The Spirit Pendulum

Effect; A small table with a bottle standing on the center of it. The bottle is corked with a string and a weight hanging on the end of it about three-quarters the depth of the bottle. The performer standing some distance away asks many queries of the audience that the answer yes or no — numbers -— is the answer — and etc. So when the question is to be answered by this strange pendulum it can be seen to slowly swing back and forth and even strike the inside of the bottom with an audible ting, This unusual effect produces an eerie feeling with the presence of some unknown spirit's hand from some where that swings the pendulum back and forth. What makes it work?

Secret; Under the leg of the table is (under the carpet) the end of a "plate lifter" (can be purchased at any novelty or magic supply houge) this end is the bladder end and with the tube leading under the carpet all the way up to where the performer is standing. His foot presses the bulb end producing an air inflation traveling thru the inner tubing up to the leg of the table which SLIGHTLY RAISES THE ONE SIDE OF THE TABLE CAUSING THE PENDULUM TO SWING SLOWLY AT FIRST AND THEN AGAIN AND AGAIN WITH MORE SPEED UNTIL IT STRIKES THE BOTTLE WITH A "TINKLE".

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