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Having thus prepared the:paper disc, affixed to the bottom of the glass of water (outside) with saliva, writing side up, of course. The assistant comes on with the glass of water when it is called for, seizing the glass with the fingers curled around the lower portion so that anyone sitting down cannot see the paper stuck on the bottom. The performer receives the glass; in the same manner, and stands with his right side (if glass is held in right hand), to his spectators when he drinks. Now ir. drinking from the glass, a little practice will enable you to quickly flash the initials and questions- written oi\ the paper disc. Especially in a home seance, where the spectators are generally known to you, the initials used may not be memorized at all, the performer merely connecting that person with the particular question asked. It will be noted in looking over the sample paper disc that the. text of the above.sample questions are cut down to not more than three or four words., and in most cases cut down to two words only. Therefore the performer, after partaking of a drink of waterj steps among the spectators and with due dramatic effect proceeds to answer the questions written and sealed in the envelopes. He first "gets1, the initials, "C.S.'' He requests "C.S.,! to respond, and then continues, for example, "Tell .C.S.. , you seam to want to know: something about your age, as near as I can get the vibrations. The answer would be of such a personal character, that I should hesitate to answer it here in public, etc.

Or, again, ' I get the initials, P..H.A. He is evidently something of a politician, for he wishes to know the name of our next president" etc.

In due time all four questions glimpsed on the bottom of the glass of .water are answered, the performer at times, for greater effect, simulating difficulty in getting the message clearly, etc.

The above subtle method for secretly learning the contents of upwards of four or five sealed questions or messages is not only very good for home seance and similar gatherings, but may be used "5 a "stall while the assistant is preparing additional messages, to be revealed to the performer later on by some other in'.ans. Thus, by employing two different methods, as above-suggested, much time is saved, the performer immediately taking up the 'Reading'' of them after a short delivery on clairvoyancy, etc. uaing' the glass of water method for "glimpsing the first lot cf three or four messages, while the assistant prepares another lot to be used later on by second method.

If the performer's eyesight is such that the cannot read the writing on the paper disc clearly through the water, he can easily overcome ths difficulty by lacing a round magnifying glass in the bottom of the tumbler before the latter is filled with water.

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