Advance Information

This method is used successfully by a good friend of mine who does not care to have his name used. He uses a couple of question clip boards. He travels with a Masonic group that puts on a show at nearby small towns at initiations. The day of the show he has one of the group go to the town in advance with a clip board, to drop in the stores of the ones who will attend, telling them there is to be a mind reader on the program and they want to give him seme real test. He asks them to write something on a slip with their name, such as the serial number of the stove, in their store, etc. and keep the. question or notation. Then, that evening to stand up and hold their slip above their head and ask the mind reader if he can tell them what they have written on the slip of paper. If he is the real McCoy he should be able to tell them. The Mentalist just about floors them and the rest of the audience when he gives the correct answer.

The question clip board referred to in this script may be obtained from most magic dealers or direct from the publisher.

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