Working The Effect For Less Than Five Persons

Naturally it is possible to work the effect for from one to five persons.

Assuming that you are using ESP cards and are working for one person, place the cards in the stand with the BACKS of the cards facing the spectator. You can then turn the entire stand around to show the faces of the cards, remembering to keep the small window covered with your hand. Turn the stand around again and tell the spectator that he is to take any one of the five cards out of the stand, look at the face of it and concentrate on the symbol for five seconds. Then he is to replace the card in the stand exactly as it was before. Your back has been turned as he does this. When you turn around and note that the ball that is visible in the window, you immediately know which ESP card he looked at. You can then immediately repeat the effect. Of course if you turn around and there isn't a second ball visible, you know that he looked at the same card again. The reason the card", in this case, are put in the stand with their backs to the audience is so that there is some reason for the spectator to REMOVE THE CARD.

I believe that by now you can visualize the unlimited presentation possibilities inherent in :'QUANTIMENTAL''. Play with all the effects and choose the one you like best.

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