Denne The Jeweler - 504-1608 DeVoe Barber Shop - 774-1548 Drum's Antique Shop - 504-1008 Doyle Bus Line ยป 991-1982 Dickson Animal Hospital - 432-8640

Eaton's Bakery - 883-1766 Eccles the Florist - 532-1064 Everest Fur Store - 313-6260 Sxcelle Dept. Store - 404-8080 Ellsworth Music Store - 505-1010

Now make up a second set of five cards, lettering these from A to E; on each card type out names of firms and telephone numbers.

Besides these you require a Key Card for the Medium. On a large card type all the names and telephone numbers in the sections from A to E, but all on one card. This is on the table Medium sits at, and is not seen by the audience.

Now for the Actual Working. Performer passes out the five cards numbered from one to five. Then he steps to the first person, who "has card No. 1 and lets that person pick out the Alphabet card to look up his number. If this person picks out alphabet card C, the performer secretly signals number 3 to the Medium. This is easily done by the fingers, as the hand is held behind the back or up on coat lapel. Soon as Medium gets the signal, she looks on the alphabetical list in front of her and looks at C on the list as it is the third letter of the Alphabet- The Medium knowing this is the first person, and that he has taken alphabet card C, calls out first name under the C's, namely Chesbro Grocery Store - No. 2313.

If the second person takes alphabet card E she knows they are thinking of Eccle's The Florist, as that is the second name on the E list.

Whatever alphabet card the person holding card No. it is the fifth name on that card, etc

5 looks at she knows

For example, if they have card No. 4 and thought of the Doyle Bus Line, they would have to take alphabet card D, to find the Telephone number of that firm. And having the fourth card, it tells the Medium it is the fourth name on that list or Doyle Bus Line.

That's all there is to it. A simple sure fire, cute little act. Give it a try at your next show and we are sure you will be pleased with the results.

If one cares to he can type in names of local firms with their correct phone numbers. Or if a person is working a single act he can work the effect alone, naming the firm and phone number after handling the alphabet card to the person. In this manner; the performer must memorize the names of firms and their order..


We sincerely believe that this is one of the most baffling effects in the realm of Mentalism! Effects made possible by the application of a NEW PRINCIPLE. To those not knowing the ingenious secret there just isn't any solution..., unless they wish to regard it as genuine Mentalismi

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