Table Switch Version

Preparation: Remove the d„ck from the case. On any picture card write with a light pencil, the serial number of TiOUR dollar bill on both narrow ends of the card. This will enable you to easily read the number no matter which end of the-deck is up. . See Fig. #1. Place this "prompter card,: at the face of the deck. Insert the deck in the card case with the faces of the cards towards the thumb cutout of the case. See Fig. #2.

With your dollar bill face up in front of you, fold the bill in half from right to left with the serial numbers inside. Fold it from right to left again and then fold the bottom up to form a packet an inch and a half by an inch and a quarter. See Fig. #3. Place this folded bill in the card case at the face of the deck. Close the flap of ,the card case and you are ready to perform.

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