Suggestions For Boards

ALWAYS use a hard lead stub pencil...Tell person to write his question clearly, so later on it can be verified. With a hard short pencil they have to bear down firmly and this way you get a good carbon copy.

BE SURE to put in a fresh piece of paper just before the show. I mean a fresh paper to take carbon impression. If you leave the paper in and rub board and let it move around, in time the paper gets carbon all over the surface and you are unable to read the impression. This is a BIG mistake a lot of people make and then they blame it on the board.

With all boards, except the Miracle Type and Question Clip Board, the carbon cannot be changed. The Midget Board and Dun-A-Trix after being used for some time, should be discarded and a new board purchased. This is still less expense than what it costs you to work, say, the Paper Hat or Pants Trick for a year. Upkeep of a clip board is much cheaper. With the two large boards -you can put fresh carbon in yourself so they are good for a long, long time.


Performer offers :'Five Hundred Dollars To Anyone'1 that steps up on his stage if he is unable to call the challenger by name. This is announced in all the advertising, over Radio Hook-Ups, etc. and is a sure-fire crowd drawer. It is best to mention the first three persons to be picked by the audience are the ones you will use, otherwise you would lose too much time trying all those that wanted to test you. The secret is simple: You have a Dun-A-Trix Board and when three people step forward you explain that you must have some protection as to whether they are going to be fair with you or not, as you may call their correct names and then they will say you are wrong. So for your protection each person writes his name down and tears off slip and keeps it, at no time do you collect anything and no chance for trickery on your part...Then each person steps forward and you call them by their correct name...Good idea is to give each person a check for $500.00. Then after calling them by name, take the check back. Or money can be used where you offer, say, - $100.00 to each of three people, The flash of three hundred dollars in view makes it very effective.

Another idea along this line is to say you can tell how much money a person has in their pocket. He is to secretly check his money and then make a note of it on a paper, tear off the paper and keep it. He comes forward and you tell him just how much money he has in his pocket. Use a Midget Clip board for this

This is ideal to work for friends while at a Nite Club or in a Restaurant. Bet you can tell how much money the waiter took in on tips the nite before. Call waiter over and explain the idea. Tell him to walk over to a corner and write down amount, tear paper off, fold it up and hand it to person you made the bet with..,then you take piece of paper and write down same amount.

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