This was issued by CORINDA in mimeographed form and contained six tricks to be performed over the telepho-. . First trick uses the "Brain Wave Deck". Spectator directed to call someone on phene, ask person to "think of a card" and tell the spectator his "mental selection". It is then announced to all those present. You run a pack of cards you hold FACE DOM until you come to a card which is seen to be FACE UP IN THE PACK. It is seen to be the identical card "mentally selected" by the spectator at the other end of the phone. Also this card is turned, over and shown to have a different color BACK DESIGN from the color of the rest of the cards. In case you are not familiar with the deck in question, here is a little history behind it:

The "Brairi Wave Deck" is a variation of the popular "Rough and Smooth" ■ principle deck which is now employed in numerous trick decks. The principle was first introduced to ir.agic in two trick decki which I first brought out in 1921 (see the full page ads in the 1921 "SPHINX MAGAZINE: by Poole Brothers Magic Shop, which was 60% owned by Burling Hull). In rcy two decks, the "Devils Deck" an.c "Mind-Reader's Pack", the former was an application of the Svengali" principle and used the same "forcing" cards alternated with plain or indifferent cards. But with each "Pair" of cards coated in such a way that they would resist sliding apart when run or "fanned" from'hand to hand. The indifferent card being on the bottom, the 'forcing" cards were each hidden behind an indifferent card. The "Mind Reader's Pack'1 consisted of a pack arranged in the well known "Si Stebbins" rotation, but with each two card's ' "paired" and treated with the "roughing.fluid" so that they would tend to remain together when shuffled. .Any time one card was selected, by merely bringing the next card to the top or bottom of pack, and glimpsing its index as you laid the pack aside, you would naturally know the name of Its other card of the "pair" which had been selected by the spectator.

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