Part Ii

For those Mentalists net particularly interested in question reading, a shorter test, employing only three envelopes and card, but the same basic move, is possible.

The primary difference lies in the fact that the. first spectator is asked to write any number, the second person, a word and the third to draw some simple design.

After marking and collecting the envelopes containing the cards as described in Part 1, and returning to the front, point out that the three forms of expression have been used numerals from the Hindus, letters from the Phoenicians, and design, or Hieroglyphics from the Egyptians. Then as in part One, explain that what you hope to do is tc hold up the envelopes singly and divine the contents of each, "like this'. It is at this.point that card number 1 is removed secretly from the envelope marked 2.

Complete the test as previously described, alternating procedures (a) and (b).

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