Ecklunps Superior Perception Robert Ecklund

First Effect; COINCIDENCE, OR ?

One spectator selects a card from the pack of ESP cards. A second person thinks of a number, between one and twenty. Mentalist counts cards and when he arrives at the number the person is thinking of, the assistant stops him. The card at that number has the SAME SYMBOL that the first spectator selected!

Second Effect; ESP IN ACTION!

Three different people PEEK at three different cards, while holding the pack of cards in their own hands. Yet the Mentalist is able to REVEAL all THREE SYMBOLS!

Third Effect: ESP and YOU;

The pack of ESP cards is divided into two piles and one spectator takes his choice of the piles. While he holds his pile BEHIND HIS BACK, he removes any card. A second helper removes any card from the other pile, BEHIND HIS BACK, in the same fair manner YET BOTH CARDS HAVE THE SAME SYMBOL.

Fourth Effect: FINGERS, WITH EYES?

A spectator.arranges five symbol cards in any order he wishes. The rest of the pack is mixed, and placed in the pocket, by the Mentalist. He then reaches into his pocket, and finds symbol cards to match the ones arranged by the spectator.


A spectator holds the pack of ESP cards BEHIND HIS BACK, and selects any card he wishes. He then PEEKS at the card, and cuts is back into the deck. He is allowed to cut deck several times. Next he is given a slate, and asked to draw his symbol on it. The Mentalist stands back to back with him, holding a second slate, and they both DRAW THE SAME SYMBOL!

While the fifth effect is good, we give you an extra bonus that has ALL THE EARMARKS OF MENTAL TELEPATHY. The five symbol cards are displayed for all to see. A spectator, (not a plant) is given a slate, and he is asked to MENTALLY CHOOSE any of the symbols. While he, and the Mentalist stand BACK TO BA.CK, holding slates, they both draw the same symbol!

PART 1. You received one deck of ESP cards, plus 12 EXTRA CARDS, of the SAME SYMBOL, and they were CUT SHORT. Mixed, every other card a short force card, with 12 or the regular cards, like a SVENGALI DECK, they work the same way, as a forcing deck.

The 12 regular cards, replaced in the deck, with the force cards are attached to the outside of the card case, with a rubber band. Both the band and the extra cards are used. The extra cards are stacked, the top five are in stacked. CIRCLE, CROSS, WAVY LINES, SQUARE, and STAR. You will use these in the fourth effect.

The stack of envelopes are half and half, back to back. On one side of the pile, you will find a small pencil mark on the envelope. This envelope contains an extra card. FORCE SYMBOL, but from the long regular deck. You will use the envelopes in the third effect.

PART 2. To get ready to do the routine. Place the stack of envelopes in your LEFT coat pocket. Remove the rubber band from cards, and case, and drop it into the RIGHT coat pocket. Drop card case (containing cards) into the RIGHT coat pocket. Place the pile of EXTRA CARDS into the COIN pocket, inside the RIGHT coat pocket.

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