Envelope Prediction

Show a. sealed-envelope and say that you placed a prediction in it, before leaving your home - three things that three people will say this evening. Have three people step forward and ask first one to say first thing that comes to his mind, same with second person and same with -third man. Better still, they should do it out in the hall where you or no one else can hear them, and to make a note of each statement as they say it. Se-d a fourth man with clip ^oard—to-rraake—tfoa—notes. . .

They come back...first "man -tears off paper with notes and-keepe-it,— You knock loose paper off from under clip and hold-boards In^same hand with envelope. Pull envelope away from board, taking the carbon paper along behind the envelope, then snip off top end of the envelope and as you pull paper out of it, pull the carbon paper along with it... Then you read off your predictions, really from carbon paper, and man with paper verifies they are the same words uttered by men out in hall. A real feature effect!

Another idea for the steal of carbon copy from envelope is to have a letter-or-telegram-delivered to stage and tear it open and read the message _____that apparently tells you the name of the card or message thought of, etc. etc.

Another good steal is to pick up a slate and slip the carbon copy out of board onto slate and then write answer or prediction, etc. etc. on the slate

L. Raymond Cox uses a Midget Clip Board advantageously in his show. He calls it 'Television Of A Thought'...Tosses the clip board into audience and has person write a card, tear paper off and keep it and tosses board back. He, in turn, tosses board, off stage..Then shows two sheets of glass and binds them with rubber bands...While he do es this assistant off stage gets name of card from clip board, slips that card in Television Frame and brings frame out for him to display glass in and PRESTO thought of card appears between glass plates. A wonderful effeet...Also works out for Card in Balloon, etc. etc.

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