Dipect Mind Reading

Effect: A volunteer stands in the audience and concentrates on a number between one and one thousand. Performer then attempts to read his mind, writing his impression on a pad. The pad is then handed to a spectator who reads the number. It is the number thought of!

Secret: The "Ultra" gimmick is mounted on the -thumbnail and the "listo" marking pencil is held in the hand, the pad held in the left hand The volunteer stands and concentrates on his number. Performer pretends to write on the pad, slowly with hesitation, finally placing the marking pencil down and holding pad in right hand with thumb in writing position The volunteer is then asked to name is number and as it is named you write it cn the pad with the gimmick - but without a pause address a spectator in the front row. "Sir, I wonder if you would come forward and read what I have written on this pad?" As he comes forward, turn the pad over and hand it to him writing side up and thumb on underside. As he takes the pad to read your number the hands are held up and shown "empty" to audience (Gimmick cannot be seen with the hand open and thumb facing audience). The gimmick is dropped in the pocket as spectator reads your number.

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