Advance Dope

This method is used successfully by a good friend of mine who does not care to have his name used. Tie uses t. couple of question clip boards and travels with a Masonic Croup that puts on a show at nearby small towns at initiations. Day of show he has one of group go to town in advance with clipboards in to drop into the stores of the people who will attend, telling them there is to be a mind-reader that evening and they want to give him a real test. Ke asks them to write something on a slip with their name and keep question or notation, such as serial number of their old stove in their store, etc. Then that evening to stand up and hold their slip above their head and ask the mind-reader if he can tell them what they have on their paper they wrote at home and still have. If he is the real McCoy he should be able to tell them. And he just about floors them and the rest of the audience by telling them what they wrote, serial numbers, ate. This way he can get as many questions as he desire? off the two boards, and the man that takes them around does not even have to be in on the thing...And it looks natural to go around with a clip board with perforated slips on, knowing in advance you are out to get things written down.

James Wheeler of Columbus - an executive of a large company - was talked into putting on a Mind Reading Act for their annual affair...He talked it over with me and I suggested that he use this question clip board dodge...He sent one of the men through the office with a clip board, telling everyone there was to be a mental act at the affair that evening and asking people to write questions and keep them for that evening. Sleedless to say when Jim worked that evening, they held questions in the air which they wrote and kept before arriving, and he answered their questions..This was the talk of his firm for many weeks later.

So you can see that Question Clip Boards really have their place in this type of work as they can be taken out with freedom. And the clamp can not be taken off, unless they know the secret. If clamp can't be taken off they can't catch anything.

For a one man Theatre Question Answering Act, use about three of these boards with six slips or. each (that is, one paper with six perforations) and you or ushers or anyone stands in lobby and has first 18 people that come in write questions and keep them in their possession. You take boards back stage and copy down your information and look up any information you want in Telephone book, City Directory, etc. When you walk out on stage you do not pass out any papers, apparently no questions are written, as the first couple of dozen are only ax<rare of that and they have their questions in their possession.

As I said above, you walk out and right away start answering questions merely thought of and people raise their hands and verify same. Work in a few fake questions and you have one of the best Movie House and Theatre Mind Reading, Question Answering Acts that can be had. Of course it is up to you to give good answers and to have some acting ability If you do not have a good flow of language and plenty of imagination you are NOT suited to this type of act. Study a few good Question Answering books and learn to give effective answers.

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