For many years Mediums and Magicians have delved into effects which are based on the reading of Sealed Messages. There are many ways by which the performer is able to discover what message or word is written on a card sealed in an envelope. These various methods usually resolve themselves into techniques which are complicated and risky. Common methods involve the use of Alcohol to make the envelopes transparent, Clip Boards and suchlike, to obtain aye carbon impression.of the word, fake window envelopes - which cannot be examined and have to be handled very carefully - and a series of methods whereby you switch or exchange the test envelope.

The Khan Envelope Test has none of these failings and I defy anyone to say it is not the most natural, simple - and yet absolutely certain method ^iru-existence. It is-basically natural because no trick or fake equipment is used - everything is as you say it is - "Perfectly normal". Moreover, the spectator may examine everything you use and the secret cannot be detected. I do not say you should have everything examined as it is not necessary, but if they insist - you have no troubles. You must understand that this Test is devoid of complication - the method lies in simplicity, and when you have read the instructions, don't say to yourself "that's so easy it wouldn't fool anybody" - because it does fool them, and ask yourself later on - "when I can do it this way, why do I want alcohol?"

The Effect: The Khan Envelope Test may be presented in several ways. I will mention two or three to give you a full idea of the value. The would like to try an experiment. That is all i~"they are told. You hand then_a. small^jenvelope and say "have a look at that ~ it's just a small envelope". Next you hand them a small white card, which just fits the envelope. You put a wee pencil dot in the middle of the card and hand the spectator the pencil. You now tell him to gaze at that dot and to try and visualize a number - two, three, four or five figures - it does not matter how many. When he gets an inspiration you stand well away, perhaps turning your back if you like and tell him to write the number over the dot - that is on the card. It does not matter if he writes it anywhere else on the card. You ask him if he has done that, then tell him to turn the card upside down so that you cannot see what he has written, (Also, so that he may see that the number cannot be seen through the card, without pointing it out to him) . You return to the spectator and whilst talking to him simply pick up the envelope and slide the card in face downwards. You make no effort to cheat, you cannot see what he has written and you do not try to look. Having put it in, by the way, it must be slid in FLAP SI_E UP or on top facing you;, the envelope is immediately sealed and then placed aside on a table - flap side upwards. You put it there as though you have finished the work to be. done and that you are now ready to try and divine the number. You re-cap on the fair conditions - everything has been examined, you have not influenced his choice, he is not helping you in any way, and unless you actually exchanged the envelope for another one, it would be impossible to tell what he has written. At this point you appear to realize the importance of your remark "exchange it for another" - so you say - "To be quite sure that your envelope cannot be exchanged, as the last possible precaution in this test, I will write your name on the envelope, then you will know if you get the same one back, won't you? You simply pick up the envelope and with a pencil write his name on it. You then put it down again and when you like you can tell him what he has written.'! He may then pick up his envelope, check his name to see that it is on the envelope, open it and remove his card. Is that good enough?

The next method is to run through the same stages is you do for the first - up to the point where you are going to write his name. Instead of this, you put the small envelope inside another - and give it to him to hold whilst you divine the contents, and then you rip it open and hand him back his card.

Another method is to burn his small envelope and obtain your inspiration from the ashes, and the last method is to work with several people, each writing a question and signing his name. All the envelopes are collected and mixed and you answer all questions and give the name of the writer and hand back each card as }?ou do so. You do not hold more than one at a time -there is no one ahead principle involved. Mow if ycu can do just these things, and you can, would it matter to you if the method was so simple, so obvious, that it cannot be seen? Good! You are a mentalist!!

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