Below Are Listed Ten Suggested Questions

1. Will 1 take a trip to California in the near future?

Month of Birth __

2. Do you see any big change in my life in the near future?

3. Do you know if I will receive any letter of importance in the near future and will it be good news?

4. Will I take a trip soon and if so will it be successful?

5. Can you predict anything in regard to a telephone conversation I may have?

6. If you have lost anything in the past three months, please fill in your name and month of birth below. If not, do not fill in the card.

7. Do you see good health or sickness in my future?

8. Will I live to a ripe old age? Can you tell me how old I will be?

S. Who do you predict will be our next president?

10. Do I have any friends who are really enemies that I should guard against?

Naturally you do not answer the question cr bring out the question as it reads on the card. You elaborate on it, make a 'Federal Case* out of it in order to make the others believe that you are telling them a lot more than the question asked, etc. Most mental workers already know this. But for completeness, and for those who have not read other methods, I will give you a couple of 'sample' answers to show you just how to go about it. Of course, the better the flow of English, a good speaking voice and imagination, the better the act.

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