The Eighttransistor Body Contact Receiver

You will find the antenna wire and the double wire ending in two terminal plates (labeled). The unit may be carried in an inside pocket of the coat with the antenna hanging down inside the coat. Or it may be carried in a trouser pocket which has a tiny hole through which the antenna hangs down inside the trouser leg. A favorite method is the unit in a trouser pocket with the antenna hanging down the outside of the tuxedo within the space between the ribbon stripe ana the cloth of the pant leg. THE BEST MOUNTING IS KEEPING THE ANTENNA AWAY FROM ACTUAL BODY CONTACT. This will improve the range of the set.

Mount the terminal plates on a 3;I x 3: piece of adhesive tape (smooth sides go against skin) about i to 1% inch apart. Attach them to some part of your body. Choose a sensitive spot such as the under side of the forearm. Moisten the skin before attaching plates. Use salt water or saliva, as this lowers the contact resistance of your skin. Attach the adhesive, and hold it firmly against your skin with an elastic support or a strap. Bandaging with adhesive will do also, but you MUST have a good contact with a sensitive area to get maximum effect.

Carry the receiver so that you may reach the on-off switch—the black knob on one end. This is also a volume control such as you find on a TV set or radio, and it controls the amount of tingle you may receive comfortably.

Proper way to adjust the volume is to have the receiver off-—then turn on the transmitter. Now turn on the receiver and slowly bring the volume up to a point where you feel the tingle. Back away and adjust the volume at a setting within the range you wish to use. Practice will help you to determine this. Don't put your transmitters on a metal surface — this reduces the signal.

Your receiver is comparable to a fine communications receiver. Most of these receivers have a sensitivity of one microvolt or less—-which is many times more sensitive than portable radios made to pick up the broadcast band and powerful transmitters. It Is an elegant device deserving your full attention to learning proper operation.

THE POLARITY OF TIIE BATTERIES IS CRUCIAL. YOU CAN DAMAGE THE SET. REVERSAL OF THE BATTERIES WILL VOID YOUR GUARANTEE. THE RECEIVER WILL ONLY BE REPLACED AT COST OF NEW TRANSISTORS PLUS LABOR. The batteries are obtainable from a radio parts supplier, or wa will ship them to you for the cost of batteries plus postage.

This receiver, unlike any previously offered in this field, needs no tuningIt is crystal controlled, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TUNE IT.

Plpaae guard--the secret - and enjoy it

Tom Tucker

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