Living And Dead Test

Use of a Dun-A-Trix Board and have a piece of paper with 5 perforations on as they only need a single line for a name on each one. Hand board out and have everyone except the third person write a living name. Third person writes a dead name and each spectator tears his slip off and rolls it up small. Anyone collects thern in a hat and mixes them up. In the meantime, you secretly get the name that the third person wrote down, (the dead name) as you arrange papers and place board aside. Now you claim you can control any person's hand so they will pick out dead name from the shuffled pellets even though no one knows which is which including yourself.

Someone takes out one slip ana hands it to you. You unroll it and pay no attention to name on it but call out the dead name. ■ This appears to be fair as you apparently did not know the dead name. Effect on this is real strong and most baffling. ...

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