Opening Lecture

"Ladies and Gentlemen! I am here to present a most unusual demonstration on things of the future. I am not a mind reader. I can not tell you how much money you have in your pocket and all that sort of impossible nonsense. My demonstration is merely a scientifically proven theory wherein I make predictions and help people by the aid of the science of the stars and the moon - according to the month you were born, your personality, etc. It is possible for me to reveal to you unusual infomation which may be of great valus to you in your plans, etc. I DO NOT CART, to prove to you that I. am supernatural or feature any ^int whereby I prove to you that I can tell what your question is without first seeing it since that is not what anyone is really interested in. People are interested in my answers since in the past I have been, able to offer some vc :y good and sound advice.

I will pass out envelopes and pencils. In each envelope is a question card. Also note th:it the card has a space for your nane and month of birth. EE SURE to fill this part in since it is by the combination of your name and month of birth that I discern the answer to your question. Also note that each card has a number. REMEMBER YOUR NUMBER.. The reason for the number is that many people do not want to have their name called out in public. There-fore, when I pick up an impression of your thoughts I «ill call out a number. If it is your number please stand or raise your hand an:, verify it. Then I will answer your question, After filling in your question card, seal it in the envelope and place the. envelope in your pocket. I do not collect any questions - merely pick up your thoughts, thus elininatirg any chance for trickery or favoring one question over another, cr pickr.rg out any special easy questions to answer/'

And thus, your opening lecture and passing out of question cards are as described abcv«.

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