Tee Perception Deck

(Dr, Thornton)

Effect: (1) Mentalist shows a deck of E.S.P. or similar ''design cards" fanning them face to the audience. It is revealed that they are in random" order, thoroughly mixed. They are again mixed. Fanned face down. A volunteer selects one - or a dozen - cards from this deck. Immediately the Mentalist names each card!

Effect: (2) Cards are mixed after Mentalist writes a prediction on a slip of paper. The cards are then handed to a spectator and another spectator reads the prediction. The cards are then counted and at the pre-, dieted number the predicted card is found!

Effect: (3) A row of ten of the Perception cards is laid on the table face up, and the Mentalist turns his back and instructs a spectator to pick up one card and hold it above his head...then hold it squarely in front of his eyes to "fix the symbol in his mind" ... then replace it on the table... then make a stack of the ten face-up cards. The Mentalist then turns around and immediately reveals the thought of card!

Thornton's Secret: The "PERCEPTION" deck is .really two complete packs of symbol cards. Notice that in each pack, no two cards are alike. The beautiful colors used in the symbols grtfe a range of,twenty-four different cards, as each of the six symbols' is repeated in four colors. Notice the beautiful three-dimentional effect of the silk screened backs...You will also observe that they are made with a "one-way" design.

The "random" order of the cards is prearranged. Reading from top to bottom, backs up, they should be (B is blue: Y is Yellow; ?. is Red and B1 is Black) B circle, Y circle, B cross. R circle, Y cross, B triangle, B1 circle, R cross, Y triangle, B square, B1 cross, R triangle, Y square, B. star, B1 triangle, R square, Y star, B waves, B1 square, R star, Y waves, B1 star, R waves, B1 waves.

All mixing of the cards is done by straight cuts and therefore do not change the order or the cards. The order is remembered by the VALUE OF EACH -COLOR AND EACH SYMBOL. Blue is 1, Yellow is 2, Red is 3, and Black is 4; the Circle is 1, Cross is 2, Triangle 3, Square is 4, Star Is 3 and Wave is 6...The rotation is determined by the sum of these values thus: the Blue Circle is 2; no other combination will give 2, so you move to 3 and begin with the symbol of the lowest value (this Is dene with each set of a certain value). 3 is Yellow (2) Circle (and 1), and a Blue (1) Cross (and 2). Next you go to the combinations giving a value of 4; Red Circle (three plus one), Yellow Cross (2 plus 2), Blue Triange (1 plus 3); then on to combinations giving a value of 5 beginning with the Black Circle.,.Once mastered this system is quite easy to remember and use.

Effect Number One: The working Is now obvious. You have but to glimps the card on either side of the chosen ones to let you know not only the names, but also how many cards were chosen!

Effect Number Two: Since you know the order of the cards, you have -ut to predict, say "the Blue Square will be the tenth card down in the deck" and bring the Black waves to the bottom when you "mix" them.

Effect Number Three: Because of the one-way principle involved in the back design of the PERCEPTION deck this effect" is completely self-working.

Be sure that the backs actually are arranged so that the design Is directed similarly. Lay five or ten - as you prefer - out on a table top and give the directions exactly as described. You will find that in changing the position of the card from "above the head" to "squarely in front of the eyes" (and then returned to the row on the table), the card is automatically turned end for.end almost every time! You have but to pick up the stack of cards, backs toward you, and fan them out facing the spectators. Then as you see the "wrong-way" card you can reveal it in your most mysterious manner!


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