Presentation: Ask for the loan of a dollar bill. Have the generous one fold it so that it matches the bill that you have concealed in your car*1 case. When he is finished folding the bill have him toss it on the table

You must now remove the cards from the case, keeping your bill carefully hidden in the process. Take the case in the left hand holding it by the tips of the left fingers and thumb, back of the hand up. See Fig. #4. The thumb notch of the case should be up also and to the right.

With your right hand open the flap of the case. Grasp the deck of cards with the right thumb on the face of the deck and the right fingers at the back and begin to remove the cards. As you do this the bill will come along with""* the cards and can be assisted by gently squeezing the sides of the card case with the left finger tips and thumb. See Fig. #5.

When the cards and bill are about half way out of the case, continue to hold the cards and bill with the right hand BUT let go of the case with the left hand. Nov? turn the right hand holding the deck, bill and case, over towards yourself so as to conceal the emerging bill from the audience. Place the card case, deck and bill in the palm of your left hand. Hold the card case with the left hand as you pull the deck and bill completely out of the case with the right hand. Place the now empty case on the table with the left hand.

You show now be holding the cards and bill in the right hand with the backs of the cards towards the audience. Fingers of the right hand are on the backs and the thumb is on the face of the cards nipping the hidden bill. Cards and bill are now placed face down in the left hand in readiness for a Hindu shuffle.

With the right hand thumb and second finger, draw out a packet of cards from the center of the deck. With your left fingers and thumb begin pulling a few cards from the top of this packet on to the top of the packet in your left palm until the packet in your right hand is completely.exhausted. Thus you have shuffled the deck without disturbing or revealing the hidden bill.

After this casual mixing, take the deck of cards in the right hand, nipping the bill -J.t'h the right thumb as before and turning the hand so that the face of the deck is towards you. You now begin spreading the cards between the hands, still keeping the bill concealed by holding on to it with the right thumb. See Fig. 6.

With your eye on the prompter card, look for the first card to match, the first digit in the serial number. When you have located this card, say a six (disregard suits)3 split the deck at this point leaving the six at the face of the left hand portion. Thumb the six off face down on top of the bill that is on the table. Continue finding cards that match the serial number on your prompter card, dropping each card as it is found rather carelessly on top of the other cards now covering the bill on the table.

When you arrive at the last number on the prompter card, say it is a six, locate the corresponding card and slide the hidden bill along the faces of the cards with the right thumb until it is on the face of this card.

Nip the bill with your left thumb and split the deck at this point. See Pig. #7. Lay the portion of the deck in your right hand on the table to one side. With year right hand remove the last card with the hidden bill nipped by your thumb and lay the rest of the deck on top of the portion you just placcd down on the table.

Using the final card (and hidden bill) as a SCOOP, shove it sharply under the packet of cards that is covering the spectator's original bill. See Fig. #8. If done correctly, this scopp card and hidden bill will go completely under the packet and spectator's original bill, and, when you turn your right hand over the bill you have been concealing will appear to be the original bill. In reality, the spectator's original bill will be under the face up card and your switched bill will be on top of the face up card. Transfer the packet of cards to your loft hand. Now it is only a matter of offering the bill to someone as though on a tray. Let them take the bill and begin calling off the digits of the serial number as you remove and display the corresponding cards from the packet in your left hand. Naturally you must keep the switched bill out osight which is ari easy matter since the cards offer plenty of cover. As the last card is removed from the left hand, the bill remains in the finger palm position and is disposed of at the first opportunity. If you are seated at a table, you can let the bill slip into your lap as your hand is brought near the edge of the table. At any rate you have SUCCESSFULLY DIVINED THE SERIAL NUMBER.

Points: The letters of the serial number are disregarded since there is nothing to represent them in the deck of cards.

It is best when selecting a bill (your own) to use in this affect to choose one without "O's", although you may use the 10 of any suit to represent a cipher (0).

You may want to use a stand of some sort to display each card as it is found. We highly recommend the stand that is used in J. G. Thompson, Jr.'s superb effect 'Mentalism By Design", since it can be used in any effect where you wish to display cards and it breaks down small for packing. If you don't have ''Mentalism By Design"', the stand may be purchased separately for $3.50.

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