Private Office Test

This is most ingenious and is used by one professional medium with huge success and has made him thousands of dollars...This man has a couple dozen of th? Question Clip Boards on hand at a time...He keeps a dozen in use and then sends the other dozen in for fresh carbons, and this way keeps up a steady use of a dozen boards at all times. From amount he sends in, the man answers a lot of questions.

He has a wall cabinet with doors that open out filled with clip boards and pencils, etc. This is in the front office with his secretary. When anyone calls, she removes board from cabinet and has person write question and sign name, tear off question and place in his pocket. Secretary then replaces board in cabinet and closes doors of same. The Medium in back room opens trap door in back of cabinet and removes board and reads question and name. Then rings bell and person goes into the inner office. The seer tells person to hold his folded question to the head and he answers it. Oh, Yes, I forgot to mention, as they enter his office he greets them by name I This knocks them for a loop right off the bat, as they have not told anyone their name - they merely have it on a paper in their pocket. Anything he does from then on is a Miracle.

A business puller he uses when he first opens up for business in a new section is also very clever. We will say he opens up an office where he can pull the office and factory type of girl trade. He sends or hands out at noon hour (or has a few boys do it) cards announcing his opening and offering -$5.00 to anyone he can not call by name...On the first day he sees to it that he misses about three of the girls' names and gives each one five dollars... This $15.00 was well spent in advertising as it brings hundreds of girls from that factory there the next few days to try to get $5.00

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