you wil.l know that the chosen card was the 9H.



One of the few methods in Mentalism that fulfills all requirements for a sound all-around practical mental effect for all occasions.

The Effect: Three members of the audience step forward and each select a famous mentalist name and an ESP symbol. The performer then immediately derives the name and symbol that each member is concentrating on.

It is with great pleasure that I am releasing this effect to the mental profession. It represents many months of work that I have spent to perfect it to the Nth degree. Once the basic method is mastered its possibilities are unlimited. Notice that I have said method, for there are no sleights or moves to be mastered, and there are no gimmicks or special' equipment needed. All that is needed is the method and proper showmanship. With this combination you have an effect that will leave your audience spellbound.

I have been using DUAL THOUGHT in my act for several years, and have had many offers from other mentalists for the method used in this effect. With the method you are prepared to give a demonstration at any time and under any conditions. It is ideal for demonstrations at newspaper offices or for any spur of the moment occasion. For close-up and taole work it is perfect, and is great for platform and stage use. Gua>*d and use this method well, and you will have an effect that will always uphold your reputation as a Master Mentalist.

Before revealing the method to you I would like to say a few words about showmanship, This is one of the great weaknesses of amy who enter the field of mentalism. Without the proper showmanship and patter a mental effect just becomes another trick. I have seen many a good effect fail due to the lack of proper presentation. I would suggest that if you are considering entering this field of work as a profession that you witness several of the shows of some of the leading men. I would also encourage you to read several of the books and manuscripts by Burling "Volta" Hull, who in my opinion is a master in this field. All of his works have many good pointers in the proper methods of showmanship and the proper method of mental presentation. For the occasional performer I would suggest that you use the 'lecture' type performance.

For the "'Question and Answer" "-ype show, this takes much more practice and showmanship. The brief outline of patter and presentation I have outlined in DUAL THOUGHT will fit in well with the lecture type presentation. But above all, give much thought to this subject of showmanship and mental presentation, for it will pay big dividends in all types of mental acts.

Now for a brief outline of the patter and presentation to be used with DUAL THOUGHT..."Ladies and Gentlemen, the next demonstration will involve several of you to each concentrate on two subjects. I will attempt to derive frGm your ever changing conscious mind the subject that each of you are concentrating on.' In this demonstration we will use three sets of cards. The first set will be these three cards bearing the names of three famous mentalists. The second set will be these five cards each bearing an ESP symbol. The third set will be these psychic cards having a combination of the mentalists names and ESP symbols. Will three of you ladies and gentlemen please step up here? Now before you we have the three cards each bearing a mentalists name of each of them. I will now step over here and turn my back and would each of you please select one of the cards and conceal it in your pocket and concentrate on the name you selected. (Turn back around and step back to your stand). Now I will hand each of you a psychic card. You will note on each of these ca.rds there is a list of the three mentalists names and opposite each name there is an ESP symbol. When I, turn my back I would like for each of you to look at your psychic cards and locate the mentalists name that you selected and then look opposite this name, and whatever ESP symbol is opposite his name please pick that ESP card up and conceal that card in your pocket. Each of you now have a dual thought to concentrate on. (Turn around and face the audience). Now, each of you first form a mental picture in your mind the ESP symbol that you have selected, then concentrate on the name you have selected. .. By concentrating on the symbol and then on the name you will set up a special psychic wave form of thought vibrations that I will attempt to receive. That was the purpose of giving each of you one of the psychic cards. Ah, I am receiving a thought impression from the lady on my right; it seems that you were concentrating on the CIRCLE. Correct? Thank you. Wait, the gentleman on ny left is sending me a strong impression of the name Volta, correct sir? Thank you. Now, Madam, back to you.' Please concentrate strongly on the name you selected. Yes, I seem to gat the impression Myrus. Eight? (Continue in this fashion, alternating from one person to. the other revealing a step at the time the symbol and name they selected.)

Properly presented this effect always leads up to a smashing climax and leaves you with a bewildered audience. I have been asked many times to repeat this effect for a small group at their table after my main show, and this is one effect that can fill that request over and over.

Now to give you the method for this baffling act First I will draw diagrams of the various cards used in this act, and give you the reference names and numbers of them so you can follow the instructions with no trouble.

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