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A very superior rope tie for all kinds of spirit manifestations, where the operator wants to make an instantaneous release of hie hands and an instant return. Ropes are placed on Medium and tied as tightly as humanly possible. This tie concerns the use of hands and arms only. For effectiveness, performer usually is placed in chair, hands tied, followed by knees and ankles being tied to chair, but we are not concerned with that.

Handing Anckles From RopeHanding Anckles From Rope

Operation: Two small r-rpes about 30" in length should be used Th^y are tied most securely to each wrist, loose ends hanging down. (Fig. 1) The performer crosses his arms across his chest and ends of rope are passed_aroun<! center of his back where they are drawn up as tightly as possible and tied in a very secure knot. See illustration. The best way to learn how to do this spirit tie is to first learn the legitimate tie or what NOT to do for a quick release. With the ropes hanging free from wrists, cross your right arm across your chest, tossing the rope attached to your right wrist around your left side. How cross your left arm across your chest, tossing the rope attached to it around your right side. (Fig. 2). Ends of rope are then securely tied in middle of back. You are now most securely tied. (Fig. 3.)

That is effect you want to create when performing Perfect Spirit Rope tie. However, the placing of ropes is slightly different. As you go to cross your' arms acrose ycur chest, bring both arms up almost at same time. However, you start to cross the arms with your hands almost down to your side. As you bring your hands together in the action of crossing them, you catch the rope tied to the right wrist with thumb of your left hand, and the rope tied to the left wrist with thumb of your right hand. Continue (in one movement) the folding of tlra arms and ends of both ropes are tossed behind you to be drawn taut and tied.

You are facing your committee as you go to cross your arms, make turn as you toss rope ends back to be tied. The effect is very realistic. When you are finished with tie, hands should be under upper portion (muscle) of aria. For release all you have to do is to draw your hands (Fig. 4) and you can instantly return to tied position (as previously).

CAUTION: After being tied, always note which arm, left or right, is on top. When you replace your arms in tied position, be sure to have arms in the original position. A little practice and you have one of the best instant release and return rope ties available.

PSYCHOLOGICAL READING (Nelson) - Micky Hades Enterprises

Some psychologists and spiritual readers that do not use a billet test apparatus or any method that requires preparation. They are ready for the sitter on a minute's notice and give a reading that is unquestionably satisfactory. Employing no actual apparatus, they never need worry about detection as nothing can be detected for there is nothing to detect. Perhaps they are wise in the reasoning from that standpoint as well as others.

This type of reading depends on the medium's ability to handle the sitter, repeating a more or less stock spiel, adapted to the sitter's age, appearance, intelligence and general make-up. Truly it may be termed as 'psychological reading,' as the basis of the medium's spiel is psychology and common sense built into a beautiful word picture. Readings of this character are given only by the more intelligent workers, as intelligence itself is required.

That the 'psychological reading' is the best available to the medium is not to be questioned. No preparation or apparatus is required and chances of detection (actual) are completely eliminated.

For amusement purposes at socials and parties, you will find this system superior to all others. In explaining the 'psychological reading', the author shall reconstruct the mental process of the reading.

The Psychological Reading (How to Read). First, in my preliminary conversation with the sitter, I endeavor to study their characteristics and to memorize the details of their appearance. However, not so I can tell them or their character, but so I can deduct something of their past and present surroundings, as I consider their environment to have made them what they are. In giving the actual reading I generally close my eyes and start receiving impressions, as I find people are more responsive when I appear not to notice them. Then I usually have some form of physical contact with their hands, this contact guiding me when I am right or wrong. Having remembered the color of their eyes, hair complexion, their features, speech, tone of. voice, dress, etc. enables me to give accurate descriptions of natural friends, enemies, rivals, etc.

I try not to make mistakes, such as telling a fat, rotund person that he is predisposed to stomach disorders or dyspepsic, or that a short heavy set individual is going to be stricken with consumption.

The reading is based on a certain skeleton framework and the appearance of the individual supplies the necessary information, permitting the medium to build the skeleton into a real, accurate reading. The reading or spiel is more or less alike each time, however, I never repeat the spiel, for working all the readings alike would make complications if clients were to exchange confidences. I change each reading so as to exercise my own versatility and thus command a more natural flow of language. However, the same framework is always in mind and the reading is built around it, the details merely supplied by the sitter.

Framework for Reading. The following twelve divisions cover about everything in the life of the average individual and it is up to the medium to fill in the events and details that he believes will apply to that particular client. Note carefully the divisions.

1. The Present Time.

2. Persoi\al Magnetism-Charm-control over others.

3. Age of life-sickness to look out for-accidents.

4. Investments - partnerships-employment,

5. Best friends -- obstacles in pathway.

6. Enemies that bear watching-uadecided state of mind.

7. Psychic -powers - predominations-judgment of human nature.

8. Marriages-money conditions

9. Warnings

10. A change in affairs - trips,

11. Surprises - fortunate years, months, dates and days.

12. The cause of all unfavorable affairs - change and result.

Note in the sample reading are given the details as supplied to the framework, thus making a most beautiful word picture for the sitter. The details as supplied are subject to variation according to age, sex, social and financial conditions, ate. etc.

"Now I see at the present time that things domestically and^JLinancially are not progressing as pleasantly as you would desire. In a manner of speaking, you just go so far and then you return directly to where you start from; you seem to get no further ahead. And in proportion to the amount of energy expended on a given undertaking, you are inadequately remunerated. In accordance to the effort put forth you are not sufficiently rewarded. The • trouble is that you are surrounded with evil influences. A disturbing element that occasions, delays, disappointments, losses and uncertainties do arise along your pathway; and until you have these influences removed and the forces harmonized and directed into their proper channels, you will not meet with the success which you ca re entitled to.

"Your personal magnetism is exceptionally strong but at the present time owing to the undecided state of your mind, and the conditions affecting you, is not directly under the control of your will. You possess the power to sway charm, fascinate and control those you come into contact with, in a manner that would be advantageous to yourself, but you are using a small part of this power you possess, in comparison with the amount it is possible for you to exercise. Now development in that direction ttfould materially assist you in the realization of your desires. The vibration now changes and I see what looks like a figure. Yes, it is a figure. You are destined to live quite a long life. You will attain the advanced age of 86 or 87 years and up until your 71st year of life you will be remarkably free from personal injuries, bodily sickness or accidents of any kind, excepting a nervous condition, some stomach disorders and a glandular disturbance later on. But these things will take care of themselves, so do not worry about them for the outcome will be satisfactory.

"Investments made later on and along the lines of property or real estate should prove extraordinarily successful for you and in business dealings, you should always go in alone and not affiliate yourself with another person in any way. You ought not to be in partnership with another and neither should you do any work for another person, for you do not like to have others dictate to you and you are thoroughly competent to manage your own affairs and you know it.

"The opposite sex are better friends to you than your own, and I now get the influence of some person whose mind has acted rather strongly on your mind and it seems that at times your mind has acted strongly on this person's mind; but there seems to be some obstacle, something that prevents this person from being to you what you would like them to be. It would seem that no matter what you would do for this person or how hard you try to please them, you find them apparently indifferent, that is, they appear to lack appreciation of your efforts, but in reality, that is only appearance, for that person is really naturally adapted to you, and is a person who could make your life very happy and successful. They are influenced at times by other persons about them in a manner that is not exactly favorable to you.

"And I get the influence of another person you come in contact with; a woman running toward the light, having blue eyes and light hair, and indicating that you are in danger of being deceived by such a person, so in all your dealings with them do not depend too much upon their word, but keep your eyes, open so to speak, in dealing with them for this person is deceitful and will bear watching. There is also another person, running between the darkness and the light, having mixed brownish blue eyes and brown hair that is also untrustworthy. In fact, there seems to be a number of persons whom you come in contact with that are jealous of you ana your success. That is, not like to see ynu succeed. However, at the present time, while they are in no position to hurt you or to cause you serious trouble in any way, still you will have to watch them closely, and with thece conditions about you as they are at the present time, it places you in a state of confusion. You do not know exactly what course to pursue. Sometimes you think you will . do one thing and then again you change your mind and think you will do another. Now there are two things on your mind, two courses of procedure and you don't know exactly which one to choose. You don't know whether to allow these conditions to remain as they are now for a while longer and just see what the outcome will be, or whether to try and make every effort in your power to bring this change in your life that you desire, and it is the latter that I would advise you to do.

"You are a person who often receives impressions of just the way things are going to transpire previous to their occurrence.. And your impressions or premonitions are almost invariably correct, but you do not always follow them. You have made serious mistakes by disregarding them. On account of your possession of Psychic Power you should always heed these warnings that come inwardly to you and you would be safe from money losses, accidents, etc. and it would also prevent you from being deceived by designing persons in any way or manner.

"However, you are not often deceived as you are a good judge of human nature, and you can tell xihen a person is lying to you or trying to deceive you. Although you have been deceived by a person, and were warned against him, you failed to heed the warning•

"Two marriages show in your life. One a successful marriage and one but moderately successful. The first marriage is but a moderately happy one and the second marriage, all that can be desired in every way.

And there is some money connected with you that will come later on thru another person in some way, but you will have difficulty in getting it. There will be some dispute about its some delay and trouble in getting it, but nevertheless you will receive it. I also see some paper of importance that you are going to be called upon to sign. I also see a green snake crawling across the paper. That is a sign that there is some deceit or deception connected xjith it in some way. So be very careful in regards to it. And I see somebody watching you, a large black eye hovering back of you, and at the present time for some reason, in some way, so be on your guard. And you are to receive some news that will surprise you. No, not bad news, neither good, although it is not of the utmost importance to you. This comes thru word of mouth.

"A party is going to come to you and impart some information that you will be glad to hear. This is regarding some other person. Concerning something they will say or do, or theii. x l^r.^ and intentions and you are going to be very glad to learn this. You will also receive a letter shortly containing a surprise or invitation or offer of some kind.

"And I foresee a change in the tide of your affairs that will take place soon, during this present year. and that seems to be an entire and complete change in your life, but if the change occurs with these conditions around you as they are now, it would be detrimental to you - very unfavorable. And there is a journey for you, a trip, and on this trip you will meet persons and have dealings with them that will be to your advantage. And I see you in the company of one of the opposite sex and the trip will combine both pleasure and profit for yourself,

"And in the years of 1972 and 1974 will prove to be rather eventful years for you. There are a number of surprises and changes for you in these years, but not all of them favorable. The years of 1972, 1974, 1976 and 1978 will be fortunate, favorable and prosperous years for you. And your favorable and fortunate dates of the month are the 2nd, 22nd and the 12th. Your life is completely dominated by the figure two, hence, two marriages showing in your life. And the 2nd, 12th and 22nd are your lucky dates. Any business changes, moves, transactions, or undertakings of importance, if you make them on one of these dates, stands a much better chance of being successful for you than if made at any other time. Your best days of the w-ek are Sunday, Wednesday, and Saturday. And on the whole, I find that you will be a person far above the average as far as financial means and material accumulations are concerned. You are not going to be in need, or in want, nor in distress in any way.

"But I would like to say at the present time and I wish to impress upon you strong, that with these conditions around you as they are now, it causes things apparently to be working against you. No matter what you do or how hard you try, things seem to go wrong, not favorable to you, and that is the direct result of what is psychologically termed Antagonist Influence which I see surrounding you.

"This influence, which you can feel acting on your nervous system at this time, causes you to feel blue, discouraged and despondent. This is because some occult forces about you are out of harmony and in that manner I would advise you to take my assistance and have these forces harmonized, or removed, which would mean an entire and complete change in your life from what it now is - to just what you are seeking. It would also influence this other person in your life and it would bring about the idealistic state of love, harmony, happiness and success and everything that is to be desired for you.

"Now if there are any important questions that I have not answered during the course of the reading, you have the privelege of asking then, but after asking them please concentrate your entire mind v.pcn these conditions or I will be unable to get the right \ibrations etc."

Sufficient to say, had such a Tl Gridirifc been delivered to you by £~i unknown stranger and arranged according to the clues that were made available to the medium by your presence, it would be hard to deny that the medium had not delivered a most satisfactory reading, and "hit the nail on the head." At the conclusions, you and others labor under the impression that much more was told you than actually transpired. While the mediums visually rattle thru this spiel the sitter will invariably ask questions and cor:firm certain statements, making the course extremely easy for the seer.

The reading given above as a "sample reading" was arranged identically as given by mediums who endeavor to "case" the sitter, i.e. to avert influence or sell charms to straighten out these unfavorable conditions. Also, it will be noted the reading composed on large words, and really nothing much as far as information is concerned, was given out, The sitter is impressed by the mediums flow of language and large vocabulary, and at the conclusion of the reading the sitter knews very little or what was actually told her, but she is satisfied that it was a good reading, just as you, dear reader, would be!

In reading rooms, where opportunity presents many mediums go thru the outer garments of their clients, searching for letters and or.r.or marks for identification.

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