Upon-his -re-turn, the-performer the- -rtumb-er oi selected cards and to name them though he does not see their faces.


Upon receiving the borrowed pack, the performer gives it a shuffle and then takes the opportunity to casually glance at the bottom card of the pack, without it being apparent to the audience that he is doing so, and notes it. The next move it to secretly mark the pack of the top card with the thumbnail.

The performer is now ready to leave the room.

Upon his return, he picks up the pack and fanning it shows that all cards are different, under cover of this move, he cuts the pack to the card, he had previously noted as being the bottom so that this card is restored to its original position and at the same time he notes the card that is directly below,, as after the pack is cut, this will then be the top card. As a result the selected cards are now on top of the pack, though the audience does not yet know this.

The performer then counts off the selected cards from the top of pack one at a time, thus reversing them, until he comes to the card with the thumbnail mark. In this manner he Is able to know the number of selected cards.

Bear in mind however that the selected card that was originally on top is now on the bottom, due to reversal.

Now the performer is ready to name the cards which he does by making use of the following "dodge" as worked by myself.

We will suppose that the card that was reversed and brought to the bottom of the bunch of the selected cards was the Ace of Clubs. I now name the top card as being the Ace of Clubs and remove it, noting as I do so what it really is, and place it on the table without showing it to the audience.

I then apparently name the second card, but in reality the name is that of the card just noted. This process is carried out until the last card h&s been named; which I should say is really the first one callecL

Thus I have done away with the use of any extra cards in carrying out this plan and without apparently having JLooked at a starting card. Something which the more advanced of my readers will recognize as being a radical departure from and a decided improvement over the old one ahead system of naming cards without apparently seeing them.

The cards are then removed from the table and exhibited to the audience. In the act of doing so, the performer takes the opportunity to slip the bottom card to the top in the order that they may be found in sequence that he named them.

Clothed in the proper patter and presented with snap, I am sure that this little effect with its subtle moves will prove a never ending source of pleasure to the manipulator who delights in pitting Ms skill and tact against tha„.observatixin-.and reasoning—powerr ~o f - ¿tie_ .b^Joolder ;

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