Special Tests With Well Known Persons

Part Two consists of a test with some well known person. For example, an orchestra leader may bring any record, to the performance with him wrapped in any manner desired and it never leaves his possession and he never.tells a living soul the name of it and swears to the fact that he is not in cahoots with you...STILL.. you are able to name the record and give its serial number, and for effect it then may be openad by the orchestra leader and played to verify it.

An author may bring any books and step in a corner (any corner), decide on any book, peek at any word in the book at any page and you are able to name the book, page and word.

Before you make your appearance, anyone may suspend an envelope in the dome of the hall or theatre and you are able to tell its contents without asking a single question or touching it.

The above are just a few of the many test possible. An artist may go out in the hallway and make a sketch and you duplicate the same sketch on the stage at the same time.

Any of these men that you work the test with are NOT plants and they too are completely fooled.

Part Two is also worked on the same plan as part one, the gimmick again being a question clip board, but the clever handling of the person you are going to work the test with is what makes the final effect so startling and apparently impossible.

Naturally, to get a well known person to work the test with, they must be contacted in advance by one of your men or representatives. You should not see the person or talk to them until they step on the stage. Your representative calls on him in advance carrying a brief case, and in it, with other papers, he has the clip board. Ke explains that he is there in connection with the appearance of this person on a television program. (All well known people, such as writers, actors, etc. are glad to get on television for the great free publicity they will get, and the bigger the person is in any line, the easier he is to talk to and handle, oncc you got to them; otherwise they would not be a well known person. Judges and all politicians are easy to get on a program, especially before election time as they always want publicity). Your representative explains that he wants them for a test on the Mentalist's program. We will assume that the well known person is an author. Your representative asks him to pick out any two books that he has written, to decide on a word on one of the pages in either book, remember the book, the page and the word, and that he will step out while this is done as he was instructed not to be present while the selection was being made. The author is then to call him back in the room. When he comes back he opens his brief case to get out a paper for the author to sign to the effect that he will be on the program on such and such a night. This paper is clipped to the clip board. The author is told that it is not a contract or anything like that to bind him to the agreement, but merely a paper he is to keep as a reminder. When he does this, he is also told, so he will remember the book, the page and the word, to be used on the act, to jot th3t down also, tear the paper off and keep it, and not to let anyone see it. especially the Mentalist on the night of the program. Then on the night of the program he is to bring that book along with a couple of others so as to throw the Mentalist off the track as to which one the word is in. Then, during the program, to select that book, page and word that he decided on a moment ago. Under no circumstances he to change his mind on the word or book, as that is liable to throw off the working of the program and spoil it, and if the program does not go over, it would be to his disadvantage as much as anyone else's.

On the night of the test, during the program, the subject, in this case the well known author, steps onto the stage with his books and the Mentalist has him verify that he, the Mentalist, has not seen him in advance and that he has not told a living soul what book or word he is goinj? to pick out. The Mentalist then tells the author to take his books over in the corner and select one, open it to a page and note a word on that page. Then the Mentalist tells what book he has selected, the page and the word, to the amazement of the audience as well as the author.

In the above manner any type of test may be used on any well known person, such as suggested at the start of part two. The type of effects or tests that you may work in this manner is unlimited. Also, this type of test does not necessarily have to be worked on just radio or television, but may be worked on any show by having a local Judge or well knovm person as the subject.

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