bearing advertisements parked all day if possible at prominent corner where the most passersby will see the ads.

Car dealer will usually pay $50 to $100 per day to you for advertising their cars. Some performers do not bother with this fee, but insist on a quarter or half a page of advertising space of the dealer, carrying the mentalist's PICTURE, say a portrait, in one corner and a picture of him sitting blindfolded in the car - and run for several (THREE DAYS AT LEAST) days in the local newspapers.

On the day of the stunt have a bridge table and two folding chairs placed in the truck. Secure a committee of two or three well known persons connected with the car dealer, chamber of commerce, head of any organization sponsoring your show or similar personages to be at truck and stand beside you.

After a short address telling them what you will do and that you are appearing at such and such a theatre or show on certain days, that the truck has been furnished to you by the leading car dealers, so and so company, and also that you will use for the drive a brand new so and so model from the so and so company (mention the name as often as possible in talk.)

Ask committee men to step forward. Take your blindfold and place it over the eyes of each member asking them to notice it completely obscures all sight and visibility. While holding it over eyes of one man ask him if he can see what your manager is offering to him. Have manager hold out a $10 bill and wave it about toward him. Committeeman will reply that he cannot. Reply, "Thought not, that was a THOUSAND DOLLAR BILL he was holding out toward you, sir! I know if you could have seen it you would have taken it." This Volta gag is good to use as it RELAXES everyone with a round of laughter from the crowd. If he asks for it then, you can say "Oh now, we have to keep that in case we smash up this nice new so and so model." And that will get another laugh. Use any PRELIMINARY steps of blindfolding you prefer - the wads of moist cotton flattened into three-inch disks, flattened against the palms, etc. or any of the methods in the book "THE WORLD'S BEST BLINDFOLDS". Then turn your head back until you are facing directly up toward the sky. By seating yourself in one of the chairs this becomes easy. Place strips of adhesive tape - first strip from left to right temple across top level of the eyes and the cotton disks or pads thereon (Figure 1) and as this is done by either you or your assistants or manager BRING YOUR BROWS DOWN IN A DEEP FROWN (which will be hidden by hands) placing strip across face. Now place a second strip over left eye from point about midway between eyebrow and hairline if you are not bald and passing over the cotton pads and down to the left cheek, RETAINING THE SCOWL OR FROWN MEANWHILE. Repeat similar treatment with another strip over right eye and pad. (Fig. 2). Now pick up the blindfold and holding it with THUMBS ON THE UPPER SIDE and fingers on the lower side, bring hands up until the blindfold is directly across the eyes from left to right and ask committeeman to tia ends of blindfold at the back of your head. To assist party in doing so you BEND FORWARD UNTIL YOUR FACE IS FACING TOWARD FLOOR. As your head moves forward you find it EASY to press the blindfold firmly against the EYEBROWS and at the same time relax your scowling position of brows, which on raising up will - with pressure of fingers against brows and slightly pushing upward with the fingers - cause the adhesive tape end that is against the cheeks to break free. This pulls the pads upward or rather causes them to naturally rise upward, leaving a neat space under lower edges of cotton pads.

Now by glancine downward you can see quite clearly under the blindfold along either side of your nose. If a beginner and you become confused, you can easily break the tape away from the cheeks with your thumbs and lift pads up from eyes as your thumbs ar e on the INSIDE next to your cheeks -

Have CAR STARTED AND WARMED UP by dealer before you get into it, so it will not stall while you drive slowly at 8 or 10 miles through town. Have committeeman and assistant or manager assist you down a short step ladder to ground and then into the car you will drive. Some performers add touch of having one hand or wrist handcuffed or chained to steering wheel spoke. Or a chain handcuff may be used. Explain this is so performer cannot escape from car in case of accident. Start drive with a blaring of horns, both yours and cars from dealer or theatre owner. When you coma to corner slow down and stop. If there are traffic lights you can tell by noticing the other cars on opposite side of road coming toward you are stopping. Then when lights change you will note them starting and you can start also. AS YOU TRAVEL MUCH SLOWER THAN OTHERS IT IS EASY TO BE GUIDED BY THEM AT ALL TIMES. At times you can put your hand to your forehead and bring back head as If concentrating on what to do next. Especially when it is desired to turn a corner. You can put hand to forehead dramatically and "think" a bit, turning head slightly tq that side and than nod head as if satisfied and extending hand in that direction, turn corner slowly.

At finish of drive ask party to untie blindfold. To assist them you naturally turn face downward and place hands against cloth again to keep it from dropping to the floor and WHILE DOING THIS, DRAW BLINDFOLD DOWNWARD AGAIN AND PRESS THE ENDS OF ADHESIVE AGAINST THE CHEEKS so they will again stick to the cheeks and pull pads down a bit too if they have been moved up too high. Everything will then appear as at start.

Blindfold can be made of velvet of lightweight, or velveteen. By picking out every CROSS THREAD along the LOWER ±h inches of the cloth, it can be made so that you can see through it at that part. Pick cut the threads with a large needle and pull them free with tweezers. Some performers just use chiffon velvet which is transparent toward light feeling correctly that the preparation of the eyes with pads and adhesive tapes is sufficiently convincing. Others show one blindfold and have it tested, and then while pads and adhesive is being placed on eyes, the manager or assistant holds blindfold and switches it. Others use the cross stitch binding in center of doubled cloth. As ends of .¿lindfold are tied tight this causes the diagonal stitching to open up like Lazy Tongs and leaves good visibility in the center as only ONE layer is then :'".:. of the eyes.

Ed Mellon presents A. J. G. Thompson, Jr. Creation


I guess I must have looked at them all —- all the many, many methods for reading sealed messages that have appeared in profusion since the twenties. Designed primarily for answering-of-question acts, there were none that, in my opinion, approached perfection of the type I was seeking. After years of fruitless searching, I finally developed a set of moves not difficult ones either that produced the desired effect for me.



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