An Alternate Method

You may use the same tear but have a dab of magician's wax preferably SUSPENSE, which may be obtained from the dealer who supplied you with this effect, on the inside cover of a match book which is open in right trousers pocket. When centerpiece slip is retained in right hand, as in figure 4 of right hand, both hands go to pockets looking for matches.

Press torn piece of clip against adherant SUSPENSE and close match book, taking same from pocket.

While getting match to burn remaining pieces, you have sample time and cover to read message, close match book and dispose of same.


Abbott's Magic Mfg. Co.

Here at last is a direct method in which to disclose a chosen word in an unprepared magazine. The secret lies in the packet of cards supplied. The long and short principle is used, the short cards all bearing the same number as in the Svengali Deck principle.

Supposing that this number is 14, it denotes the page to be used—and the two figures (1 and 4) added together total 5 which denotes the fifth word on that page. So all you have to do is write down this word alongside the name of the magazine — for instance, "Saturday Evening Post — going". You can also add a few cue words to bring to mind the sentence in which the word appears. So if you use six magazines, write the names of allf- them on a card with the fifth word on Page 14 opposite.

Presentation: The numbered cards are shown as follows; Hold them as in Fig. 1. Riffle slowly by pulling back thumb, allowing two cards to fall (the short card hidden by the long card) , the left hand taking card (really two cards) as it falls — Fig. 2. This is continued until all or most of the different numbers are shown. This showing. tha_card&-txy-4>e--ejJU-d±££exeiilL. should be done in a casual way. You are merely showing that you have a -packet of numbered cards, each number different.

A spectator is requested to lift up (cut) some of the cards and put them to one side or hand them to you. He then lifts off the top card at the cut and of course it must be a short card with the number that is to be used.

Spectator is given the six magazines and asked to choose one. This gives you ample opportunity to place your hand in your pocket and get possession of the cue card, which is then held concealed in the curled fingers of hand. When spectator has chosen one of the magazines, ha is asked to note the 5th word on Page 14 — and you disclose the word and read part of the sentence.

PATTER: ''Ladies and Gentlemen, I have here six current magazines (name them). Presently I will ask some member of the audience to choose one word from one of these magazines. Experience has taught me not to have a word picked at random or to have a page number called. Some might think that all this was arranged before hand with a certain member of the audience. We eliminate all doubts of this kind by using a packet of cards, each bearing a different number Let me show you. Now to arrive at a number fairly, I want you, sir, to lift up some of the cards. Now take the top card just-where the cards were divided. Fair enough? Thank youI?' Show the number to the audience.

"The next, thing is for you to choose one of these magazines. Remember, you are doing this after the number of the page has been decided upon. You say the number is 14- Now will you turn to page 14 of the magazine— and to make it even fairer, add the two figures of your number together -- 1 and 4 totals 5. Look at the fifth word, and my part is to also read the freely chosen word — it's your own choicc. However, I do not look at the magazine. 1 only look at you. The word is "possible''. Now mentally read some of the words before and after the word "possible'. I get it now. If reads. 'Regardless of one's knowledge it is POSSIBLE to be wrong.'

'Ladies and Gentlemen, I thank you for your kind cooperation in this Magic of the Magazines.''


I PREDICT that from now on this will be your FAVORITE Book Test. Fast, sure, quick and clean as a shot. Use your favorite pack of cards or even a borrowed one of standard texture and finish.

Presentation and Patter; Turn pack FACE UP. Withdraw' from it the. first card thereon (say the ACE of some suit). Lay it face up on table or lean it against card easel or holder. Turn pack FACE DOWN„ Place Ace face up in his hand. "Keep looking at the ACE, sir. Nov; PUSH it into the pack any place you like, near the center — keeping it Face Up like that so that it will enter the pack in REVERSED POSITION. Call attention of audience to what has been done. "An ACE of (naming suit) has been pushed or inserted into the pack so it is in the opposite direction to all other cards of the pack."

;'I will turn the pack OVER — and spread the cards along this table (or along this easel) so all can see just where the ACE has been inserted upside down, in this pack, by the gentleman. There it is (pointing). Let us see WHAT TOO CARDS you have haphazardly inserted this card between. It is between the SIX Of SPADES and the FOUR of DIAMONDS. The SIX and FOUR, is that right sir?'

"Now the gentleman (or lady) holding the Annual Year Book of this club (Membership, school book, dictionary or phone book if preferred) who is standing way at the other side of this room — will you please OPEN the book to the SIXTY-FOURTH PAGE of the book? Thank you, I will wait until you find it. You have it? Good! Now please LOOK at the. FIRST WORD of the first sentence that you find printed on that page. Read it over to yourself, please, SILENTLY of course. CONCENTRATE on it MENTALLY for a few seconds. Keep THINKING OF IT. GOOD! That is right! Is that word 'MEMBERSHIP'? IT IS? Fine ! CONGRATULATIONS, Sir (or Madame or Miss) - you did that WONDERFULLY! Now will you try that once more please — just look at the NEXT WORD of the SENTENCE.,-----KEEP LOOKING AT IT''.

"You must keep looking at it so as to fix it in the form of a mental vision in your mind. It seems to me to be a SHORT word, about three or four letters. Is it 'HAS'? Excellent, sir, you have succeeded in transmitting another word telepathically to me. Once again, please! Try the NEXT word. This is a little longer word, is it not? Will you please SPELL IT OVER SLOWLY to yourself. Silently, of course. -G - R - 0 - V —no, no - wait a moment. That should be G - R - 0 - W - I then N - G - 'GROWING'? Right! You are doing fine, sir. Now try the next word all in one picture. •• 'LARGER' — Now the next word ■—EACH-- Now the next word -—■ YEAR, Is that a period I see there, sir? Yes? Then it is the LAST word of a sentence. Correct? Very fine indeed, sir. Thank you. Now when someone talks about the famous Dr. Rhine experiments conducted at DUKE UNIVERSITY, you can say that you have successfully taken part in experiments of same nature and know about them from actual experience. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. I think these two gentlemen who have so kindly taken part in this experiment have done an excellent job. So let us all THANK them with a generous round of applause.THIS IS GOOD SHOWMANSHIP


BY YOU TO THE VOLJJNTEER ASSISTANTS - IS REALLY CREDITED TO YOU, for it brings to attention of the audience that YOU, TOO, HAVE done a most EXCELLENT JOB in executing the feat.

Like the star of the show giving credit to the supporting cast, saying "Without their excellent support, I could not have given this performance at all. '

The Secret: Use a double faced Ace of Diamonds (or any other LOW denomination card like a 2 or 3 or 4 spot, because low numbered cards are easy to distinguish. Card should have a surface that matches that of the plain pack you intended to use. From your plain pack locate the regular Ace of Diamonds (or other card to match) and place it between any SIX and FOUR Spot cards — but in REVERSED POSITION. Have this near the lower portion of pack.

Notice what card face appears on the OTHER SIDE of your DOUBLE FACED CARD, whatever card it is, REMOVE the corresponding plain card in the regular deck and put it away somewhere. Turn your DOUBLE FACED CARD with the ACE side uppermost. Lay it on the FRONT of your FACE UP pack. Or have it the second or third card if prefered.

In whatever book you use, simply memorize the first sentence appearing on Page 64, There is your feat. Simple, direct ONEs TWO THREE — Go!

QUESTION ANSWERED 7 The reason that ONLY the PLAIN ACE (which you placed between the SIX and FOUR) shows up as the ONLY REVERSED CARD in the pack - is becuase the D0U3LE FACED ACE that spectator inserted in pack HAD AN INDIFFERENT FACE CARD on its other side - so it blends right in with the other FACE UP cards in the pack.

Present exactly as described above and you have a terrific effect.

CAUTION: When working on high platform or stage keep double face card POINTED slightly■downward when handling it to prevent anyone in front row getting a view of the under side of card.

TO ASSURE SAFETY you may HOLD the ACE (trick Ace) yourself — and have the spectator hold the pack — and have him push the pack toward the ACE you are holding so that the card will enter into pack near the center, thus you are extra safe because no one can accidentally flash the other side of the card toward the audience when it is being pushed into the pack.

ELABORATIONS: You can use three large telephone directories and give the spectator a choice of which he will use. Simply memorize the. first name or number on the 64th page of each book or write them down on a piece of card about 2 inches square and pasta it on the underside of the playing card case from which you take the cards. Then as you place the pack back in the case you can read the data off easily — and drop case in pocket in natural manner. Lisa the membership book or yearbook of a club or fraternity giving it a local touch.

SPECIAL FEATURES; You can change the page number for each show using a different Word or SENTENCE for each show. Thereby never repeat -- by simply placing your ace between cards of a different number. You can arrive at a higher number than 64 by simply saying "'the 6 spot and the 4 spot make 64 and the Ace makes one turn to page 641." Or if you use a higher card than the Ace in your Double Faced card add whatever number it indicates, 3, 4, or as the case may be.

?:AN¥ CARDS" SLATE--OF-MIHD Originated By ALDT.NI Released by U.F. Grant

Effect: liystery worker picks up a slate with 6 cards clipped around same backs out. Anyone thinks of one of the cards, magician makes a prediction on face of slate, then person points to one of six cards and Magi clips it to top of slate.. On turning slate around the prediction matches the card. Rest of cards scaled out to audience to show they are all different.

Secret. You keep face of slate towards yourself with fake pocket card at top,, six cards are clipped around back of slate backs out. Your prediction is name of fake card,.. Thus when they point out a card you clip it to top side of your slate but so it goes in pocket of lower half of fake card. (Pocket is closed it bottom and one side, thus when you slide card in push it down and over so it will automatically line up with fake card). Now hand holding slate at top with thumb at fake side next to fake folded card, then just as you go to turn slate around thumb pushes folded card up and it covers face of other card, thumb holds slate and card in that position and they see your prediction matches the card and also see rest of the cards are all different, then remove them one at time and scale them to audience.








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