Application For Little Bird In Hair

1. Remove ear phone from set and let it hang free. Ear phone is worn in ear, hearing aid style, and is covered by hair-do.

2. Make foam rubber casing as in blindfold directions — with this exception: Do not use the switch method of turning on set. Use the battery method. Twist switch wires together and tape to green backing. Back end of casing can be completely taped together. Let antenna hang free. It is wound in through beehive as hair is dressed.

3. Make a small cloth bag to cover rubber jacket. Let antenna come through one corner. A drawstring bag is easiest for this application. Ear phone wire can come out through drawstring hole.

Make another casing of horsehair to cover bag. Horsehair ravels badly- so the edges should be taped. Bias binding is best, but Mystic tape will do. Antenna and phone wires can be drawn through horsehair without difficulty. Hake a snap closing at one end of horsehair bag. You will have to tape these edges with bias binding in order to sew on the snaps.

Now the set is completely encased in three jackets. The rubber for protection, the fabric for camouflage (if it peeks through, it just looks like a rat), and the horsehair for easy pinning.

This application allows the phone to be worn in either ear.

When the set is finally encased in the horsehair, it is ready to be mounted on head. The best coiffure is a beehive—or any up-do for the top and back hair, with waves covering the ears—or Italian sides, The ears must be covered with only the hotter: of the lobe allowed to show.

Antenna wire can be camouflaged by carefully gluing some hair of the proper color to it.

Batteries are put in set before mounting. They will run for approximately 200 hours before any drop in power occurs, so the set may be worn for several hours at a time without your worrying about power loss.

Separate top hair, and pin horsehair casing to top of head with bobby pins. Do not let pins go through cloth bag. They must not touch parts or antenna wire. Phone itfire runs down side of head and phone goes into ear. When set is pinned in place, then build coiffure around it, being careful to completely cover set so that it doesn't show through. As you do this, lace the antenna wire through the beehive, or whatever top you use. Naturally, the antenna must not show either. Keep antenna higher than set and away from head.

Comb sides into place, covering earphone and wire. Large contour earrings are worn over the combed hair are a neat camouflage and are also particularly stylish for evening wear.


Go to the best male hairdresser in town (they usually have more imagination than women, and they love to create fancy up-dos). Get yourself a gorgeous-beehive coif. Watch every move the hairdresser makes during the combing and dressing-. Learn to comb your coif before attempting to mount the receiver. After you are sure of your skill at dressing, then try it with the receiver. This will take lots of time at first. Practice, Practice, Practice!

Your hair must look chic and smart—so beautiful that no cne will ever suspect its secret contents. If ever you are challenged, just laugh and say. 'Yes, my hairdresser put it there this afternoon." Nothing throws people off the track more quickly than telling them the truth. If you admit it, they'll never believe youi

GOOD LUCK! Betty Tucker


THE BEACON is a tiny oscillator, unattached to an antenna. It can only be detected by super-sensitive receivers, such as the LITTLE BIRD receiver, and the BODY CONTACT receiver.

When it is mounted in the bottom of a ring bcx, the action of opening and closing the lid turns it off and on, respectively. If the action should fail, through use, a slight adjustment of the spring tension will correct this. A visual inspection will show how the simple action works.

The ring box may be opened to view the hinge switch, or to change the battery, by removing the velvet insert in the box. Disconnect the snap on the end of the battery first and then it will slide out of the ring.Reverse the procedure as you insert the new battery,

A second different colored ring box accompanies this version. You may tell which box has the ring, back towards the boxes and blindfolded. Arrange to have a ring or coin put into one of the boxes and the lid closed, and the man is instructed to hold up the box and show the audience which one he is concentrating on. BLINDFOLDED AND WITHOUT TURNING ROUND TOWARDS HIM, YOU NAME THE COLOR BOX HE IS HOLDING UP. Read this over again. It is a wonderful effect. No confederates needed. You name the gimmicked box if you hear the signal, the other if you do not hear it - after you are certain he is holding up the box, and the audience would not let him lie.

THE BEACON may also be hidden in a pack of cigarettes, a pack of cards, or in the compartment of a devil's handkerchief, into which other objects -borrowed from the audience - have been placed. YOU CAN FIND THE BEACON IF YOU ARE NEAR THE PERSON HIDING IT. This thoroughly covers the range of effects in which a committee leaves the room and hides something in someone's pocket and returns, as well as objects hidden in the audience. You need only be s ure your BEACON is planted among the objects concealed¡> or that it is IN some object concealed.

Avoid putting the BEACON down on metal. This will reduce the signal.

THE BEACON creates an audio tone in the earpiece of the LITTLE BIRD receiver, and it creates a sensation you may feel with the BODY CONTACT receiver. It is a continuing sensation which grows stronger as you near THE BEACON.

NOTE THAT WHEN THE BEACON IS USED OUTSIDE THE RING BOX MOUNTING, NO ON-OFF SWITCH IS REQUIRED. You may save that space by removing and inserting the batteries. Battery wear is of little consideration with transistors. MUCH OF OUR EQUIPMENT OPERATES FOR PENNIES PER DAY.

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