The Knockoutsingle Sitting Test Foe Expose Show

Effect: Performer hands the sitter a small piece of paper, a pencil and an ordinary coin envelope. Hs requests the sitter to write on the piece of paper, her name, age, occupation and street address, and also three important questions. The fritter is to write on one side of the paper only and as soon as she has written the Questions she is Instructed to fold it into a small billet. This she does, then is told to seal It in an. envelope and to place on the table.

Pretended Medium now takes envelope in his hands, never allowing it to leave the sight of sitter. After a few minutes concentration he gives a very remarkable test reading or single sitting as this is generally termed in the seance business. ...

Method: This is the original method ae is said to have been, used by a very fastour Clairvoyant and., trance sadiua. In this wo^k of. private readings.

It is different in that it does not employ the usual methods, such as wax or carbon impressions, "boards", alcohol gimmicks, duplicate billets and envelopeo, switches, etc. This new system doe» away with all these methods and employs but ONE envelope and ONE billet and these are the ones the spectator himself handled.

The envelopes used are the coin envelope'1 style, having an end opening flap and being rnanila. These are obtainable at stationery stores. The paper to be used for writing on should be of the size of about 2% to 3 to 5 inches. It should be of a grade that will not make too much noise when it is folded.

The envelope is faked. With the aid of a knife the lowermost end flap has also been opened so that it now is an envelope with a flap at each end. However, the sitter does not see this for just before sitter is admitted into the seance room the medium, with the mere touch of magician's wax fastens the lower flap back in place again. The envelope can now be safely left in the sitter's hands without, fear of detection.

When the sitter is thru folding this billet and after he has placed it in the envelope and sealed it, the medium takes envelope up from table, standing facing the sitter. There is where the trickery comes in. As he picks up envelope he remarks to sitter; ''Did you place your birthdate thereon?1. This has the effect of causing the sitter to look up to medium's eyes as she answers. At this moment the left thumb nail of medium clips the lowermost flap (that he just stuck in place) and it is loosened again. Folded down in the palm it remains invisible and sitter docs not see that his envelope is now without a bottom. At the same moment, the fingers of the medium's right hand squeeze the ends and edges of the envelope SO THE EILLET NOW DROPS RIGHT DOWN INTO THE LEFT HAND PALM OF. PERFORMER, and with the same movement the flap is pushed up in place again by the thumb.

Now he again lays envelope on table, away from sitter so she cannot see the loosened flap, this being done. Picking up a small school slate he now transfers the billet he stole in the palm to the slate. Under cover of asking the sitter for his birthdate and writing it on. slate, he opens the billet memorizing all the dope thereon.

To get rid of the billet when he has read and memorized same, he merely lays the slate face down on chair or stand, billet underneath it and he then signifies that the mystical calculations on the astrological or horoscope from sitter's birthdate is completed and he at once starts the reading.


After he has told the sitter his or her name and a few other things, he, it appears, gets ,:stuck" on one question. He seems to fail in answering. Just then he notices the envelope on the table nearby. The result is that medium picks it up and apparently starts to open it - then he changes his mind -- shakes his head and with a few quick movements of his fingers he tears the envelope (billet is SUPPOSED to be still inside) to pieces and tosses it in the waste basket nearby. Then he continues with reading after little effort. ALL EVIDENCE OF FAKERY IS NOW DESTROYED.

VOLTA SAYS ~ a good conclusion here would be to retain the paper and refold it back of slate. Retaining it in one hand, pick up the envelope — transfer it to hand holding folded slip — sliding envelope IN FRONT of the folded paper. Addressing spectator Would you please try to assist me in t^is last question?" (AT SAME MOMENT TEARING OR CUTTING OFF WITH SCISSORS THE TOP END OF ENVELOPE). "Here, please take your paper (SLIP FINGER INSIDE ENVELOPE AND WITH ONE REVERSE MOTION DRAW THE FOLDED SLIP UP FROM BEHIND ENVELOPE WITH THUMB AS YOU WITHDRAW FINGER AND THUMB OUT OF AND' AWAY FROM ENVELOPE. IT WILL APPEAR THAT YOU ARE DRAWING THE SLIP OUT FROM INSIDE THE ENVELOPE). ''Please open your paper and look intently at the last question — and concentrate on it, please. Thank you—Ah. Yes — I am receiving a stronger impression nowi Your question was etc., etc.


Place enough powdered glue that will lay on a dime, in two ounces of water. With a camel-hair brush, cover one side of a slate with this solution. While the solution is wet, write your message with an ordinary slate pencil and let dry. The solution will fix it to the slate.

When exhibiting slates, wash them with a sponge. SOAKED IN ALCOHOL,.and it can be freely shown while wet, under ordinary electric lights. The alcohol darkening the writing, makes it invisible.

The slates then can be dried with a handkerchief, and placed together, writing inside, and the message will appear in real slate pencil. Tiere you to wash the slates with water, the message would immediately come off.

Ed Mellon presents YOUR THOUGHTS BY


YOUR THOUGHTS, in our opinion, has the distination of being one of the easiest and most practical methods of doing private readings that has been evolved to date, WHY? How many can do a good billet switch? Now many can do a billet switch twice as you are required to do in readings if you are to return the question? How many can take the numerous hours of practice that is necessary to develop an indetectable switch? How many can unfold the switched billet QUIETLY and then glimpse the information easily, and most important, UNOBSERVED? I don't believe that we'have to answer the above quesfIons to point up the features of YOUR THOUGHTS. With YOUR THOUGHTS you have none of those difficulties: you can concentrate on your speil and the answering of the questions. All we ask is that you give YOUR THOUGHTS a fair trial, even if you are now using billets or some other method. If it does not becoi. a favorite of yours, we miss our guess.

Requirements: Two blank calling cards. Two identical looking folders, one of which has been gimmicked by having a window cut in one flap, and two identical rubber bands. The ability to give a :!cold reading1' is a definite asset in this routine. While a stock reading can be used, we suggest that you learn to do a phychologlcal reading for the utmost effect.

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