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Forward. In the following, no relation between one mention and another. However, a general classification has been made as follows: Advance, Presentation, Apparatus, Methods, Answers, Publicity and Exploitation, Sales promotion and miscellaneous instructions.

The purpose of this work is to give the performer methods of improvement oyer his present modus operandi; to enable him to analyze his successes and failures; to act as a summary of details that may be referred to in order to refresh his memory. The author readily realizes that this work contains but little NEW material - the real object is a Review of that which you have temporarily forgotten and ceased to use. Much benefit can be derived from the application of suggestions here defined.

Don't say, "I see': if you are blindfolded, and wish to lead the audience to believe that you do not see. This is a contradiction and a theoretical error. When Crystal Gazing, pretend to see your answers in the crystal ball! Don't be gazing at some pretty girl in front row and tell -that you see a vision meaning health and happiness. Look into the crystal and tell them what your best judgment dictates. Demand silence and a respective audience. Demand It!

Don't claim supernatural powers. To do so puts you in bad with the majority of the audience. Your fellow professionals might experience a slight offense and are apt to dispatch hints to police authorities.

Don't insist that you are always correct. No man is and you are no exception to the rule. Explain that your answers are not infallible; that occasionally you receive a poor vibration and interpret it wrong, due to adverse conditions, etc. This is better and more proper.

Your opening lecture should be short and to the point. Your.Lecture is the most Important part of your offering.

Endeavor to have each writer acknowledge his question. Unless you continually do - your audience will assume you are using "plants."

Audience work is very effective. Make a point to enter the audience and answer at least four questions at each performance. Memorize the questions.

Don't refer to other 'methods' that you don't use. It merely places the public on their guard and you are - - - Exposing!

Avoid repetition of phrases in getting acknowledgement of answers.

Inject humor into your demonstrations occasionally. Everybody enjoys a good laugh, to break the tension that you must create if your Act is a success. Create atmosphere of MYSTERY. Many performers mar a perfectly excellent presentation by adopting a too abrupt manner and voice. Nothing can be gained by such action. Incense plays an important part in creating the desired atmosphere. It is equally important to attract the sense of smell as that of sight.

Carpets are not at all necessary for direct contact phones; nails, may be used as contacts and driven thru the stage floor, connecting wires ■ are attached to body of the nails under stage.

When mechanical apparatus is employed that must be loaded after the demonstration has started, the mechanical spirit slates offer an excellent and interesting discourse, while assistant prepares the questions and date.

Performers using watchcase receiver may lessen the bulk slightly by grinding down the shell of the case on a sand-paper wheel. A little advantage is gained, although the successful performer using a phone should employ the Midget Receiver which is of thimble size.

French Bond Paper is the best for use in the Faro Boxes.

Paper Rolls used in National Cash Register machines may be used in the mechanical ball, hand rollers, ate. It is a good grade of paper on a neat roll and evenly cut. May be obtained from any NCR Dealer 6 rolls in a package. Cheap and easy to handle.

Lobby Photos can easily be freed of dirt and dust by washing them in luke-warm. water and gently rubbing the surface with the bare hand.

A clash of cymbals or the weird note of a Chinese reed pipe adds effectiveness to the opening and musical score.

As a prompter, questions may be copied on books, or horoscopes that the performer exhibits to the audience. The book is brought on the stage just previous to exhibitions and assistant has plenty of time to get questions and prepare them.

Memory is a most important accessory. At least, three questions can easily be memorized with little practice. Don't overlook your natural ability when seeking methods for audience work.

Three or four questions can be copied on the face of a watch. Performer may remove watch a few times during his act to apparently note the time -really reading the questions. Or, the watch may be placed on a table and reference be made to it from time to time.

Excellent .telepathy tests can be operated by having assistant operate a phone from picture booth, back of theatre, etc. Particularly blackboard tests, objects described, etc.

Some performers playing a smaller theatre (without balcony) where the stage level is above the spectators eyes, write a few questions on the floor close to the footlights, in chalk.

Questions may be copied on a glass crystal ball with India Drawing Ink. As performer answers them he may erase them with dampened end of cloth in act of rubbing the ball.

The old method of writing questions on the cuff is good. The author knows of other performers who use and write questions on their hands.

Copper plates can be attached to the soles of the shoe and then covered with a thin leather sole. By soaking these shoes in saturated solution of magnesium of chloride for about three hours a day, a connection is made thru the soles to copper plates, then to receivers.

When using mechanical devices that cannot safely be taken into the audience, approach the runaway asserting that you will find the writer and notice his hand just before leaving the stage. A clever piece of misdirection and very effective.

In apparatus and tests where carbon paper is employed, use non-smutting black silk carbon paper. The best non-smutting silkspun carbon paper is manufactured by Nitting & Volget, Pardridge, New Jersey,

The use of an ordinary extension cord eliminates suspicion among strangers who invariably frequent backstage during the engagement of a Mental Act, such as police, fire officials, etc.

If the operator of induction or direct contact set does not employ a method of hearing performer's voice dictaphone apparatus should be so situated that operator can see performer from off stage. The fly gallery is an excellent place to work.

Reception boxes in the lobby for questions save time and makes possible a number of marvelous tests. It's a logical collection method.

Many performers condemn the..Changing Bag as commonly known.amang-ma&i-cians. Disregarding the general opi.nion, they are worthy in any Act if properly used. The Bag offers many possibilities for misdirection.

For sealed billet tests, etc., the L.. W. Drug Envelope is best.

Then using the mechanical ball of the revolving form type, it may be operated with one hand and when answering, hold over the shoulder near the head, allowing unobstructed view and passage of performer's voice. It also eliminates suspicion - this natural free move.

If you use the Fay Pads (wax) of the improved type, where the invisible writing is registered in reverse, hold paper to light and read thru the paper. This saves fooling around with a mirror, etc.

A few mental tests always supplant a straight program of Crystal Gazing to good advantage. Swami-Test, Thought-Pictures, Slates, Spirit-Paintings, etc. as a suggestion.

Leitchner's Dark Sunburn Powder is an excellent make-up for the Hindu Character.

When slips of paper are passed in audience, much time and confusion can be saved if assistants carry a supply of pencils.

The following answer to a fake or plant will increase your Ladies Matinee Attendance. I cannot give you the information from the public stage; in fact, I will not give it to you at all - but if you will have your wife come to the Ladies Mr.tinee (Friday) 1 will not only give her the information you desire but I will go further. I will give her the name of the young man who is responsible for your daughter's condition. That is sure fire.

A clever answer may be formed by bringing out the first name in this manner. "Yes, Mrs. Jones, the trip will be successful and by the way, Mrs. Jones, isn't your husband's name John? Thank you."

This gag is as old as the crystal itself but always get a laugh. "John Jones, you are asking me, are you not, as to the number of children you will have? 1 am sorry John,.but I don't see you having any children, however, your will will have two!';

An answer for securing private interviews; "Sorry, Mrs. Brown, but I can't answer your question in public. I suggest that you consult me privately at the _Hotel.1' This may be a faked question.

In some instances it is possible for the assistants to make a memo or description of wearing apparel of a writer. This description previous to calling the name is dumbfounding to the spectators.

Effectiveness may be gained in answering questions by asking the inquirer if the; party in question is not a gray-haired lady, in fact your mother? This information is assumed from the billet, also the age of the inquirer, question and surrounding circumstances.

Performer may greatly increase his sales of instruction books on the crystal by stating that a glass of water reacts the same as the crystal ball and demonstrates this statement. This helps sell books.

When the theatre will permit it, a great many crystals can be sold by advertising same on the screen, using latern slides, etc.

Sales of booka, crystals, etc. may be furthered by the performer appearing in the lobby after performance. A remark from stage if you will ask me privately in the rear of the theatre after my demonstration will cause many people to gather round and give assistants time to sell them.

To induce the sale of question blanks, etc. some performers agree to answer one question privately in the lobby, the other questions thru their columns. An excellent publicity stunt agreeable to most newspapers.

Another great hook-up is-with -the telephone company answering questions at the switchboard at specified times or by radio.

Specify in your contract you are granted the privilege of the sale of books, etc., as it may later save you some grief.

Don't work magic and mindreading on the same program. The presence of trickery magic may suggest the same to the audience if a mental program is presented by the same person.

The use of pictorial cuts, electros, in advertising forms improves them 100%. Use more illustrations. There are several companies that specialize in stock electros and they can be obtained at a very low price. We carry a special line. See catalog.

The giving away of the crystal to the holder of the lucky coupon number on the week night of the engagement seldom fails to pack them in. This may be adopted to the Ladies Matinee - also, admitting the first ten or granting private interviews with the performer the next 100 free astrological readings.

Get away from the Bunk about being born with veils over the eyes, the Seventh Son, High Priest, etc., this is the 20th Century and possibilities along that line are unlimited. Answer questions of national and local importance, also phone calls.

Often a hook-up with local Radio Station can be effected, and possibilities along that line are unlimited. Answer questions of national and local importance. Also phone calls.

Many performers meet their Waterloo by carelessly leaving the real billets laying around backstage during their engagement and after they leave. This always kills the possibility of a successful return engagement. This bit of information leaks out and not only hurts you. but the next following performer. AIfo V^.-n secrets from boasting stage hands.


The performer first outlines the nature of the experiments to be attempted then goes among the audience with a pack of cards, which lies on a napkin covered tray. Anyone cuts pack and deals twenty-five cards onto tray—performer pocketing balance of pack. Five persons each choose a card, from the tray, making a written note of same. They each shuffle their cards into pack, tray being carried off by assistant (later to play Medium) who hands performer a packet of envelopes, paper slip folded in each, and half a dozen pencils. Performer distributes six envelopes and pencils then the shuffled cards are carried forward by anyone and dealt in rows of five along cleats fastened to a board placed upright on a chair seat. Five persons are asked to write names of living persons on their slips—sixth person writing name of someone deceased. Slips are sealed in envelopes, a volunteer collecting same, in a borrowed hat, keeping them till later. Assistant is introduced and blindfolded, a committee of two taking him (or her) from the room and seeing that no one communicated with him on platform or at front of room. Well forward is a blackboard, to its right a foot farther back is a small table on which are various articles (slates, chalk, cards, dice, etc.)

After Medium's departure performer brings forth a slate, and chalk, three persons each write a three digit number on slate, a fourth initialing it for identification. Slate is placed number side down on table, and any color chalk is chosen from a tumbler of varied color pieces. A pack of cards is cut in half, two spectators whispering name of a card from each half in performer's ear. Someone goes to table and throws two dice, covering them with a cup where they fall. Six half dollars borrowed are carried to table stacked dates down by spectator. A watch is set at any time, closed and set with other articles. Match box or cigarette case is borrowed, number of contents noted, and tossed on table. Performer gives resume of all that has occurred, a trusted spectator going for Medium. Committee leads blindfolded Medium to blackboard, and hands him the chalk and guards against any kind of communication.

To get attuned, performer has a card chosen from pack at rear of audience, chooser himself requests Medium to name it. Instantly Medium draws its likeness on blackboard. Performer borrows a half dollar handing it to a person across the aisle. This person asks Medium what he has, and Medium draws circle, labels it half-dollar and writes date. From now on performer does not speak a word, when without hesitation Medium divines everything occurring during his or her absence (no errors). When it comes to adding numbers on the slate Medium requests a committee to hold tumbler chalk near. Medium withdraws chosen color and with it writes answer to sum on other side of slate. Medium then names the five cards chosen at beginning of the experiment and tells their location along cleats of boards on chair. Finally asks person who has hat containing the sealed envelopes, to step forward and stand to his left and a little behind him. Chalk poised in right hand the Medium plunges his left into the hat and rapidly draws out an envelope, throwing it aside he reaches for another, finally he grows tense, and as he withdraws envelope he writes with right hand a name on blackboard. Envelope is opened by committee and that very name found inside. It is that of the dead person. With a bow Medium and performer retire leaving the company to dumbfounded tc applaud.

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