What You Have

1. One complete deck of blank-backed cards. 2. 'EXTRA. JOKER'', with a back. 3. Two double-backed cards matching the !'EXTRA JOKER". .4. A small supply of blank-faced cards, with backs that match the other backed cards. 5. A beautiful lustrous and transparent Lucite card rack (which can be used for many card effects other than ULTISSIMO). 6. A magic fountain pen and Magic INSTANT-DRYING black ink.

The EXTRA JOKER is used at the top of the deck, so that the squared deck can be handled naturally and freely during the pattering, exhibiting BOTH sides, IK A CASUAL MANNER.

Note that the single cards can be easily inserted behind the small clips on the rack. Place only one corner to make the cards stand rigidly, IN A DIAGONAL POSITION. Also note that the bar revolves on the pedestal.

Preparation; Fill the pen according to instructions and practice a bit with it before writing on your cards. Place your cards face up on the table, spread them out and take them one at a time, note their identity, and then with your MAGIC PEN, write the identity on the blank back. Example 4 SPADES or 4-S. Arrange diagonally and you can write larger and it can be seen from the stage. Use your Ace of Spades as a bottom card to be used as a pointer so that you know which way your cards are facing. This precaution is to avoid placing the cards in your rack in such a manner put the writing up-side down.

Place your pen,, two double -backed cards and two blank-faced cards in a vest pocket. Be sure you know the position of the double-backed cards, for they must not be confused with the other two cards in your pocket. Have the two blank faces, two double-backed, and then two blank faces.

Working: By sailing the two cards, you have on the top of the small packet, into the audience, after having shown how your magic pen works. You ask the people that catch the cards to either come up and assist you, or to just stand where they arc. This proves to your audience they are not stooges You have them concentrata, one on a black card a.nd one on a red, Then you write your predictions. (Pretending of coursc) on a double back card. (The next two cards from the small packet). When you have placed each card in the rack (first and third clip you casually lay down the other two blank-faced, and then pick up the dock. Making sure you don't fan them or expose the backsj you spread them out on the table or fan them with the faces toward the audience and ask your assistants which card he thought of, Just so that everyone will know, name the card that you thought of". When he names the card you pick it out of the deck (face toward the audience) and stand it in t'hu rack, (Lower 1-aft corner on all four cards) . Then you recall all that has happened, THEN you say to your first assistant, i.e., the QUEEN OF SPADES IS YOUR SELECTED CARD? Then to the other assistant the same, only using the card he selected, each time pointing to their card. SLOWLY AND DRAMATICALLY THE RACK IS REVOLVED, SO THAT ALL MAY SEE IT. A MIRACLE HAS BEEN PRODUCED. EVERYONE IN AN EFFORT TO READ WHAT YOU HAVE WRITTEN WILL LOSE TRACK OF THE DECEPTION. THIS IS A PSYCHOLOGICAL FACT„ (IT WORKS),


PROPS; A deck of cards and a dollar bill medium worn.

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