Turban Application

The turban._application is the.same as that of the tuck-in blindfold except that the fake ear pad is put in according to the manner of winding, to even up the bulge made by the receiver. Just make the velvet as long as you wish to allow a generous number of turns to form an Indian-style turb&n.

Be. sure to use the same method of lining as is described in the blindfold method. FOAM RUBBER CASING MUST BE USED TO PROTECT THE RECEIVER AND TO INSULATE IT FROM BODY CONTACT.


The magician has several calling cards; each one contains the name of an American President. A spectator mentally selects one of the Presidents. The spectator spells out the name of the chosen President, while turning the cards, one at a time. For each letter one card is removed from the top and placed on the bottom. The spectator never fails to reach the correct card on the last letter of the name.

Working: Arrange the cards in the following order before starting the trick: JEFFERSON. ADAMS, POLK, ROOSEVELT s TRUMAN', WILSON, LINCOLN.

The trick works itself.

Method of Substituting your own name card: It's obvious that if you were to count the numb Q.V of lfittcx's in c.cicti o f the foregoing names that you would find that one has nine letters ranging up to fifteen. Now, the largest surname of anyone, the average name, usually is no longer than nine letters. Therefore, you can easily substitute your name for one having the similar amount of letters as your own. Be sure that your card has your first name thereon so that you can have the required number of letters. If you use only your surname, then apply it as follows:

.ALDINI - Magician

There are fourteen letters in the latter two words, namely: ALDINI -Magician. Consequently, you would discard the calling card bearing fourteen letters. In this case it would be Abraham Lincoln. If you use your full name such as Don Lawton, then discard the card bearing nine letters, namelyr John Adams. Substitute your own, Inclosed in brackets at the bottom of the card you may print the following words;

(President... every mother's desire)

Or anything else which may strike your fancy.


Effect: You mail a pack of cards to anyone, or hand it to someone to take into another room, with instructions to do exactly as follows.;

Open the case, remove the whole pack, fan it out, or run through it and note that the cards are actually in haphazard order, then square them up so they are in the same condition as at first. Then make as many single cuts of the pack as they wish, completing the cut each time. Then give it one genuine riffle, shuffle, square them up and make as many more single cuts as they wish and square up the pack. Now divide the pack into two nearly equal parts and place them face, down on the table. From either pile, select one card, make a note of it, and place it in the other pile. Choose either one of these piles - the one with or the one without the chosen card - shuffle the selected pile thoroughly and return it to you without telling whether or not it contains the chosen card- Upon the pile being returned to you, you are able to run through them and name the selected card.

Props: Any regular pack.

Preparation: The cards are actually in haphazard order, but you have previously written down their names in order from the top to the bottom, hence they are "pre-arranged" as far as you arc concerned, although this fact is undetectable to anyone else. To make sure the pack is mixed, you thoroughly shuffle it before you tabulate the order they are in, which might be as follows:

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