Mother Idea

If you want to go to a little trouble, have the bill that you conceal in the deck, fastened with a paper clip. Have another paper clip with a two foot piece of fine black thread tied to it and on the other end of the thread, a pin. Fasten the pin to the inside of your right coat pocket and place the paper clip in the small change pocket inside most suit coat pockets.

When you borrow a bill and have it folded as before, remove the paper clip from your pocket and fasten to the bill. Naturally you want to conceal the thread. Very openly drop the bill into the hat. As you return to the stage, it is an easy matter to let the thread become taught enough to pull the bill up into your hand.

Ed Mellon Presents


The blindfold that comas with these instructions is already folded. One of the corncrs on one side bears a small piece of masking tape. This is for purposes of explanation only, and may be removed as soon as the few simple moves are understood.

Position the blindfold so that this mark (shown as "X;/ in illustration ul) falls uppermost and to the lower right. Grasp as shown in Fig. 2 with thumbs at bottom, away from spectators. Index and second finger at top, holding cloth between them.

To Perform: Hold the blindfold up to the light, or place over a spectator's eyes, to prove its opaqueness. (Unmarked side would go next to his face.) Wow, simply bring blindfold back to your own face, (marked side closest) sliding thumbs under the flap formed by the fold. As it is brought toward tha face, thumbs push flap up to meet fore-fingers. (Fig. 3). This motion of the thumbs is masked by the larger movement of the arms. IT WILL NOW BE SEEN THAT ONLY ONE THICKNESS OF CLOTH REMAINS AT THE CENTER. This will, only slightly impair your vision, but its not apparent to tha spectators.

ONE CAUTION: The super-sensitivity of the blindfold requires that care be taken so that the performer dees not let light from the rear reveal the vision channel at the moment of opening. If backlight is unavoidable, slightly squeeze the vision channel shut at the same time as pushing the flap up. After blindfold is on your face, channel is again opened by smoothing it over the eyes.

REMOVAL is most effective when entire blindfold is allowed to completely unfold and casually tossed aside, thereby subtly proving absence of preparation. It will also be found impressive to start with it unassembled and folding it in full view.

ASSEMBLY-. Start with the blindfold open. (Fig. 4). Following the creases, first fold towards you, second fold in same direction, (small folds). Grasp top with left hand to prevent unfolding. Right hi.nd goes to bottom, flops over first large fold, then double over on itself to second large fold. New fold like a book, away from you. Tapes are now in proper position for wearing as in Fig. 1

A Suggested Routine

Here is a card effect or routine that Dave Elder uses with his Blindfold. We thought you might like it.

The performer demonstrates the fairness of the blindfold and ties it over his eyas. A deck of playing cards are nearby, as well as a small Buddha statue, skill, or other such figures.

Cards are fanned and one is fairly selected by a spectator. Performer then hands the rest of the deck to spectator, requesting him to place it on the table and to place his selected card on top of the deck. He also instructs the spectator to place the statue on top of the card and deck, (The deck and card are face down.) He explains that the statue seems to possess a strange magic power the ability to relate vibrations of another article with which it has come in contact. He requests that the spectator bring the statue close to his (the performers ear). The performer, pretending that the statue is whispering to him gets the name of the card.

Method: The blindfold, of course is the main bit of misdirection. The deck is set-up Si Stebbins, As the deck is fanned to allow selection of the card, the performer notes position at which card was removed and undercuts at this point5 bringing key card to the bottom. This cut is not noticed if done at the same moment that spectator is looking at his card. As the deck is handed to spectator to place on the table, it is in position for the performer to see the bottom (key) card. The only care needed in the whole thing is not to be too perfect in handling the cards remember that you are blindfolded,,., grope around a bit.

The rest is showmanship. Revealing the card by degrees adds to the suspense, and for some reason seems to make it more difficult.

A two-person effect using a Mental Pictoria Deck, E.S.P., Alphabet or regular deck. Medium may be across the room and blindfolded. The spectator who chose the card carries the statue to her so that she may get the vibration (?) .

If you worry about them suspecting a set-up deck, have them shuffle their card into the deck AFTER the Buddha ?gets' the vibration. This s-ems to throw-off the wise-guys and leaves you clean at the end.

"Moonlight Madness" (Thompson), plus many-other-effects can he-made stronger"by the use of this Excellent -Blindfold.

NOTE: You will notice that the front side of the Blindfold has a crease. This is important because it helps to hide the bulge, if any, formed by the extra folds when it is worn. It also helps to confuse anyone trying to refold the Blindfold. ***********

Ed Mellon presents A Gerald Kosky Origination


With the use of the ASTRO-QUESTION--CHART and the six symbol cards, you can give an answer (to your liking and impulse at the time of performance) to any of the questions that are listed on the chart that a spectator will freely select without their verbally telling you what question they've chosen for you to answer.

The six symbol cards, in conjunction with the ASTRO-QUESTION-CHART will give you the necessary information as to what question has been selected.

Each symbol card has a number value as follows: SUN card has a value of 1...M00N card a value of 2,...STAR card a value of 4 EARTH card a value of 8 MAN a value of 16 and WOMAN a value of 32.

The value of the symbol cards will be easy to remember because of the arrangement of the symbols on the back of each card There is one SUN on the back of the Sun card 2 MOONS on the Moon cards 4STARS on the Star Card The EARTH (Globe) is hanging on a figure 8 chain The MAN is framed by four chains each with four links making a total of 16 The WOMAN by four chains each with eight links making a total of 32.

To find the number of the question that has been selected by the spectator to be answered; count the total value of all the symbol cards that have been placed on the ASTRO-QUESTION-CHART...For example: The spectator has placed the SUN (1), MOON (2) and MAN (16) on the chart... gives us a total of 19 The question the spectator selected is therefore the 19th one on the Chare, which is; Will I'Soon Get News? Another example:

Symbol cards placed on the Chart are, MAN (16), STAR (4) and EARTH (8)----

Adding the numbers together we get (16,4,8)28 The question the spectator selected is the 28th one on the Chart, which is "Will my troubles soon be over? f

Now, how do we find the question that has been selected from, and on, the ASTRO-QUESTION-CHART? Easy. The Chart is arranged in such a way that you will be able to know after the Symbol cards have been placed on it, what question the spectator wants an answer to.

Note that on the CHART is listed a different LUCKY NUMBER for each of the 12 months. Those numbers are guides for you to find or locate immediately the question spectator selected.

There are three questions listed for each month.. ..Aquarius, the 1st month, has for its LUCKY NUMBER: number l That is the starting point of the listed questions LUCKY NUMBER #1 has the first group of questions. The first question being: "Does he love me?" followed by questions 2 and 3 LUCKY NUMBER #4 (second month Pisces) has the next group of three questions starting with the 4th (second month Pisces) has the next group of three questions starting with the 4th question; "DOES SEE LOVE HE?" followed by the 5th and 6th question____ LUCKY NUMBER #7 (third month Aries) has the third group of questions starting with question number 7, "WILL MY BUSINESS IMPROVE SOON?" followed by the. 8th and 9th question.

For example; ' Symbol cards placed on the ASTRO-QUESTION-CHART ARE: SUN (1) and EARTH(8), making a total of 9. The 9th question therefore must be in the LUCKY NUMBER. #7 group, It is too big a number for the #4 group and not big enough for the #10 group. You therefore look on the Chart for the #7 group and find the 9th question to be; "WILL I BE MARRIED SOON1'... Another example: Symbol cards placed on the Chart are; MOON (2), EARTH(8), and MAN (16), Added together it makes a total of 26 Looking at the Chart you see that 2.6 is between the LUCKY #25 and #28 group of months .The question is therefore in the LUCKY #25 group, The 26th question being "'WILL THE SICK ONE IMPROVE?"

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