writers are. suitable- If nails are very long, or bitten off short, the Band or Ring type should be used. The performer should not be afraid or conscious of the writer when attached as it is practically invisible. Do not try to keep concealed as your lay audience knows nothing of the gimmick and their attention should not be drawn to it.

The CLIP style has the advantage of being very small - so least possible chance of detection - but disadvantage of not being any too secure and most likely to be lost.

The UNDER-NAIL style is the same general construction as CLIP with the addition of a half moon shape which makes this type more secure and steady in use.

The BAND type would be similar to a skeleton thumb tip. It has the advantage of your being able to get set with it at any time. If put in lower vest pocket, can be readily slipped on the thumb by carelessly inserting thumb in pocket. It is well to keep the little piece of cardboard that comes with your CLIP or Unaer-Nail writer in place except when using, as this will maintain correct adjustment.

The flat metal part will stand quite some bending and adjusting. A pin or needle will dislodge the worn out piece by pushing from the back. A new piece is inserted from the front and will jam tightly as the hole in the little brass tube is slightly tapered smaller at the bottom. Cut lead off about l/16iS from end of tip. A little flesh paint may be used to advantage, but is not necessary. Keep nail-writer wrapped in a piece of tissue paper or in an envelope so as to avoid loss and also rubbing action of cloth which would shine up gimmick, giving it a gloss which reflects light and might give your secret away - thus necessitating z repaint job. Just before ready to use, take out and put in change pocket of right outside coat pocket, or lower vest pocket, as preferred. Some performers prefer having gimmick set in nlace on hand before starting.

The following effect is only one of a great many which can be obtained with the use of this ingenious little gimmick.

Have your deck of cards on table in a prearranged setup such as Si Stebbins. Borrow a business card and pencil and say you are going to write a prediction. Openly write on the card, "The card you select will be the

_ of _". Set card in full view of spectators, writing NOT showing, and return pencil. Make writing careless so as to conform better with later insertion and do a little practicing before trying out trick. Pick up deck and fan, faces toward the audience, allowing them to see that cards are ordinary. False shuffle, using your favorite method. Now have a card freely selected allowing spectator to change his mind if he so desires, When card is selected cut deck and complte cut at this point (a perfectly natural move.) Glimpse bottom card by your favorite method, which will tell you the name of selected card (it being the one under the glimpsed card). Shuffle deck, and put deck in right coat pocket. While hand is there attach nail writer. Bring right hand out and pick up the business card in it. Hold nail writer in position and fill in blank spaces to correspond with selected card; in the meantime pattering as to what has happened. Hand card to a second spectator and have prediction read. Have first spectator show selected card and your miracle is performed. Drop nail writer back in pocket at an opportune moment.

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