Hat Switch Version

This version follows pretty much the same path as the close-up version but the switch is different.

Preparation: Same as close-up version.

Presentation.: First c hat should be borrowed and placed opening up on a table. Someone is asked for a loan of a dollar bill. This person is brought on stage and asked to fold their bill as explained in the close-up version, After this is done he is asked to drop the folded bill into the hat.

You then introduce the deck of cards that has been prepared as explained in the close-up version. Remove the deck and bill as before and fan out, as explained before, between the two hands. As you come to the card that matches the first digit of the serial number on your prompter card, split the deck at this point keeping this card at the face of the left hand portion of the deck. Standing behind the table and hat, thumb off the first card face down into the hat and to one sid2 of the bill already in the hat, Reassemble the deck and fan through it again looking for the card that matches the second digit of the serial number on your prompter card. When you find it, split the deck and thumb this card off into the hat the same as you did with the first card, dropping this card on top of the first. The deck is reassembled again and the third card is found.

THIS TIM slide the hidden bill across the faces of the cards on top of this third card. Split the deck at this point and drop this card and bill into the hat. Done properly no one will notice the bill dropping into the hat with the card. Try this in front of a mirror, varying the height of the drop each time to find the proper height and to test how really deceptive this is. This bill and card should be dropped to one side of the bill already in the hat. The fourth card XS SGcliTCtl ed for, found and dropped into the hat. The fifth card you must hesitate on as though not sure it is the card you want then uncertainly drop it in the hat ON TOP of the original bill.

Look at the audience, a moment and say, ''That is not the card I meant to drop in the hat.;i Then reach into the hat and remove that card AND the original bill CONCEALED BEHIND IT. Place this card and bill at the face of the deck. You have thus switched bills and you can proceed casually with the rest of the digits since the dirty work has been done. In this version, the spectators can remove everything themselves for chocking.

When you drop the last card into the hat, the deck having been split for this purpose, and as you go to reassemble the deck, just place the left half on top of the right half thus concealing the switched bill completely. The deck can then be easily inserted in the card case leaving you perfectly clean-

If you do not like the idea of going into the hat with your hand to make the switch (though it is' never suspected), you may prefer to apparently drop the borrowed bill in yourself. Actually not dropping the bill into the hat, but pulling it back into your hand as your hand dips down into the. hat. Immediately reach into your right coat pocket for your prepared deck, dropping the bill as you do so, Remove the deck and proceed as above by dropping the concealed 1 ill in the hat with the third card.

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