OPENING REMARKS. "Mental telepathy, once considered magic, is thought of as Extra Sensory Perception, today. After years of experiments, Dr. Rhine of the Duke University, has discovered that mental telepathy is reality, and not magic. Just as some of us can learn music, art, or writing, others can never learn these things. The same seems to be true of ESP. Some of us can learn to use ESP, while others never seem to be able to learn to use it".

Show the cards, as you talk, same way you would a SVENGALI DECK.

FIRST EFFECT. PATTER. "I will need someone to help me with my first test. Thank you, as I run through the cards, like this, I want you to say stop, whenever you wish. Here? Good, take the card, look at it, be sure to remember it, replace it. Thank you." Card is riffle forced, same as a SVENGALI DECK.

PATTER: "Now I'd like you to think of a number, say between 1 and 20.

You have a number? Just keep it in mind. Let's see Your number is an

ODD number Right? (A yes or no answer is given).

MOVE: If number is ODD. When a short card is on top of the deck, ANY ODD number will be a force card.

PATTER; "I'll count off the cards, slowly, and when I get to the number you are THINKING of, I want you to say STOP".

MOVE; As you count, replace each card on the bottom of deck. When you are stopped, turn card over, it will be a force card.

If the number is EVEN. Cut the deck, to leave a LONG card on top, with the excuse, ::I*d better cut the deck, or someone will say I'm cheating.

PATTER: :iI have had one person select a card, and a second person has thought of a number that only he knows. Now as I count off the cards, one at a time, and I ask the gentleman to say STOP, when I arrive at his number. If the card is the same symbol as the first person looked at, you will say it is a coincidence...But is it??'1 You have counted, until you are stopped...and the cards were the same,

SECOND EFFECT. Cut the deck a time or two, last cut leaves short card on top of deck. Walk into audience, stop beside a spectator. Encircle deck with rubber band, from your right coat pocket.

PATTER: "Take this deck, in your hands, like this, and PEEK at a card, like this (showing what you want done). Don't let anyone see your card. Be sure to remember the symbol on the card. Thank you," Go on to a second person, some distance from the first person who PEEKED at a card. Have this person PEEK at a card, the same as first person did. Go on to still a third person, with the same request to PEEK at a card.

PATTER: "Three different people have PEEKED at three different symbols. Now you, who peeked at cards, please think of nothing but the symbol you saw. I will try to tune in on your thought waves, and discover the symbol you are thinking of. Perhaps if I run through the cards, I may get an impulse, when I see the symbol you have in mind.'1

MOVE: Run through cards, remove TOO cards at a time (short and long) and replace on bottom of deck. Do not disturb order of cards, short behind long. Repeat this a time or two, as if looking for certain cards. Last time have a different long card, as the short (force) card, short card, and second indifferent long card. Remove the three different cards (long, short, and long) from bottom of deck and put aside rest of the deck.

PATTER; :I have selected three different symbols, I'll show them to everyone and if one of the symbols I have is the one you are thinking of, please stand, and raise your hand.i! (Show cards). All three persons who PEEKED at cards will raise their hands. While you forced the SAME SYMBOL cn three different persons, NO ONE has any way of KNOWING THIS.

THIRD EFFECT. Replace the three cards, just shown, in the last effect, on the bottom of the deck. Ask for an assistant for the next test. Cur deck.

PATTER: "Now I'm going to divide the pack into two piles, by dealing the cards, alternating, from pile to pile, this should mix them so no one Will know where any of the symbols are.11

MOVE: Deal top card (force) to table. Deal next card (regular) to the right of it. Third card (force) goes on top of first, or left pile. Fourth (regular) on right pile. In other words, you are going to divide the FORCE cards, into one pile, and the regular cards into the other pile. If you (in PRACTICE ONLY) deal the cards FACE UP, you will gain confidence in dealing the cards FACE DOWN, in working the routine.

PATTER: (To assistant). 'Please choose one of the piles.11


PATTER: 'Very well, take the pile of your choice, hold it behind your back, and reach in any place, and remove any card you wish. Don't DROP any of the cards, or someone will say we are CHEATING. Place the single card in one of your hip pockets. Now I'll take the rest of the pack".

MOVE: Reach for the pack with right hand, and take cards. At the same time, LFFT hand reaches into trousers pocket, as if looking for something, finding nothing, you remove hand. Right hand (still holding pile of cards) then reaches into RIGHT COAT POCKET. As soon as hand is in pocket, DROP the cards, and grasp the pile in coin pocket. Get the card box, and bring hand out of pocket, holding card box, and cards. LEFT HAND, then reaches into the left pocket and retrieves the pile of envelopes. Lay aside cards and box. Take off (from empty side) an envelope, handing it to assistant.

PATTER: "Here, take this envelope, and with your hands behind your back, place the card you have in your hip pocket in the envelope. Good, now seal the envelope. I'd like to look over the envelope, to see if you have followed my instructions. By the way, do you have a friend out there, in the audience? Good, ask him to come, up and help you, please.::

PATTER: (To friend) "Your friend here, has selected a card, behind his back, from this pile here, (pick up pile exchanged in pocket, and show cards) and placed his card in an envelope. What? You SAW what went on. I am sure glad SOMEONE is watching... We will place his pile in the card box, and you take the other pile, and holding it BEHIND YOUR BACK, I want you to remove a card, and place it in your hip pocket, just as your friend did. I'll take the rest of the cards, and put them in the box, with the rest of the discarded ones. You take this envelope, (hand empty one) and place the card you have in your hip pocket inside the envelope. Now seal it'.

MOVE: Replace the (exchanged) pile you showed helper in box FACE UP, and the second pile, he used goes into box, FACE UP, on top of others in box. This is to keep top five STACKED CARDS on top of deck, ready for later use.

PATTER: ''One moment please, may I see the envelope, to check if you have followed my instructions?1'

MOVE: Take envelope, look it over good, FROWN, as if something is WRONG. Step around to first assistant, at same time drop envelope on top of pile you are holding in other hand, grasp arm of first helper, saying..

PATTER: :'Do YOU TRUST this gentleman???"

MOVE; As you say this turn pile of envelopes over, as you bring pile up, and remove the one with pencil mark on it, SHOWING THIS ENVELOPE,as if something- •

were wrong with it

PATTER: "I suppose if YOU say he is trustworthy, he is. So we can go on." (Hand the envelope back to second helper.)

PATTER: (To audience) "The reason I have two friends helping me is because, often two friends will do the same thing at the same time. Such as speaking the same thought, at the same time. Writing a letter at the same time, or other similar things. I can just hear you saying, "What a strange coincidence", when such a thing happens to you, or one of your friends. But is it really just a coincidence? To-night, I'm going to try to prove that Coincidence has no part in such strange happenings, when they happen, time and again it is a part of Extra Sensory Perception, due to the close friendship between them. I have made an effort to influence their subconscious minds, through the use of ESP... I have tried to WILL them to select the SAME SYMBOL. That was the reason for them removing cards behind the back. Had I asked them to TRY to find the same symbol cards, they would either, try too hard, or disbelieving in ESP they would, using the eyes alone, have just picked any card. But unknowingly, they can be influenced into taking the same card. But, before I brag too much, lets open the envelopes and see which of the symbols, you two gentlemen have selected". Envelopes are opened and the cards have the same symbol.

IF REGULAR PILE IS CHOSEN: Have pile placed behind back, card chosen. Hand envelope (empty one) and have enclosed, and sealed. Ask to see envelope, to check same, look it over...look at helper, and...

PATTER: "Do you have a FRIEND out there, in the audience?"

MOVE: As you say FRIEND, drop envelope on pile in left hand, and point at audience with right hand. Left hand turns pile over, as it travels up to meet the Right Hand. Right hand takes off envelope, with pencil mark, and hands it back to assistant. (The exchanged one is handed helper).

SECOND ASSISTANT is handled in the SAME WAY first one was handled in FORCE PILE method. The second helper gets the force pile this time. FORCE PILE is exchanged in coat pocket, same as in instructions for FORCE PILE. Such comedy should be used, in any mental routine, to break up too much serious business, and it is a good misdirection. After force cards are exchanged in pocket, replace the pile in card box FACE UP, add other pile on top of these in box, this will put the pile with the FIVE STACKED cards on top . of it, on top of deck, ready for use in the fourth effect. When you take back the two cards, at the finish of the above effect, replace on bottom of deck, so that SHORT CARD is BOTTOM CARD of deck. After the exchange of cards in the .third effect, you now have a REGULAR PACK OF ESP CARDS, with ONE SHORT CARD.

FOURTH EFFECT: This effect depends on the FIVE STACKED CARDS ON TOP of the deck. With the SHORT CARD on bottom of deck. Cards can be cut twice and they will again be stacked in order. (single cuts, completed).

MOVE: Run through deck, pick out from different places in the deck, FIVE SYMBOL CARDS, used in a ESP deck. (Do not take ANY of top 5).

PATTER: "I have the five symbols used in a ESP testing deck, and I'd like someone to arrange them in any order they wish. Would you do that for me please? Thank you, just deal them out on the table in any order you wish''. (Or have them placed in a stand, if you have one).

MOVE: Take the' balance Of pack, cut it a time or two, leaving SHORT CARD on BOTTOM, last cut. Place pack in pocket. (Right empty trousers pocket).

PATTER: "I will try to find the five symbols, to match the ones arranged here, from the cards in my pocket. I do this, much as a blind man finds his cup, spoon, or knife, when he eats. He has learned to see, with his fingertips. I have learned to do the same, any one of you, if you were to try, could do the same thing, provided it was worth a few weeks time spent in hard practice.1,

MOVE: You KNOW the order of the top five cards on the deck, THINK of the ORDER of the cards as, ONE line for a CIRCLE. TWO lines for a CROSS. THREE WAVY LINES. FOUR lines for a S.QUARE, and FIVE LINES FOR THE STAR. In this way it is EASY to remember the order of the top five cards.

FIFTH EFFECT: Again, we will use the SHORT CARD„ Cut the deck several times, last cut leaves short card on TOP of deck.

PATTER.: 'Again, I need someone to help in this next test. Thank you for offering to help, (as you drag up another assistant) I'd like you to take this pack, hold the cards behind your back. Now reach in ANY PLACE, and remove any card. Place this card on the bottom of the pack. You have your card on the bottom of the deck? Good, now bring the pack around so you can PEEK at your card. Be careful so no one can sea which symbol you have. Be sure you remember the symbol. Now cut the deck once. Complete the cut. Cut it again. Your card should be lost within the deck, don't you agree? I'll take the deck now, please"

MOVE: Take the cards, cut the SHORT CARD to TOP of deck, which leaves the chosen card on bottom, BUT, don't make any effort to peek at it yet. Take deck in LEFT HAND, holding as in regular overhand shuffle. Right fingers and thumb, grasping bottom half, and takes these cards. LEFT fingers RETAIN bottom card;, in a slip off move. Right hand deposits cards to top of deck, LEFT fingers flips cards in left hand. HERE, you glimpse the chosen-card. At the same instant right hand deposits cards at bottom of deck in left hand. The move in peeking at chosen card, is done, as you shuffle cards in an overhand way. It is a clean method of glimpsing a card, and easy to do if you take a pack of cards in your hands and follow instructions, above. After shuffle move, drop cards in pocket and..,.

PATTER: "Please think of nothing but the symbol you have just looked at1'. You hold hands to head, as if thinking, after a second, continue patter. "It is a strange thing but to a mentalist, a persons thoughts are like handwriting. No tiro of us write alike, and no two of us have the same thought waves, insofar as a mentalist is concerned. Perhaps, if I have you dr«w the symbol, you are thinking of, I may get a better impression.

MOVEt Here, two slates, for platform work, or two pads for close-up work are needed. Hand one to assistant.

PATTER: "Take this slate and draw, the symbol you-are thinking of on it. Take your time, I want you to draw as near like the symbol as you can. Draw as large as the slate allows. As you draw, we will stand back to back, and X will draw the first symbol that pops into my mind." Both draw same design.

BONUS EFFECT. In this method of drawing the same symbol as spectator does, you can allow a HENTAL SELECTION of one of the five symbols. You can give him his choice of slates. You stand back to back with assistant, and draw, almost at the same time as he does. If you COULD REALLY READ KINDS, you COULD NOT present an effect any clearer than this I

SECRET: ? You USE YOUR EARS. Anyone can HEAR any of the five symbols, as they are drawn on a slate, and know, one from another. The REAL SECRET is in SELLING the spectator the idea of drawing with GREAT CARE, to make his drawing as near like the symbol that was on his card. Think of the five symbols as... ONE line makes CIRCLE. TWO lines are used in a CROSS. THREE lines mean the WAVY LINES. FOUR lines make a SQUARE, and FIVE lines make a STAR. Even if you get a person who does not lift up the chalk, otic.; the symbol is started, there is a SHORT PAUSE, as a corner is rounded. If you watch, you will learn some people make a circle with two lines. BUT these two lines are longer than the ones used in making a cross, and drawn slower. The EFFECT is WORTH any amount of practice it may take you to get it down pat.

Extra force cards are available from the dealer you bought this effect from for only $1.00 for any two symbols in a deck. Please state which cf the symbols you want. With an extra set, you can repeat the routine, or change from show to show.



Effect: Five E.S.P. Cards are shown all different. They are taken and mixed. On a slate you write a prediction and then ask that the cards be placed in any order the spectator wishes. This done, it is shown that you have made FIVE correct predictions, and in the very same order as you had prophe-sized.

Presentation: The Khan Slate has a double band running down one side. This band itself has two sections, the upper and lower. On the lower band are fixed the centers of five E.S.P. Cards. In operation, the cards are slid under these bands. Follow each move in the routine and you will see how it works. Afterwards, you may vary the presentation to suit your own style. (See Illustration).

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