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"I've often been asked; 'Can you tell fortunes, or can you read my mind?' My reply to such a question is YES and NO. With the aid of an ancient gypsy formula I could, with a great deal of success say, YES but NO if you asked me to tell you outright what you are thinking at his very moment.

''Years ago a Gypsy Fortune-teller took a liking to me; she taught ma how to make and read an ASTRO-QUESTION-CHART from which it is possible to give an answer to a question that a person is thinking of. Now, if you'll think of a question you'd like to have answered I'll try and give you an answer to your question by reading the symbols on the ASTRO-QUESTION-CHART that I happen to hava with me..,. Do not tell me what your question is, but look over tha Chart and I'm sure you will find a question listed on it that is similar cr the same as the one you have in mind...Have you seen the question? You have? Alright...Now I'm. going to hand you six symbol cards to look over. The card represents this celestial cosmos as we know it of the SUN, MOON, STARS, EARTH, MAN and WOMANN. On the symbol cards are listed the same questions that are on the ASTRO-QUESTION-CHART Every card that has your question listed on it I want you to place on the chart. ALL CARDS THAT DO NOT HAVE YOUR QUETTION ON IT,. PUT INTO YOUR POCKET.. .PLACE THE CAPDS THAT HAVE YOUR QUESTIONS LISTED ON THEM ON THE CHART WITH THE QUESTIONS

Angel Ascendancy

Angel Ascendancy

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