Placement Of Little Bird In Blindfold

Speaker is put-into ear as blindfold is put on. Blindfold is then wrapped 2h times around head and tied in back—cr tucked in, as you prefer. The diagram shows tie version. If you use tucked-in version, you do not need the nine-inch tie.

Materials Required: Black Chiffon Velvet: Black Quilted Lining

1/8' Foam Rubber: Mystic Tape: Stapler: Black Thread

Blindfold is made of black chiffon velvet—very light and quite transparent. Lining is made of soft, black, quilted material used in lining coats -and suits. This can be purchased at most department stores and fabric shops.

Receiver must be encased in a foam rubber jacket to protect tiny parts, and to shield it from body contact.

Blindfold may be rolled up and lying on a table. Pick it up, holding short receiver end in your right hand. Now holding it in both hands, about a foot apart, put ear plug into ear and hold it therci as you wind blindfold around once. As you pass over the receiver you can remove your hand and grasp tail end ready to make the knot after the second turn. PRACTICE UNTIL YOUR MOVEMENTS ARE EASY AND GRACEFUL.

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