Closing The

It is best to close the act with a STRONG fake question, such as the following:

,:I get the number _. Raise your hand please. Thank you. My time is running out so I will have to answer your question fast. It is in regards to the loss of your pocket book. I get the impression that it was lost in this same theatre about a week ago. And the strange thing is... THE PERSON WHO GOT IT IS IN THIS THEATRE RIGHT NOW. Madam, if it is not returned to you within 24 hours you notify me and I will announce the person's name from this stage tomorrow evening,"

The above reply creates quite a stir. A good follow-up is to have a fake telegram sent to the effect that the pocket book was returned, and read the telegram from the stage the next night.

The numbers should not run in order either on the question cards or or: your cue sheet. The numbers should run in high and be easy to remember such as 21, 123, 456, etc. Numbers such as these are easily remembered by the persons who get the cards with the questions already filled in.

Another important thing to remember is the way you distribute your cards. When you give out a card with the question filled in, do NOT give a blank card to anyone near that person. This is so that those who get the blanks will not see that some of the cards already have questions on them.


With the MIRACLE PREDICTION you can predict the outcome of any event which has only one of two possible results. Hot only that but you can predict the status of existing facts which you could not possibly have known anything about.

Although you are limited to what we might term f:two way" predictionsv you will be told, in a later paragraph, bow to convince the audience that you have predicted the outcome of an event that could have had MANY possible conclusions.

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