Five Persons Each Taking One Card

Assuming that five persons hnd each t'?ken e card arc concealed it on their person, it is possible for you to tell what card each one is holding even though you did not see then take their card.

To do this it is necessary to assign numbers to each of the five persons. The best way to do this - so a.s to el? ainnte. any memory work ^ is to line them up some distance from the Rtitia- ¿hen instruct the person nearest the stand, to walk over co the stand end retro /e eey card lie desires place it in his pocket anu walk back to his c-cigi.i?! posit:'.?-.. Instruct the next person that as soon a? the £:=.;st g yts btck to Lis original position, that he is to walk over and take auy card, place it ?n his pocket and then go back to his original position. The Cher thi ee instructed in the same manner... When they have completed these iwstn.-.ctions you will have no trouble knowing who is number one, t three, fcur, and five.

Now all you have to do to determine who is holding which card is to glimpse the order of che balls in the window cf the stand, reading from RIGHT to LEFT, The first ball at the extreme right tells you what color the FIRST man is holding, the second ball from the right tells you what color card the SECOND man is holding, etc.

You should now under?tend the principle involved and it applies to whatever you decide to use 5i>. pi ice of the color card?.

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