Mental Influence

Effect: PERFORMER SHOWS TWO LARGS CARDS ON WHICH ARE LISTED SEVEN STATES - the same on each card. The performer and a volunteer each take one card to opposite ends of the stage and make an X beside one of the states. The cards are turned around and they both have chosen the same state!

Secret: The "Ultra" gimmick is mounted on the thumbnail and the two cards are shown (Preferably 5 by 8 inch cardboard for easy visibility). On each board are listed seven states by number, Number 1: Qyoming; 2 - Arizona;

3 - Nevada; 4 - Iowa; 5 - Kansas; 6 - Montana; 7 - Colorado.

Explain: "When two minds concentrate on similar objects, the possibility of one mind influencing the other is sometimes easily demonstrated. This, well-established scientific principle is called "Psychokinosis"...Let's try it experimentally" Have a volunteer take one of the cards to the opposite side of the stage and mark one marte with an X, State that you will mark yours first and pretend to mark one, then lay the marking pencil aside. Hold the card in the right hand with the thumb in writing position beside State Number 5 (Kansas) as about 75% of the time this tiill be the State chosen As soon as his is marked, ask what state he chose, mark yours and then have both turned around to audience. They are identical!

Contribution by courtesy of Dr. Spencer P. Thornton COPYRIGHTED 1957 By Dr. S. P. THORNTON


Presents THE CORONET TRICK (Instructions Only)

You are getting at great expense a National Magazine which has been ¿specially printed and diecut so that you can riffle a page one way and get a force page every time. If you riffle with your left hand, you will get one forcé page. If you riffle with your right hand you will get another force page. Now if you wish to go further, you can ask another spectator to come up and assist and ask him to choose, turning a page forward or backwards. This gives you a choice of four forced pages.

You can ask the Spectator to look at the top line, and you will tell him what he's looking at, instantly without a question, or he can look at the first paragraph or the last line, whichever you prefer. Study the great mechanics of this book. It has unlimited possibilities.


You throw the book to a Specator, and you point to the top to show that all the words are different, and ask him to riffle through and examine the book thoroughly. Now don't argue with me here, I had audience tested this — at no time can the eye look at the top and bottom simultaneously. And by. pointing to the top is the most subtle way I know to have them concentrate upon the top words.

Now you sayr" ""Think: erf any—one -of those top—words" , ami pointr to the margin and show them the large words in the top. And I will give you the definition of it. Now here is the double talk you give them.

"You have selected a word that is-derived from the JLartin {Inasmuch as siastowards—are. derived from- the-Latin or Greek, he will not argue with you).-

"And this word is in common usage now. It is a very provocative word, and it has two meanings. (Most every word has two meanings). Well, we'll get back to this word a little later, now I want to try a more difficult experiment. I want you to stick a card in the book anywhere you want."

NOW THIS IS IMPORTANT, You point to the margin on top with the large words and tell 'em there are some large words in the margin on the bottom. Tell them to look on either side of the page and remember those two words on the bottom. This is BEFORE he puts the card in.

As the book is divided into 4 sections, it's a simple- matter to judge which section the card is in. We have purposely used words that can make 4 sentences that you can remember: In Section 1, you have the words -


The second section:


There's a NATURAL NECESSARY- NEEHfor UUTKITION Iha fjauxth section:


Now isn't that easy to remember? Now if you wish to repeat It...and the fellow puts his card in the same section you have used, you have two alternatives: "Take the card out, and put two cards in as far apart as you can. I'm going to try and do it the hard way." Or you can say: "It's not fair to try it with you again, let's try it with someone else." And make sure he puts the card in another place. This is a great trick. Please make me proud of you and your presentation.

HIMBER'S BEST (Instructions Only)

You are furnished with a beautiful leather box. Guard the box and its secret well, as this will be a collector's item. Procure a brand new red backed pack of cards and a brand new blue- deck. Now you are set fox two of the many possible effects with this miracle card box.

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