entertained. I'm not persuaded that further comprehensiveness would serve any additional purpose at this time. This foray into the subject should merely help to frame this under-explored area and provide a sketchy historical view. If it motivates thought it will have served.

The Gymnasium Illusionist

Most small towns don't have theatres. Almost all of them have high schools with gymnasiums. If your goal is to perform a full-scale illusion show, you can make a living taking that show to places that aren't on Copperfield's tour schedule. Provided you have your own backdrops and lighting equipment, you can turn a gymnasium into a your own theatre. Advertising in a small town is a lot different and much easier than advertising in the big city. Performing for Middle America requires a certain sensibility, but it can be very rewarding. Your illusion show is likely to get a pretty warm reception from an audience that considers the opening of a Wal-Mart a significant event.

The Natural Process of Belief Change

The purpose of all of the Sleight of Mouth patterns we have explored up to this point is to assist us to become more open to believe in our goals, our values, our capabilities and ourselves. They can also help us to 'reframe' negative generalizations, stimulating us to become more open to doubt evaluations and judgments which limit us. Sleight of Mouth patterns are simple but effective verbal structures that aid us in the establishment of new and empowering beliefs, and in changing limiting beliefs. They are powerful tools for conversational belief change.

The Principle of Attribution

A boss can also elicit greater productivity from his workers. He might say to an employee, Mark, you've been at this desk for hours and I can see results. You must be a hardworking person with your sights on your goal Keep up the good work. The boss attributes the good business results to hard work and prioritizing. Mark will subconsciously make the internal attribution that he is indeed hardworking and act consistently with this belief. A simple declaration yields a field of surprises.

Why You Say What You Do

Answer You use a post-hypnotic suggestion as your main theme or reason for the session. Your subject carries out these suggestions after the hypnotic session is over. If his goal is to control your weight, then your post-hypnotic suggestion would involve words and ideas that will help him control weight. You may tell your subject to begin exercising or drinking water. If your goal of the session is to relax then your post-hypnotic suggestion will involve how you will feel relaxed after the induction session. You may suggest feeling the same degree of relaxation while you are working on a project after the session is finished.

Confidence And Taking Action

Ask yourself how you can invest more time on the activities that will lead you closer to your goals. As you continue to use your time ever more wisely and productively, notice how this increases your confidence. The more actions you take to use your time wisely and make your dreams and wishes come true, the more motivated you will feel to do and achieve even more. The proper fruit of knowledge is action. Take action and reap the full benefits of your knowledge.

Emotion Neutralizers Techniques to Deal with Emotions

Once the situation has reached green light status, you may feel that you've apologized and given in too much. You may feel wimpy Don't. Remember that your goal is to achieve a stable, emotionally positive situation. Once you have that positive ambiance, you can start getting what you want.

Prepare For Your Unstoppable Future

With your unstoppable confidence, you're going to want to tackle the world at once. You can tackle the world yet do it in progressive stages. You will have so many dreams and passions awakened that it may seem overwhelming when you consider all that you want to and CAN achieve in your lifetime. Considering everything at once is a great way to feel overwhelmed. Sometimes when people feel overwhelmed by everything, they do nothing because they don't know where to begin. Avoid this. Consider your most important, immediate goals and pursue those first. Remember to take action each and every day no matter how big or small that brings you closer to fulfilling your goals. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Focus on taking the next step every day.

Play a game of Crash and Burn

A little idiocy is great for confidence. The game Crash and Burn. The object of this game is to crash and burn. Hit women with the worst lines, the most outrageous innuendoes, lame pickups, and so forth. Go down in flames repeatedly. Have fun doing this. Make this your goal. Okay, now you've been shot down in the most horrendous of ways. Fun, wasn't it And you are still alive And a whole lot more desensitised. Yes, this does work. I had six women laughing for an hour this way at a party. It's based on the Juggling school of management. In brief they teach you to juggle in order to be a better manager. The first thing that they have you do is drop the balls. You spend five or ten minutes practising this. The lesson is that you can't be afraid of dropping the balls. Screwing up isn't' failure, it's just screwing up.

January 2000 Did We Make It

Therefore, if your goal is to produce the sensation of magic (as defined above) you must devise an act in which there is a logical reason to use the props involved, and there is an underlying meaning to the events that occur. How are you going to do this I have no idea (which is why I don't do a manip act), and this is a challenge at which few succeed. However, if you want to learn the essential techniques of sleight-of-hand with coins, balls, and thimbles, you will find almost everything you need to know on the three-volume videotape series Jeff McBride's World Class Manipulation. Scattered throughout the three volumes are short verbal essays in which Jeff discusses such subjects as Rehearsing on Video, Streamlining & Simplicity, Confidence & Practice, Troubleshooting, Goal Setting & Competitions, and Magical Intention. In this last essay Jeff touches on the subject of meaning, but he offers no concrete solutions.

Combination Cull And Stack

Your goal is then to riffle shuffle the cards and maneuver each Ace into the fifth position in their respective hand. Then when the cards are dealt out into five hands, you will get the four Aces. This can be done using Block Transfers in conjunction with the Strip-Out.

The Taboos of Seduction

Look at what is socially acceptable nowadays. Dating. Dating sucks, but we're taught that the best way to get laid is to ask a girl out, take her out to eat, take her to a movie, buy her gifts, profess our undying love, marry her, and THEN get laid. Well, I call bullshit on that. Any guy out there who's ever dated a woman in the hopes of fucking her knows this is a really inefficient system of achieving your goal.

Centering Your Thoughts

This will be an experiment in visualization, you begin. I'm going to ask you to concentrate on a single thought, a name or a word, something that has meaning to you and you alone. Please stare at the center of this paper, allowing the arrows to guide your focus. Now imagine your thought printed in black letter in the center. That's good. It's true that when you write something down several times it becomes fixed in your brain, so please write your though three times, and

Interviewing for Corporate Gigs

After he had told me about his event, I said, And what is your goal for the entertainment What do you hope the person you hire will accomplish he thought for a moment before responding, We want everyone to be involved and have fun without anyone being embarrassed or offended. Last year we had a comedian, and he threw in every four-letter word in the book in every sentence We want to avoid that, but still have a good time, lots of audience involvement, and portray a professional image that makes the three of us look good.

Using Counter Examples to Reevaluate Limiting Beliefs

The Values Audit and Belief Audit apply principles of NLP and Sleight of Mouth in order to help us become more open to believe in our goals, our values, our capabilities and ourselves. They are simple but powerful processes that help us to establish new and empowering beliefs.

One Secret to having Seduction Confidence

Notice that all of these questions presuppose your success with women. When you ask yourself questions like these, and really allow yourself to go inside and find all the answers to these questions notice how your focus shifts notice how you begin to see and feel all the things that work for you and say that as your state shifts, you will begin to notice that your focus has changed and now your brain is proving all the things that you have asked yourself to be true

Mirror Those Affirmations

Get in front of a mirror and stand with confident physiology and with a mental intention to project these affirmations to change your life,. The larger the mirror, the better it is so that you can see more of your self. With your shoulders back, head held high, stomach sucked in, look squarely at yourself in the eyes and say, You are completely powerful. You are unstoppably confident. You are becoming more and more confident each and every day. Nothing can stop you. You go for what you want congruently and powerfully. You reach your goals naturally and easily. Repeat these affirmations to yourself in the mirror until you can totally feel it in your body. You might get a different feeling. Perhaps you'll see yourself a bit differently as if you already noticed yourself having more confidence. Or potentially you'll hear your inner voice speaking more forcefully with

Elements about extracting information

Interestingly enough, I see we've got the Five of Swords, an important card within the lesser arcana, traditionally associated with challenge and struggle in affairs of the heart. What's intriguing is that in the same conjunction of the spread, we've already had 'The Hermit', originally one of the lower triad cards and now generally regarded as indicating not only solitude, but also the accomplishment of personal goals. It's as if the cards are suggesting your personal goals are, at this time, due to take priority over romance. I don't know if this makes sense to you.

Tools For A Great Induction

Post-hypnotic suggestion Give your subject a suggestion during the induction that will predict and ask for a particular behavior, once she he awakens from hypnosis. The behavior we are looking for in this book is the complete relaxation and stress reduction at night and the full awareness and high energy level during awakening. As you experiment on your own with your personal goals, you will develop many post-hypnotic suggestions.

Friends Instead of Lovers

In the sport of bodybuilding, you literally have to work your muscles to the point of exhaustion and then go beyond that to the point of failure to do any good. Actual microscopic rips and tears appear in the muscle tissue and the body responds by manufacturing more cell mass. The next time, you must lift more, go faster or push yourself farther to re-create another small amount of damage. Do this enough times and you can build up huge amounts of muscle by adding them layer-by-layer, a little bit-by-bit at a time. Body builders have a name for the mindset you need to maintain in order to stay focused down this difficult path No Pain, No Gain. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. horniness works against you as much as it does for you by obliterating your motivation to pursue real women. Sure, you scope them out and fantasize about tons of them every day, but since fear controls your actions it remains impossible to break through the barriers that rejection sensitivity and...

High Status powerful Males vs Low Status weak Males

Light and amusing, always make them laugh. Important keep your humor on the clever side, never sarcastic or as an attempt to take a subtle shot at someone (women are very sensitive to this), and don't go overboard with the funny stuff or you'll come off as a clownish boy instead of a seductive man. Men are humorous -- boys are foolish jokers who don't know when to quit. It's painfully obvious when you're so happy to have someone finally cracking up at your stupid jokes that you don't know when to slide off the stage. You're confident that your clever quips are funny, so you don't need to spray a lot of them around the room. Just relax and stay focused on the process of flirting, don't get all wrapped up in her reaction or fretting about if you're putting through a positive impression of yourself or not. If you stay cool and reserved, you are.

The Way Women Want Men to

If instead you come off as being whiny and desperate, it only exposes the fact that your focus is mainly on what's in it for you i.e., sex, love, a feeling of being normal, an end to your loneliness and isolation, a trophy to show off to your friends, etc. In other words, you see her only as a means for an advancement of your own selfish goals. This is dehumanizing. Why Because anyone could theoretically serve this purpose, there's nothing to make the particular women whom you've come to focus your interest on feel special in any way. You're acting exactly like the callus, crooked car salesman who's begging you to buy some jalopy just so he can get his hands on a fucking commission. Guess what She will do to you precisely what you would do to the slimy salesman she tells you to go fuck off. She rejects you And for the very same reasons you have no regard for how she's supposed to benefit from the transaction. That's no way to go around selling yourself and the boot marks all over your...

The Ultimate Secret to Getting Good With Women

The basics of changing your inner game starts with a journey of self-discovery. And though that may sound like a heap of New Age crap, it's very true. You'll want to start by listing all the traits that you do not like about yourself and you think is holding you back from accomplishing your goals with women. Things like

Your Ability to Deliver on Her Four Primary Emotional Needs

But first, let's investigate what hers are. Without further ado, I now present what I feel are the Four Primary Emotional Needs that motivates every woman on the planet to find that perfect guy and, how to behave in a manner that suggests that you can be the guy to deliver on them

To Grandmothers House We Go

I heard Tyler and 2-6 were gonna be in LA for a few weeks, so if I'm lucky I'll get to see them again before they head back to America Jr. -- er, Canada. Regardless, I'm just looking forward to getting back to LA and my own life. I'm going to change a lot of things about the way I'm living this year to try and help me get in the right frame of mind. I'm gonna redecorate my appartment to give it a new feel. I also plan on creating more of a routine to follow, so I can focus on some important personal goals of mine, which also extend to a new business I'm

What does focus of attention mean

You should then simply continue on these lines making suggestions of movements to the fingers so that they move up or down, together or apart, in any pattern that you suggest except crossing. While at the same time you are suggesting sleep and relaxation to the mind. You could, if you chose, start to use some sort of visualisation such as the trip on the boat that we met in an earlier chapter to take the mind further into a relaxed and distant state. Your goal is, in effect, to train the fingers (or rather the mental subsystem that controls them) to attend to your instructions while the remainder of the friend's mind is getting as sleepy or distant as you can manage. You have a constant measure of how well the finger system is attending because you can see them move. You have less of an idea of how the rest of the person's brain

David Shades Manual Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Relaxation is the absence of tension caused by internal conflicts between beliefs and desires. Work on your beliefs such that they become congruent with your desires. Then they effortlessly propel you to your goals. Always believe in yourself. Never doubt your own abilities. Never concern yourself with what others think of you.

Relating to Performance

Because the reactions that he gets from performing give him a sense of who he is. He needs the reaction of a crowd to feel worthwhile, Insecurity amongst performers is not uncommon, but if it hinders your art (rather than causes you to pursue it relentlessly) then it can only be detrimental. His focus was entirely upon himself, and therefore any issues or questions arising instantly became personal. However, where your focus is on the development of the art within yourself, or on the growth of the performance piece as a separate thing from you, then there is no personal threat involved in criticism. This is not to compromise our vision, it is to help us reach it. As a performer, you should see criticism as a positive thing. Clearly you want it from people whom you respect, and people who understand what you are trying to achieve. As long as you know what you are trying to achieve, you will, by practising this detachment, see whether you are getting closer to your goals or not. Decent,...

Amplifying Positive Internal Dialogue

Your confidence is growing with each and every technique that you add to your repertoire. The more your confidence grows, the more you will discover how much you want to reconnect with your passions and go after your dreams. In doing this, ask yourself, If money were no object and you knew you could not fail, what would you do in your life The immediate answer to this question is your passion and what you should do with your life. Avoid the fear reactions and any preconditioned negativity that might try in vain to crop up. Stamp all of that out using the techniques you're learning in this book. Find your passion, set your goals, and then take immediate, repeated, massive action that will virtually guarantee your success. Commit to yourself that you will never quit. Remind yourself that you have quit quitting, and move ahead into the life you want and deserve to have, now.

Appendix A Cayman Magic

Being engaged with others and having a social circle is also comforting to women. It makes you seem normal , as though you have a stake in Life (you do, don't you ). That's why it's no crime to change your focus for a moment now and then to chat with friends or acquaintances, so long as it doesn't turn into your completely ignoring her for any undo length of time.

Allen Zinggs Variations On The Variation

If you keep your trousers and coat pockets clear of other items, you could break the index up with four cards in these four pockets. Reds on the right side of the body and blacks on the left. 3's and 6's in your trousers and 9's and Q's in your coat pockets. As you go through the elimination process, your mental focus similarly goes to the correct pocket. If you use my variation of giving them a final chance to change to ANY card, just be prepared to change. There's lots going on and the focus is on the audience, not you, in any case.

Confident Decision Making

When someone commits themselves to their destiny, they go for it full tilt and consequently get their goals. The master motivational speaker, Anthony, Robbins says, success is cutting off all of your options for failure. As you realize what specifically you want out of life and decide that you're willing to pay the price to achieve it, commit yourself to cutting off all options of anything less than achieving your goal. Let me go through the step process of confident decision-making. Prior to undertaking anything, have your goals set up, know what you want have your personal policies, your integrity, know who you are, what you stand for, and what is acceptable and unacceptable. This will help you in the confident decision-making process. Look at the position and how it will affect you throughout time. If you were to say yes to this decision and move forward with it, how would this impact your life Imagine yourself a few months down the road, one year down the road, five years down the...

Chapter Twentyone Hecklers

The most difficult problem you'll face as a close-up performer is the heckler the person who yells out taunts and insults, grabs your props, and explains all your tricks to the rest of the audience. While hecklers are a real problem, many close-up workers also misinterpret more innocent situations as heckling. For that reason, I think we should start with a definition A heckler is a spectator whose goal is to wreck your performance. If you don't understand what makes a heckler tick, you'll find his behavior not only frustrating, but baffling. The key to influencing people's behavior is understanding their motivations. What motivates the true heckler is jealousy. You have something he wants. That something is attention. The spotlight is on you and he wants it on him. Everything he does is designed to shift the spotlight from you to him. humor justifies. This is because the laugh is an n lts nhe*. a* qualifies as an impossibility. Or he may be motivated by p hy a sincere desire to...

How can I benefit the most from this book

It is a genuine honor when I am asked to share my knowledge and experience with others. Thank you for allowing me into your life while I assist you to succeed and achieve your goals. It is up to you to take action and reach your goals. That I cannot do for you. You are receiving information, resources and tools that have been proven to create wealth for a person in your similar position. I started with nothing but a love for magic and desire to do good business and serve others. Whether your goal is to increase your business slightly or to create a multi-million dollar empire, you have everything you need right now. So, let's get started.

The Boardroom Magician

Companies frequently put on meetings for executives and managers where they bring catered food and open up the expense account to create a nice event. You can offer your services as a magician that specializes in boardroom magic that helps set the pace. You might go in and perform a 10-minute close-up show or a micro-show for the group. The show should be performed out of a briefcase and with little interruption to the surrounding event. Your goal is to provide the meeting planner with something different that will create a talking point and make people glad they attended the meeting.

Police to Train As Magicians

There is another very important aspect to working comedy clubs for you to consider. If your goal is to become a well-known comedy performer, or if you wish to get into the acting field, then the exposure you will receive by performing at comedy clubs may lead to much greater opportunities.

Monitor Your Progress Throughout This Book

A key to achieving SMART outcomes is to monitor your progress. Be accountable to yourself and check in periodically, to notice your results as consistently and frequently as you wish. No one needs to give you permission to accomplish all of your outcomes, achieve all of your goals, and live your dreams. You can do that right now Each time you get the results you want, stop for a moment and congratulate yourself. Treat yourself somehow to something extraordinary. If you find that you are not yet getting the results you want, step back and look at what you can do differently. Keep doing things differently, adjusting your path until you get what you want.

How To Keep Things In Perspective

To fully consider your problem in its true perspective, look at all of the time of the universe as you try to see that small dot of a minor problem that used to bother you that is on your timeline. Life is too short to spend your valuable time worrying about frivolous things that in the entire scheme of things really don't matter. Take action and achieve your goals and be done with it.

Positive Intention Behind Every Behavior

For empowering yourself in your life, a useful belief to hold is this there is a positive intention motivating every behavior and a context in which every behavior has value. No matter how ridiculous or unresourceful someone's behavior apparently is, there is an underlying positive intention to it or else the person would not do it. If ever you find yourself feeling stuck or wronged by another person, remember that the other person's behavior has a positive intention behind it. Too often, people ascribe a negative intention to another's behavior and emphatically exclaim, They're out to get me Go back to being the reverse paranoid. The reverse paranoid believes the universe is perfect and good and will align to work with you to get your goals. If someone does something wrong, always mind read positively. By mind reading positively, I mean that we can imagine a circumstance or a thinking pattern in which doing whatever action they did would make perfect sense. Give them the benefit of...

To Get The Right Answers Ask Quality Questions

Knowing that your unconscious mind is an answer box is useful since you can now use it to your benefit. Ask yourself questions that direct your life in the way you want it to go. How easily and naturally will you find the solution to the problem that you need How quickly and naturally will you be ten times more confident than you are now I wonder just how soon you'll achieve all of your goals and lead your dream life. I don't know yet just how much pleasure and delight you can have in taking the next action on the path to your dreams. How can I make my relationships with my family and friends and co-workers even better

The Value Of Negative Motivation

While having a strategy to move towards excellence can be beneficial in certain circumstances, you can also benefit by having a strategy that moves away from pain. Since we all move toward pleasure or away from pain, we are motivated to some degree in all contexts by one or the other or by both. Because I wanted to get this book done in a timely manner, I committed myself to not only moving toward the pleasure of having the book published and also committing myself to pay a monetary fine if I'm not on target and meeting my writing goals. In having the away from pain motivation, my efforts skyrocketed as I instantly became tremendously more productive. As you think about how I've applied this, you can begin to contemplate all the ways in which you can have toward pleasure and away from pain motivation methods implemented in your own life now. When you set up your away from pain strategy, make it something more than slightly annoying if you were to not follow through and yet not...

What Can I Use Hypnosis

Do you want to achieve any personal goals that you or your over can imagine Your personal success is only limited by your imagination. You possess everything you need and your lover has everything he she needs to help you achieve your goals. You can both celebrate in achieving your goals together

How To Create Your Own Personality Tests

D Fun loving, enthusiastic, impulsive, needs people, disorganized, rebellious, wanderer, dreamer, outrageous, attention oriented, can be unrealistic, scattered in thought, can distract others but also easily distracted themselves - sometimes by themselves. Hard to stay focused or on track . Fear of isolation. Fear of loss of social approval. They relax by having social time with others. This type yearns for recognition, social activity and freedom - especially from details. They often view money as freedom. When pressured, these types usually attack - but in private, behind closed doors. In communicating with others this type tends to be persuasive, inspiring, and often quite positive.

Focus Outward For More Confidence

Public speaking is a perfect example for this. Excellent speakers set an outcome to motivate people, practice their material well, and then get up there and go for it. They pay attention to how the audience is reacting and adjust accordingly. This is what makes their speeches so powerful. They care if their message is getting through to the audience. Speakers who are less experienced and shyer have split their attention between their internal dialogue and between the audience. They are doing their best to deliver the speech at the same time they hear, I am not confident. Is my zipper unzipped Are there staring at me for some other reason than why I'm speaking Do I have food caught in my teeth How long until this is over This divided attention deprives the audience of what could be a great speech. Instead, the audience suffers through a mediocre speech where the speaker is too blind to watch the feedback the audience is giving because the speaker's internal dialogue gets the higher...

Initial Fear of the Approach Revisited

I remember reading somewhere one trick is to not focus on yourself. Direct your focus on the HB. I guess kind of like the mind over matter stuff where people walk over coals. Focus is the trick. This may be something to keep in mind when I start. Keep the innermind completely silent. your focus on the HB. I guess kind of like the mind I think the trick is to keep the outcome unattached in your mind. When you're first starting off, if your goal is simply to get an answer from the girl and then walk away, you know what the outcome is going to be, so you are more in control of the situation. Its the uncertainty of outcome that fucks a lot of guys up.

Always Have Your Antenna

As a review, just remember to stay focused on the process of flirting and kidding around with women, and release yourself from worrying about what the outcome should be. If you come to view the opportunity to flirt as a fun thing to do for it's own sake, instead of choking on the pressure of trying to score with her, you'll at least be able to function. The pressure of trying to score all the time is too much even for guys who are good at it, much less for the unskilled and the low confident. Being able to feel you have no goal in mind but to have a little verbal banter defuses the pressure cooker and re-frames what's happening in your mind so that it isn't so life and death. This allows you to 1) open your mouth and not be afraid to at least say something thus subduing your rejection sensitivity, and 2) assume a relaxed attitude that takes you light-years down the right track towards actually doing the thing that you're not really even trying to do, i.e., seduce her

Visualization In Yama

Make a practice of thinking and picturing yourself as being that which you want to be in relation to the personal characteristic you are developing in yourself. This may be done in two basic ways (1) in formal sessions of concentrate visualization employing the crystal ball as your focus of concentration and (2) by holding informal thoughts and visualizations within yourself whenever possible during the day and night by means of holding in the mind's eye the mental-picture from time to time. The first constitutes the way of the regular psychic self-development treatment the second constitutes the associated treatment.

Values and Motivation

As an exploration of your own values, consider for a moment how you would respond to the following questions, In general, what motivates you What is most important to you What moves you to action, or 'gets you out of bed in the morning ' The goals that we set for ourselves are, in fact, the tangible expression of our values. A person who has a goal to create an effective team, for instance, most likely values working together with others. A person whose goal is to increase profits probably values financial success. Similarly, a person who has a value of stability will set goals that are related to achieving stability in his or her personal or professional life. Such a person will seek different outcomes than a person who values flexibility, for example. A person who values stability may be content with a 9 to 5 job that has consistent pay and involves well established tasks. A person who values flexibility, on the other hand, may try to find work involving a range of tasks and a...



My True Reason

In essence, what you decide to write on the certificate is your personal reason for stretching yourself, learning new skills, and devoting time to pursue a successful career in magic. Think honestly first, and then write down what will motivate YOU to succeed. This simple act of writing a few lines on a piece of paper will make a world of difference to the amount of income that you can earn in the future, so please do it. Remember what happened with the Harvard graduates who didn't set goals, and don't fall into the same trap as them. In a year, two years, or even five years, we want you to look back at this part of the course as a turning point in your life. Even if you have never set goals before for anything, make this the time to start. You will be so glad you did Although you may already have a clear idea of what you are aiming for, the following information will help you make the right decision for your 'true reason' as well as to get you thinking in positive terms about how you...


Car dealerships are always running promotions. They spend more than any other business on local advertising. Their chief goal, once they get a customer through the door, is to hold them long enough to make a sale. If they've got some screaming kids in tow, they're not likely to want to stay for very long. Even the slickest salesman finds it hard to compete with a six-year-old who wants to go home and watch Sponge Bob Square Pants. That's where you come in. Offer to set up a mini-stage in the corner of the dealership where you entertain the kids. Instead of a regular kids show, perform a series of effects and activities that last as long as the kids are there. You can do a trick and then have a coloring contest for the kids. Your goal is to keep them active so their parents can shop for cars. This is exactly how you sell it to the car dealer. You're not doing a show to bring in people. You're using magic to keep the kids occupied while the parents look at cars.

How can I do it

I will explain in detail how I prospered financially and how you can do the same. None of it involves getting rich quick. If you desire financial prosperity then be patient and be willing to work. There is no magic formula or selling of the soul involved in my teaching. There is, however, a lifetime of experience contained in these pages. Just one out of the hundreds of ideas you will be exposed to can greatly increase your bank balance and enable you to have more freedom in your life. Certain philosophies, tools, systems and businesses may not be right for you at this time. Your goals and desires will evolve and change. Without question, you will return to this book and revisit it with different perspective in the future. Follow through with what appeals to you now. Keep your mind open to the other information and realize that success is not an end goal but rather an ongoing journey.


Avoid setting yourself up for frustration by setting an outcome that is unattainable in the short term. Plan your progression know the small steps along the way that will lead you to your ultimate goals. Set achievable goals, achieve them, and reset your goals even higher

Performance Tips

Suppose the spectator requested three of a kind. This unspectacular hand would seem unimpressive if you just turned up the cards one after the other. Instead, do this. Turn over the first ace, the second ace, and the third ace. Then point to the card that you know to be the king. Point out that, if this card should prove to be the fourth ace, you'll have produced a great poker hand. But you will have failed in your goal because the spectator didn't ask for four of a kind. He asked for three of a kind. Turn to a spectator and ask, What is the highest card this can he without giving us four of a kind When he answers a king, turn the card over to show that it is indeed a king. Now point to the remaining card. Say, T this card is an ace, 111 have a great hand, four of a hind. But J will haue ailed in my goal Because you didn't ash for four of a hind. If the card is a king, PU stiU have a great hand, a full house. But you didn't ash for a full house, What is the highest card this can...


I know that you have been eager to make rapid progress toward your goal of becoming a Master Magician. There is just one thing I fear that will hinder your advancement -- and that is, neglecting to review carefully your previous work in your zeal to learn more of the secrets of Magic in each new lesson. I like enthusiasm and the ambition to forge ahead in my students, but with this enthusiasm there must be faithful study and practice, very careful attention to detail, and constant review of the principles learned in previous lessons.

Bold Question

EDITOR To start, with we would suggest that you broaden your source of instruction. It is important that you get a well-rounded education as a magician, and that also means outside of magic too learned people tend to be far more successful in life than those who are not. Increase your vocabulary, become widely read, get a lot of experience under your belt, and maintain a laser-like focus on your goals. Finally, don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it.


Meditation is another word for thinking, but it involves much more. For example, when lying in bed at night, let your mind reflect on what you have learnt, including your progress so far. Then mentally review your next planned steps in the process. Finally, allow your mind to work on how you will achieve your goals. That is meditation.

Card Stories

Discovering the proper patter and presentational approach for a routine is very important to me. In fact, it is the one factor which has kept me from performing many of the classics of magic I just can't think of what to say while I'm doing the trick. Far too many magicians simply fall into the habit of telling the audience what they are seeing, and this is a very ineffective use of our words. If you have a problem constructing patter, Ariel has done a lot of the hard work for you. He has created a presentational approach, and has reduced the technical work to a minimum. All you will need to do is to change the words to suit your personality. If your goal is to entertain laymen with a deck of cards, you will find much of value in Card Stories. I recommend it.

Video Demos

There are many schools of thought regarding video demo length and content. There is no real definitive answer because different viewers have different tastes and varying attention spans. Arguably, a video, like a sales letter, should be as long as it takes to convince the subject to take positive action in your direction. Avoid being boring at all costs. Be sure that you use exciting footage masterfully edited in order to convey your message in the least amount of time. Think television commercial, think sound bites. Your goal is to convince the viewer that you are the answer to their problems, again, in the least amount of time. Your video, like your show, must leave them wanting more. Your goal is to have a different tape for each market you are going to pursue. Tightly edit footage from real live performances with real audiences. Never use canned laughter, and if you shoot in a studio, which has its advantages because you can control the situation, be sure the finished product does...


They will tell you how many free throws he's made or she's made and how many free throws he or she has attempted. They understand the difference and while it's a subtle nuance in wording, when you change your language you'll change your perspective in life and thus become more empowered. So again, consider your goals you're going to go for them and you're going to achieve them. You are going to do this. You're not going to attempt to do this or that, you're going to go for it and you're going to do it. If you catch yourself using the word attempt, that's fine. Simply switch your language and repeat the same phrase with the words, I'm going to do this. Instead of saying, I'm going to attempt this goal , say I'm going to go after this goal, I'm going to achieve this goal, I'm going to accomplish this goal, I'm going to make this happen. When you speak the language of confidence, your life will become easier as you passionately pursue your goals. Speaking...

Educate Yourself

Tools to make your work easier and more productive. Join affiliate programs and profit from them immediately. Spend money only with people you trust. Invest in knowledge. It is the best investment you can make. Learn from other people's mistakes and successes. Acquire specific information relating to you and your goals. Open your mind to new learning and opportunities.

Success Revisited

We realized that getting our goal of a screenplay sale was much like flying a plane from Denver to L A. If I, as a Left-brained dominant person had the controls, I would tend to beat our heads against a wall pushing through trouble in being so goal-oriented . But if I let him man the controls, he would get us lost . He said it was like he just wanted to check out Mexico on the way to L.A., but I said if he were at the controls he would fly us to China and we'd forget all about L.A., which was our original goal

Pleasure Or Pain

Another key to being a go-getter is how you motivate yourself. Do you motivate yourself with pleasure or with pain Do you think about all the excellence you want in your life or all the trouble you don't want in your life You motivate yourself one of those ways and only you know that. Are you moving toward your goals and positive things or are you moving away from problems and negative things

Open House Magician

Almost everyday, some business near you is throwing an event to attract people, and to inform customers about their services. You can provide two unique services for these businesses you can entertain their guests, and you can entertain their children while their salespeople talk to the parents. All too often magicians miss out on the most effective ways to sell their skills. If it's a business that wants to promote its services, they often don't want to cloud their message with a magic show. However, the idea of having a magician to entertain people while they wait to take a tour of a model home, is one that a businessperson can put a value on. Your goal is to help them keep customers. Like working the line at a restaurant, you can help them keep potential clients around.

Why Do You Say it

Answer You use a post-hypnotic suggestion as your main theme or reason for the session. Your lover carries out these suggestions after the hypnotic session is over. If his goal is to control your weight, then your post-hypnotic suggestion would involve words and ideas that will help him control weight. You may tell your lover to begin exercising or drinking water. If your goal of the session is to relax then your post-hypnotic suggestion will involve how you will feel

Words of Advice

To make your time on-board as pleasant as possible, realize that after the rehearsal period is over you will have a lot of free time. Make your time worthwhile by staying focused. Don't lose sight of the objectives you set for yourself when you accepted the contract. Use this opportunity to learn a new skill or language, get in better physical shape, explore the ports-of-call, participate in activities such as scuba diving, send postcards, read international newspapers, practice meditation discover yourself

Supplemental Patter

You seem to pass thru life, always seeking something that appears just beyond your goal. In many cases, you have not been aware of this evasive goal - just an inner restlessness and rebellion against your lot. You have felt that evil or bad luck surrounded you - and held you back.

Hot reading

Remember that any means is considered fair by the psychic hustler. You are trying to piece together a picture of your host's life and you are using every means to achieve the desired end. Everything is a clue, even the number of toothbrushes in the bathroom. You are doing nothing more than a detective does when trying to construct a picture of a victim's life, but of course your goal is entirely different. The detective is out to catch the culprit, but your aim is to set up the mark. (Fuller, 1980, pp. 13-14).

We Are Stardust

Surprisingly, your empty hand now showers glittering dust over your other hand - and the coin disappears. This is charming and enchanting magic now - not mere trickery or sleight of hand. Such little bits make for real wonder. Another advantage is that you get two effects out of one. Each effect tends to cancel out the method of the other. When you split an audience's attention, they can think about one thing at a time only. In this example, they must consider where the coin went or where did the glitter come. They can't stay focused on both. An audience tends to just relax, faced with such dual puzzlement, and soak in the wonder of the moment. That's all we really want anyway.

Appendix W Workshops

How To Hypnotize Yourself Without Losing Your Mind. This is a full-day workshop where you learn how to hypnotize yourself and then use self-hypnosis and powerful goal achievement techniques to achieve your personal goals. The workshop is based on the Wayne's Self-hypnosis Training Book.

Fifth Method

First, take a stab at naming the card you think it would have to be, based on where the cut was made. If it is, then you have accomplished your goal. If it is not the card, you do know the selection has to be near that card therefore, locate your key and work six cards to either side of it as you ask your leading questions. End the location as already detailed in the various methods.

Future Orientation

Knowing what you want for the future, planning for it, and taking action while enjoying yourself in the present moment is the ultimate ideal to strive for. By delaying instant gratification, having patience, and diligently working toward your goals as you thrive on each small step toward fulfilling your dreams, you will have the ideal present and future time orientation combination. When you find the balance that works best for you, you'll know it.


Visionary Business - Marc Allen - Told in the form of a story of a struggling business owner and his wise mentor, the narrative covers the essential principles of business success from goal setting and planning to core beliefs and higher purpose. Influenced by New Age thought, this is a fun, inspiring and practical book.

Brief Review

Firstly, we looked at the importance of goals - why you need them, and how they will benefit you. We then encouraged you to complete the 'my true reason' certificate after giving careful thought to what you want in your life. To help you stick to your goals, we provided you with some helpful guidelines as well as real life examples of others whose goals made all the difference to their success.

Born Backwards

What you've got here, is a padlock which will allow you to switch items. The method is clever, but you will have to spend some time practicing with the lock so that your actions look genuine. There are other routines included, but the Acer routine is the most logical. The other routines require that you fold up a business card (or a borrowed bill), punch a hole in it and thread it onto the loop of the lock. This makes no sense to me. If your goal is to switch a small folded paper object, it would be far more logical to use a David Hoy's pen gimmick.

Possible Abuses

A similar situation arises if you want to give the deck a false cut to reassure the audience that the cards are randomly mixed. The simpler the false cut the better. You want to deceive people into thinking that they followed what just happened. Between effects, a display of flourish cuts can provide an entertaining interlude. If, however, your goal is to make the audience believe that you've legitimately mixed the cards by cutting them, you should do something they think they can follow rather than something they know they cannot.

Last Word

It's analogous to jazz music, in that you use all your talent and knowledge to play spontaneously to create something truly unique right here and now. Why think about this kind of approach, if your goal isn't to present unforgettable miracles that have never been done before, and will never be done again The entire magical performance is born of this precise situation, this exact environment, and these particular people who will never come together exactly like this again.

The reading

- books, pictures, conversation - or how it might help you in your goals. You value it for its own sake, and tell yourself you never know when it might come in handy. You make a great conversationalist, provided you find someone of similar temperament. It would be unfortunate for anyone to try and stand in between you and your chosen goal. They will not find it at all a comfortable place to be. If they are wise, they will stand aside, or perhaps help you and ally themselves to your formidable strength. If they are not so wise, they may try to oppose you or divert you from your chosen course. Their chances of success are slim. The sheer strength of your Virgo nature, welded to the strong presence of the warrior Mars, is a powerful combination and not one to be tackled lightly. An opponent's only real hope is that you will give up, or simply cease to apply yourself to your goal. This sometime happens when Virgos find themselves in a nice spot some part way along their journey, and opt...

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