Question Clip Board

With this board the clip at the top locks on, so no one can get it off so as to expose the tab, this means you can hand it to any person to even take through an office for folks in the office to write questions or test on, tear their papers off and keep them, etc., This board is ten inches long by 6" wide. On this can be a perforated slip for at least 6 questions... With this board you can not get the information in view of the audience... This type board is used in lobby or out in field work where you can get it back stage and open it up to get information before you walk on stage...Or have assistants to get information and send it to you There are many uses for this board that can not be done with the others as will be explained later on.


This is really a Miracle Type of Board...Will stand examination Pass it out...anyone writes a question or draws a design on paper and tears paper off and folds it and places it in pocket...You place board back on table and answer the question or duplicate the design, etc.etc. Many feature effects possible with this wonderful board. ..It is about the size of the Question Clip Board or a trifle larger...Mere action of placing board back on table, if you have board in right position and press at correct point, a trap door in center rear section of board falls open to secretly read carbon copy at same time you glance to place board on table, then door shoots closed and locked again. Ideal for a feature test with one question or sketch, etc.

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