The Flawless Spirit Answer

(By Ladson Butler)

The Effect: I distribute sheets of paper and pencils and some ordinary manilla pay envelopes. I ask my audience to write any questions they desire answered upon either the sheet of paper I furnish or upon their own paper, but in any event to enclose it in the manilla envelope and to make no distinguishing marks upon the outside for reasons to be explained later. These are collected by my assistant in a hat or basket and he carries them to the stage where he drops them into a large gallon size glass bowl which is upon my table. There they remain in plain sight.

I now go on with some other number of my program, such as selecting, the words for my reading with another mans' eyes or a slate writing.

Two or three minutes is all the interval really is necessary.

My assistant brings upon the stage a smaller glass howl, and places it upon the table. Both bowls are absolutely free from faking. Pay close attention to the following as the presentation either makes or mars it.

I call the attention of my audience to the fact that the large bowl contains a number of questions written by themselves and which have been in plain sight all the time. They are enclosed in plain envelopes unmarked in any way so that I am unable to select one written by a confederate. To make sure I do not do this, I ask the assistance of some young person in. the audience. I have him take one of the envelopes from the bowl. I show a large plain handkerchief which is also free from guile. In this I have the young man place the envelope and it is fairly tied across corners. This parcel I hold in my right hand. I am standing at the left side of my table. The small bowl is about the middle of the table but near the back. With my left hand-I reach for the bowl and holding it fairly in front of me I drop into it the parcel.which. ls..± rigiTt' hand.

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