Memory Expert

This is a real feature effect for club dates, especially at men's clubs and nocn-day luncheons, Banquets, etc. The delayed action with using a board makes this very effective.

At the start of your performance, ask any three men to take any bill out of their pockets, pass the Dun—A—Trix board around to them. They are to copy down number on their bills, tear paper off, fold it up and place it in their pockets. At no time do you see their writing or even touch them and you never see or touch the bills. You return to stage and toss board on table and go on with show. Then at the finish of act, pick up board and papers and write some figures down, tell three men to take their bills or slips out and you tell each one the number on their bill

Or you can look at numbers at start and pretend to remember them throughout the performance.


Why any Magician or mind-reader that wants to work a book or magazine test want to bother with tricky books or forces or number ideas is a mystery to me, when he can use such a thing as an innocent clip board, (And I mean a clip board looks innocent to any laymen. Check for yourself on this.) After all, if you are to work, say, a book test, the proper open effect is to let them take any book, open it to any page and look at any word on that page, then close the book. And for your protection they write down the word on a paper and keep the paper in their possession at ail times...Impossible for you to know what they wrote, what page or word they picked, still you are able to tell them..,This, my friends, is real Mental Magic or I miss my guess.

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